FW: International Days of Anti-War Protest--April 17

Magne Haagen Flatval (magne@kvalito.no)
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 08:04:06 +0200

> International Action Center
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> April 3, 1999
> Attention: Assignment Editor Press Contact: Sara
> Flounders
> For: Immediate Release Deirdre
> Sinnott, 212-633-6646
> As Fires Rage in Belgrade:
> Anti-war activists set "March for Truth" demanding
> STOP the Bombing,
> STOP the War Against Yugoslavia
> Wed., April 7, 5:00 p.m.
> Grand Central Station, NYC
> Marching to offices of G.E.-owned NBC at Rockefeller Center
> (5 Ave, 47th - 50th Sts.)
> Call for International Days of Protest
> against U.S./NATO bombing of Yugoslavia
> Sat., April 17
> Charge NBC with hiding real issues behind U.S./NATO bombing of
> Yugoslavia. NBC is owned by GE_one of the world's largest military
> contractors.
> On April 3, as fires raged in downtown Belgrade_a city of 2 million
> hit by a U.S./NATO cruise missiles_ anti-war activists announced the
> next in a series of growing protests against the bombing. On Wed.,
> April 7 in New York City at 5 p.m. there will be a March for Truth at
> Grand Central Station, marching to Rockefeller Center (5 Ave.,
> 47th-50th Sts.). The protest will target GE-owned NBC and other major
> media for falsely presenting the issues behind the U.S. bombing of
> Yugoslavia. The demonstration is initiated by the International
> Action Center.
> "NBC and other major media are owned by the leading military
> contractors and war profiteers. The news media functions as a public
> relations firm for these war corporations and the Pentagon.," said
> Brian Becker, co-coordinator of the International Action Center.
> "Because of this, the suffering of only one group, the refugees
> leaving Kosovo, is covered. Meanwhile, the other Yugoslav victims of
> the U.S./NATO bombings are ignored. General Electric, one of the
> world's largest military contractors with a direct interest in the
> bombing as a supplier of engines for NATO jet fighters, owns NBC and
> co-owns MS/NBC."
> The International Action Center also issued a call for April 17
> International Day of Protest against the U.S./NATO Bombing of
> Yugoslavia. The New York City action will be on Sat., April 17, 12
> noon, gathering at Grand Central Station. Coordinated actions will
> take place in cities throughout the U.S. and around the world
> demanding "STOP the Bombing, STOP the War Against Yugoslavia."
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