Web Protest

Edward C. Whyte (ewhyte@online.no)
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 08:14:59 +0100

Well-known rights lawyer Rosemary Nelson was murdered in a loyalist car
bomb today in Lurgan. Ms. Nelson represented the family of Robert Hamill

(beaten by a loyalist gang in Portadown; he later died) and the Garvaghy

Road community, among others. She worked tirelessly and courageously for

justice in the six counties despite numerous threats and obstacles. Ms.
Nelson leaves behind a husband and three young children.

This latest sickening outrage must not be allowed to be swept under the
rug by the British authorities, as the Pat Finucane murder of 1989 was
and still is. Those responsible MUST be brought to justice, and the
British government and its forces held accountable for their lack of
action, knowing as they did of the threats against Ms. Nelson's life.

We are organizing an internet memorial protest campaign, and calling on
all Webmasters to participate. We will be creating a 'blackout' page
with background information and protest instructions, and we are asking
participating Webmasters to use this page in place of their usual index
page for 48 hours beginning March 17 - St. Patrick's Day.

It is vital that we get the widest participation possible and send a
clear and strong message to the British, Irish, and US governments (as
well as media outlets) that these murders and abuses must stop, unionist

intransigence must stop, harrassment and intimidation must stop, and
collusion and coverups must stop. Rosemary Nelson's work can and must go


If you would like to take part in the blackout, please let us know and
the page and instructions will be forwarded to you as soon as they are
available (later this evening).

Please pass the word along to any interested parties you may know of,
and if you are on an Irish newslist, please consider passing the word
there as well.


Nelson Memorial Protest Campaign Organizers

This is the address for Rosemary Nelson Memorial information