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[   ]Geschke et al._2014_Economic Systems Research_Economic Systems Research INVESTIGATING ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES TO HARMONISE MULTI-REGIONAL.pdf2017-08-21 10:59 544K 
[   ]Gibon et al._2015_Environmental Science and Technology_A Methodology for Integrated, Multiregional Life Cycle Assessment Scenarios under.pdf2017-08-21 11:05 2.1M 
[   ]Ivanova et al._2016_Journal of Industrial Ecology_Environmental Impact Assessment of Household Consumption.pdf2017-08-21 10:52 422K 
[   ]Ivanova et al._2017_Environmental Research Letters_Mapping the carbon footprint of EU regions.pdf2017-08-21 11:04 2.0M 
[   ]Koelbl et al._2015_International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control_Socio-economic impacts of future electricity generation scenarios in.pdf2017-08-21 11:06 1.2M 
[   ]Koelbl et al._2016_Applied Energy_Socio-economic impacts of low-carbon power generation portfolios Strategies with and without CCS for t.pdf2017-08-21 11:06 1.8M 
[   ]Lenzen, Pade, Munksgaard_2016_Economic Systems Research_UNCERTAINTY ANALYSIS FOR MULTI-REGION INPUT-OUTPUT MODELS - A CASE STUDY OF THE.pdf2017-08-21 10:58 601K 
[   ]Lenzen, Wood, Foran_2008_Urban Energy Transition_Direct versus Embodied Energy - The Need for Urban Lifestyle Transitions.pdf2017-08-21 12:23 1.3M 
[   ]Lenzen, Wood, Gallego_2007_Economic Systems Research_Some comments on the GRAS method.pdf2017-08-21 10:58 209K 
[   ]LenzenGallegoWood_2006_JAIOA.pdf2018-09-11 14:17 2.5M 
[   ]Lenzen et al._2009_Unknown_Matrix Balancing Under Conflicting Information Information.pdf2017-08-21 10:58 436K 
[   ]Lenzen et al._2017_Economic Systems Research_The Global MRIO Lab–charting the world economy.pdf2017-08-21 10:58 4.3M 
[   ]Lenzen et al._2017_Journal of Industrial Ecology_Uncertainty of Consumption-Based Carbon Accounts.pdf2018-09-05 11:58 2.8M 
[   ]Majeau-Bettez, Wood, Strømman_2014_Journal of Industrial Ecology_Unified theory of allocations and constructs in life cycle assessment a.pdf2017-08-21 10:52 842K 
[   ]Majeau-Bettez, Wood, Strømman_2016_Economic Systems Research_On the financial balance of input–output constructs revisiting an axiomatic.pdf2017-08-21 10:59 1.0M 
[   ]Majeau-Bettez et al._2015_Journal of Industrial Ecology_When Do Allocations and Constructs Respect Material, Energy, Financial, and Prod.pdf2017-08-21 10:52 283K 
[   ]Majeau-Bettez et al._2016_Ecological Economics_Balance issues in input-output analysis A comment on physical inhomogeneity, aggregation.pdf2017-08-21 11:06 1.1M 
[   ]Majeau-Bettez et al._2017_Journal of Industrial Ecology_Choice of Allocations and Constructs for Attributional or Consequential Life Cyc.pdf2017-08-21 10:52 533K 
[   ]Moran, Wood_2014_Economic Systems Research_CONVERGENCE BETWEEN THE EORA, WIOD, EXIOBASE, AND OPENEU'S CONSUMPTION-BASED CARBON ACCOUNTS.pdf2017-08-21 10:59 1.0M 
[   ]Moran_2018_Environ._Res._Lett._13_064041.pdf2018-09-25 18:36 2.8M 
[   ]Moran_et_al-2018-Journal_of_Industrial_Ecology.pdf2018-09-25 18:33 615K 
[   ]Pauliuk, Wood, Hertwich_2015_Journal of Industrial Ecology_Dynamic Models of Fixed Capital Stocks and Their Application in Industrial Ec.pdf2017-08-21 10:52 810K 
[   ]Reyes et al._2017_Economic Systems Research_The Virtual IELab–an exercise in replicating part of the EXIOBASE V.2 production pipeline in.pdf2017-08-21 10:59 3.3M 
[   ]Rodrigues et al._2016_Economic Systems Research_A network approach for assembling and linking input–output models.pdf2017-08-21 10:59 2.9M 
[   ]Södersten, Wood, Hertwich_2017_Journal of Industrial Ecology_Environmental Impacts of Capital Formation.pdf2017-08-21 10:52 559K 
[   ]S-dersten_et_al-2018-Journal_of_Industrial_Ecology.pdf2018-09-25 18:37 563K 
[   ]Schoer et al._2013_Environmental Science and Technology_Estimating raw material equivalents on a macro-level Comparison of multi-regiona.pdf2017-08-21 12:22 459K 
[   ]Simas, Wood, Hertwich_2015_Journal of Industrial Ecology_Labor Embodied in Trade The Role of Labor and Energy Productivity and Implicati.pdf2017-08-21 10:52 770K 
[   ]Simas et al._2017_Ecological Indicators_Correlation between production and consumption-based environmental indicators The link to afflue.pdf2017-08-21 11:04 1.6M 
[   ]Somé et al._2017_Journal of Industrial Ecology_Coupling Input-Output Tables with Macro-Life Cycle Assessment to Assess Worldwide Impacts.pdf2017-08-21 10:52 638K 
