Ville Liljeström

Postdoctoral Researcher, PhD

Department of Physics

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Research Interests

Currently I study self-assembly and field driven self-assembly of both synthetic and natural materials (e.g. polymer particles, proteins, clays...). These studies are a continuation of previous research on electrostatically self-assembled nanoparticle systems.

Selected Publications

ResearcherID: D-3055-2013

Cooperative colloidal self-assembly of metal-protein superlattice wires

V. Liljeström, A. Ora, J. Hassinen, H. T. Rekola, Nonappa, M. Heilala, V. Hynninen, J. J. Joensuu, R. H. A. Ras, P. Törmä, O. Ikkala & M. A. Kostiainen

Nature Communications 8, 671 (2017)

Toughness and fracture properties in nacre-mimetic clay/polymer nanocomposites

Maria Morits, Tuukka Verho, Juhana Sorvari, Ville Liljeström, Mauri A. Kostiainen, André H. Gröschel & Olli Ikkala

Advanced Functional Materials 27, 1605378 (2017)

Hierarchical organization of organic dyes and protein cages into photoactive crystals

J. Mikkilä, E. Anaya-Plaza, V. Liljestro¨m, J. R. Caston, T. Torres, A. de la Escosura & M. A. Kostiainen

ACS Nano 10, 1565-1571 (2016)

Electrostatic self-assembly of soft matter nanoparticle cocrystals with tunable lattice parameters

V. Liljeström, J. Seitsonen & M. Kostiainen

ACS Nano 9, 11278-11285 (2015)

Self-assembly and modular functionalization of three-dimensional crystals from oppositely charged proteinsTitle of article

V. Liljeström, J. Mikkilä & M. A. Kostiainen

Nature Communications 5, 4445 (2014)