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Field course in marine biodiversity

October stars with pleasure, every year, teaching a field course in marine biodiversity. An enthusiastic crowd of teachers and students set out to sea, to teach and learn how to study the marine realm off the Trondheimsfjord. The students work on projects giving them practical training resulting in a good learning outcome. At least that is our experience. The course “Marine biodiversity” is held for students in their last year of the bachelor or first master year. Following a week with lectures we set out to sea onboard NTNU’s research vessel “Gunnerus” with a small group of 16-17 students. Continue reading Field course in marine biodiversity

Field trip to Mallorca

Collecting in different habitats provide the opportunity to obtain different species, usually. This is an important aspect in the study of evolutionary development and biogeographic distribution of species in the group of interest. To help in this we set off to Mallorca to sample species of polychaete families Sphaerodoridae and Oweniidae. Continue reading Field trip to Mallorca

Sampling sea slugs in the Sognefjord

Sampling nudibranchs in the outer part of the Sognefjorden at Gulen, has been a priority mid-March the last four years. This year it turned out to be very productive. More than 50 species were found providing specimens to or research on nudibranchs. This year we had the pleasure to meet Bernard Picton and work with him at Gulen. This will certainly extend our nudibranch project with collaboration with Bernard, firstly with species of the genus Flabellina. Continue reading Sampling sea slugs in the Sognefjord

Field-work at Hitra – teaching marine biodiversity

Every October we teach a course in marine biodiversity. Being a practical course we are based at a suitable location at the island Hitra and use the research vessel “Gunnerus” to work from. Students are assigned tasks making them qualified to sample and prepare organisms, organise data and present their results. Continue reading Field-work at Hitra – teaching marine biodiversity