Justice for Rosemary

Edward C. Whyte (ewhyte@online.no)
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 10:02:40 +0100

Please take the time to consider this appeal.

The Petition for Justice for Rosemary Nelson is now online for
viewing. I will add names periodically as I receive them.

PLEASE encourage others to sign this petition. They may do so by
clicking the email link on the page. The Memorial Campaign page
address is:


You will see the petition link there.

There's plenty of work left to do -- please lend a hand. Write a few
letters today, send some faxes, emails, snail mails. Spread the word
around the internet and around your community and workplace. Get
others involved, even if they'll only sign the petition.

Remember that evil succeeds when good men (and women) do nothing.

Justice for Rosemary,