Andreas Bergsland and Madeleine Shapiro

Composed for the 2021 New York City Eleconic Music Festival


Madeleine Shapiro: Cello improvisation
Andreas Bergsland: Recording, live-electronic composition
Andreas Bergsland: Photo of Kallarvika, Indre Kvarøy, Norway

Program notes

The starting point for this composition was a field recording from Indre Kvarøy in Northern Norway, close to the polar circle. The recording was made on a quiet summer's day at a beach in the bottom of a narrow bay. Occasionally, a boat would pass, generating a surge of waves, which then faded away again. This created a beautiful slowly building crescendo, and then a following decrescendo, almost musical in character. To add to the magic, a boat passing far away can be heard as a faint drone. This musical and natural landscape is overlaid by an expressive cello improvisation, with live-processing extending and enriching the sonic pallette. The composition has been realized remotely between Trondheim, Norway and NYC.