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Evolutionary relationship of Sphaerodoridae

Small grown species with spherical protrusions, called macrotubercles, on their back are the most characteristic features of the polychaete family Sphaerodoridae. A small group of polychaetes with about 110 species in 10 genera. With an overall aim to study evolutionary relationships of the group, we first started to study relationships within the family, but also its position within the polychaete group Phyllodocida. Continue reading Evolutionary relationship of Sphaerodoridae

Skates (Rajidae) in Norwegian waters

Skates are a vulnerable group of fish with low reproduction with few offspring, and are subject to overfishing and by-catch. In Norwegian waters skates are not well known and they have proved to be difficult to identify correctly. DNA barcoding should be of good help to identify specimens correctly. That was the aim to test and find out when our project was planned. Continue reading Skates (Rajidae) in Norwegian waters

Benthic diversity in the deep Norwegian Sea

The diversity of benthic organisms in the Norwegian Sea is higher than previously known. Ongoing projects reveal species and new knowledge. The first expedition set to explore deep sea diversity in this area was the “Norwegian North Atlantic Expedition 1876-1878”. This expedition was one of the first exploring deep sea diversity in the world. Not until the 1980’s new expeditions aimed at studying the benthic diversity. This is continued with the ongoing MAREANO programme. Polychaete worms from these expeditions are now studied to examine deep sea diversity as such, but also differences in diversity from shelf, slope and deep sea areas. Continue reading Benthic diversity in the deep Norwegian Sea

Norwegian nudibranchs – about the project

Norwegian nudibranchs is the title of a research project Jussi Evertsen and I have been running on and off since 1997. The main aim has been to study the diversity of nudibranchs in Norwegian waters. Number of species, their distribution and abundance was the aims from the start. After several years with this scope the project was expanded to encompass DNA barcoding of the entire Norwegian nudibranch fauna, as well as taxonomy of selected species. In the years to come taxonomy of species, species groups, and phylogeny will be the main aims of the project. Continue reading Norwegian nudibranchs – about the project