Synapses Expansion

Synapses Expansion

2015 - Present

Interactive Art Installation at the Adressaparken, Trondheim, Norway.
Commissioned by Adresseavisen, Trondheim Kommune, and the NTNU (press release).

Using LED light strips, speech and audiovisual projections, Synapses Expansion transforms the park into a continuous interactive narrative of audiovisual information. As visitors move around the park, sensors connected to technological infrastructure will influence the art installation's activity. Human activity and Synapses Expansion will together constitute a current subject in the community`s social debate.

Synapses Expansion is developed as part of Adressaparken`s idle mode art exhibition. Adressaparken is built as a multi-use infrastructure park which allows the community to use the park for art, media, and technology related events and exhibitions. When the park is not in use for such community service, Synapses Expansion is on display.

Multi-use Playspaces

The artist also contributed in shaping the infrastructure and interaction design of the park. As an on-going project, she is writing a book entitled, Multi-use Playspaces: Re-imagining community spaces using creative loose parts and technology, a design-led toolkit based on her experiences as a designer and artist at Adressaparken.