Demonstrationer i Iran's Kurdistan

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Sat, 13 Mar 1999 09:47:38 +0100

Hej Alle!
Fra Per Danske

NU er det ikke for at fylde KK-forum med vidersendelse af E-mails.
Ellers må den omtalte trænings/hold-leder gribe ind, MEN
Indtil jeg har lavet min lovede svar til bl.a. KVJ:

What's New at Socialist Appeal's "In Defence of Marxism" web site
March 12,1999

Mass demonstrations in Iran's Kurdistan
We have received two pieces of information in relation to mass
demonstrations which took place in Iran's Kurdistan between February 18th
and February 22nd culminating with a demonstration of 70,000 people in
Sanandaj where the army open fire on the demonstrators from helicopters.
In the wave of repression which followed at least 18 people were killed
and hundreds were arrested. Whole cities are now under state of emergency.
We think it is an elementary duty of international solidarity to spread the
news about these events. Read these two pieces:
* Mass demonstration in Iran's Kurdistan
* Tens of thousands demonstrate against the Islamic Republic of Iran in
and send strongly worded messages of protest to:
Iran delegation to the United Nations <>
Iranian embassy in Britain <>
Mr Khatami, president of <>
Send copies of all message to:
Further recommended reading:
* The arrest of Ocalan and the plight of Kurdish people ( February 26,
* The Real Reasons for the Imperialist Bombing of Iraq (December 1998)
* Imperialist Bullying and the Crisis in the Middle East (February 1998)
* US Imperialist Intervention in Iraq's Kurdistan (September 1996)
* Fundamentalism. Causes and Prospects by Lal Khan (October 1994)

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