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Course: Advanced process control (module TKP10, PhD-course KP8115)
For overview of the course: see at the end

2017: No dates set yet....


8. juli  2016

TKP10 Process Control, Advanced Course. Autumn 2016

The first lecture will be given on Monday 22.08,2016 from 14-16 in the meeting room on Kjemiblokk 4, second floor (K4-4.205).

We will also discuss the day and time for the lectures this autumn.

More information:

Lectures: Sigurd Skogestad
Vit.ass: Julian Straus


Sigurd Skogestad (


This was the Course Plan in 2016
Lecturer:	Sigurd Skogestad (
Exercises:	Julian Straus (julian.straus@ntnuno)
Note, that the days of the lecture may change.
Week/Date	Lecture	Exercise
Week 34 / 22.08.	0. Introduction 1. Plant-wide control procedure	Exercise 1 out (2 weeks)
Week 35 / 29.08.	2. Self-optimizing control	
Week 36 / 05.09.	3. Self-optimizing control	Exercise 1 deadline Exercise 2 out (1 week)
Week 37 / 12.09.	4. Self-optimizing control	Exercise 2 deadline Exercise 3 out (1 week)
Week 38 / 19.09.	5. Regulatory layer, TPM Selection	Exercise 3 deadline Exercise 4 out (2 weeks)
Week 39 / 26.10.	6. Controller Tuning	
Week 40 / 03.10.	7. Advanced control structures	Exercise 4 deadline Exercise 5 out (2 weeks)
Week 41 / 10.10.		
Week 42 / 17.10.		Exercise 5 deadline Exercise 6 out (2 weeks)
Week 43 / 24.10.		
Week 44 / 31.10.		Exercise 6 deadline

There will be two guest lectures given by
•	Stig Strand: MPC application in Statoil
•	Krister Forsman: Advanced process control in Perstorp
The dates of both guest lectures have to be defined



See here for papers by S. Skogestad on plantwide control:


Course overview:

This is a module (half a normal course) offered to the 5th year students at NTNU. 
It is taught every autumn, starting in late August.

1. Optimal operation (economics) and degrees of freedom
2. What should we control from an economic point of view? (including self-optimizing control)
3. Inventory control, including location of throughput manipulator
4. Base layer control (regulatory layer; stabilizing control)
5. Tuning of PID controllers
6. Multivariable control: Interactions, decentralized control, practical use of MPC



In principle, the grade is based on an oral examination, but in practise it will be based on this:
	1. Short written exam (3 hours) 80%
        2. Exercises 20% 
        3. In some cases there could be an oral discussion to clarify the final grade

Note that the grade wil be given i % as it counts only 50% for the overall grade



The lectures form the basis for two courses:

1. TKP10  Process Control, Advanced Course. Master specialization module  (3.75 EDU; must be taken together with another 3.75 EDU module to get full course)

2. KP8115 Advanced process control. PhD course (7.5 ECU)


1. TKP10  Process Control, Advanced Course (before 2009: TKP8 = TTK18) 

Prosessregulering, videregående kurs 
Process Control, Advanced Course 
Lecturer: Professor Sigurd Skogestad 
Credits: 3.75 Sp
Time: According to agreement
Examination aids: D Exercises: marks 
Learning outcome : The student should be able to design plantwide control system 
Content: Control structure design for complere chemical plants. 
Selection of controlled variables (self-optimizing control). 
Consistent inventory Control. 
Regulatory control. 
Tuning of PID controllers. 
Multivariable control. 
Decentralized control. 
RGA. Introduction to MPC. Use of dynamic simulators. 
Teaching activities: Lectures, computer simulation. exercises. 
Course material: Copies from scientific papers and books including Chapter 10 in Skoegstad and Postlethwaite, "Multivariable Feedback Control, Wiley, 2010
Exam: Oral


2. Ph.D. course KP 8115 - Advanced process control (7.5 ECU)
Lecturer: Sigurd Skogestad 

The Ph.D. course and the 5th year Master specilization ("emnemodul") have
an initial common part, but the Ph.D. course has additional topics and
a larger emphasis on theory.