PROST industrial members

Starting 1999 we welcome Norwegian companies to become members of PROST. The annual fee depends on the size of the companies activity in the process systems engineering area (small, medium and large)

The industrial funds are used to support common PROST activities, such as seminars, and to provide funds for visitors, travels, and short-time extensions of Ph.D. fellowships.

The main advantage for the industrial members is that they gain closer access to the PROST professors and students and will be given priority compared to non-members.

Present PROST industrial member companies (as of June 2000):

Contact: Morten Dalsmo, ABB Industri, ABB Industri AS, Postboks 6540 Rodeløkka, 0501 OSLO
Annual support: NOK 90000
Contact: Kristian Helland, Borealis, Rønnigen, 3960 Stathelle
Annual support: NOK 50000
Contact: Kristian Lien, Energos asa, Vestre Rosten 81, 7075 Tiller,
Annual support: NOK 30000
Norsk Hydro
Contact: Knut Wiig Mathisen, Norsk Hydro Research Centre, 3901 Porsgrunn
Annual support: NOK 90000
Amersham Health
Contact: Joachim Schmidt, Lindesnes Fabrikker, 4510 Spangereid,
Annual support: NOK 30000
Contact: Jan Richard Sagli, Statoil Research Centre, 7005 Trondheim
Annual support: NOK 90000
Contact: Peter Singstad, Cybernetica, Leirfossvegen 27, 7038 Trondheim
Annual support: NOK 10000
Contact: Kjetil Havre, Scandpower, P.O. Box 3, Gasevikvn. 2, N-2027 Kjeller
Annual support: NOK 10000
Fantoft Process Technology
Contact: David Cameron, Fantoft Prosess, Postboks 306,N-1301 Sandvika
Annual support: NOK 10000