Re: NATO Bombs Will Encourage Repression

Oddmund Garvik (
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 21:57:41 GMT

Knut Rognes sender vidare ein artikkel av Eric D. Gordy:

>The last time the United States and NATO threatened air strikes against
>Serbia, the bombing did not take place. But the regime responded by banning
>the broadcast of independent news programs and then forcibly closed three
>independent newspapers and rammed a new Law on Public Information through
>the Parliament.
>This time, the threat of bombing has turned out to be real, and the
>regime's response has been more severe. In the morning before the bombing
>began, police closed down Radio B-92, the only independent radio station in
>Belgrade, and arrested Veran Matic, the station director. During the first
>day of the attacks, the regime used the state of emergency to prevent
>foreign journalists from filing reports, to harass them and keep them away
>from sites which were targeted for bombing, and to deport several of them.
>More repression should be expected.


Det er nok best å la Milosevic og gjengen hans få drive på i fred. Ein
skulle ikkje plage serbarane for mykje, for då finn dei på styggedom. At
eg ikkje hadde tenkt på dette...

Oddmund Garvik

PS: Det er også vel verd å lesa leiarartikkelen i Klassekampen 26/03/99.