[   ]Stadler, Steen-olsen, Wood_2015_Unknown_the ‘ Rest of the World ’ – Estimating the Economic Structure of Missing Regions in Global Multi.pdf2017-08-21 10:59 1.1M 
[   ]Stadler_et_al-2018-Journal_of_Industrial_Ecology.pdf2018-09-25 18:36 424K 
[   ]Steen-Olsen, Wood, Hertwich_2016_Journal of Industrial Ecology_The Carbon Footprint of Norwegian Household Consumption 1999–2012.pdf2017-08-21 10:52 403K 
[   ]Steinmann_et_al-2018-Journal_of_Industrial_Ecology (1).pdf2018-09-25 18:38 545K 
[   ]Steinmann_et_al-2018-Journal_of_Industrial_Ecology.pdf2018-09-25 18:35 545K 
[   ]Structural production layer decomposition a new method to measure differences between MRIO databases for footprint assessments.pdf2018-09-25 18:38 4.4M 
[   ]Tisserant et al._2017_Journal of Industrial Ecology_Solid Waste and the Circular Economy A Global Analysis of Waste Treatment and Waste.pdf2017-04-19 19:04 851K 
[   ]Tukker_et_al-2018-Journal_of_Industrial_Ecology (1).pdf2018-09-25 18:36 1.0M 
[   ]Tukker_et_al-2018-Journal_of_Industrial_Ecology (2).pdf2018-09-25 18:38 102K 
[   ]Tukker_et_al-2018-Journal_of_Industrial_Ecology.pdf2018-09-25 18:33 187K 
[   ]Tukker et al._2013_Economic Systems Research_Exiopol – Development and Illustrative Analyses of a Detailed Global Mr Ee SutIot.pdf2017-08-21 10:58 786K 
[   ]Tukker et al._2013_Environmental Science and Technology_Price corrected domestic technology assumption-a method to assess pollution embo.pdf2017-08-21 12:23 658K 
[   ]Tukker et al._2016_Global Environmental Change_Environmental and resource footprints in a global context Europe's structural deficit in.pdf2017-08-21 11:06 1.6M 
[   ]Verones et al._2017_Scientific Reports_Resource footprints and their ecosystem consequences.pdf2017-08-21 11:05 951K 
[   ]Wachsmann et al._2009_Applied Energy_Structural decomposition of energy use in Brazil from 1970 to 1996.pdf2017-08-21 12:23 567K 
[   ]Wiebe2018_Article_ImplementingExogenousScenarios.pdf2018-09-25 18:30 1.2M 
[   ]Wiedmann et al._2017_Economic Systems Research_a Carbon Footprint Time Series of the Uk – Results From a Multi-Region Input–Output Model.pdf2017-08-21 10:58 465K 
[   ]Wieland et al._2017_Economic Systems Research_Structural production layer decomposition a new method to measure differences between MRIO.pdf2017-08-21 10:56 4.4M 
[   ]Wood, Dey_2009_Economic Systems Research_Australia'S Carbon Footprint.pdf2017-08-21 10:58 419K 
[   ]Wood, Garnett_2008_Ecological Economics_An assessment of environmental sustainability in Northern Australia using the ecological footpri.pdf2017-08-21 12:23 411K 
[   ]Wood, Garnett_2010_Ecological Economics_Regional sustainability in Northern Australia — A quantitative assessment of social , economic a.pdf2017-08-21 12:23 659K 
[   ]Wood, Hertwich_2013_International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment_Economic modelling and indicators in life cycle sustainability assess.pdf2017-08-21 12:23 280K 
[   ]Wood, Lenzen, Foran_2009_Journal of Industrial Ecology_A material history of Australia Evolution of material intensity and drivers of ch.pdf2017-08-21 10:52 339K 
[   ]Wood, Lenzen_2003_Local Environment_An Application of a Modified Ecological Footprint Method and Structural Path Analysis in a Comparati.pdf2017-08-21 10:58 375K 
[   ]Wood, Lenzen_2006_Energy Policy_Zero-value problems of the logarithmic mean divisia index decomposition method.pdf2017-08-21 12:23 210K 
[   ]Wood, Lenzen_2009_Energy Economics_Structural path decomposition.pdf2017-08-21 12:23 209K 
[   ]Wood, Lenzen_2009_Journal of Industrial Ecology_Aggregate measures of complex economic structure and evolution a review and case study.pdf2017-08-21 10:52 513K 
[   ]Wood_2009_Energy Policy_Structural decomposition analysis of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions.pdf2017-08-21 11:08 519K 
[   ]Wood_2016_Economic Systems Research_Economic Systems Research CONSTRUCTION, STABILITY AND PREDICTABILITY OF AN INPUT–OUTPUT TIME-SERIES.pdf2017-08-21 10:58 565K 
[   ]Wood_et_al-2018-Journal_of_Industrial_Ecology (1).pdf2018-09-25 18:36 681K 
[   ]Wood_et_al-2018-Journal_of_Industrial_Ecology (2).pdf2018-09-25 18:38 327K 
[   ]Wood_et_al-2018-Journal_of_Industrial_Ecology.pdf2018-09-25 18:35 327K 
[   ]Wood et al._2006_Agricultural Systems_A comparative study of some environmental impacts of conventional and organic farming in Australia.pdf2017-08-21 12:23 397K 
[   ]Wood et al._2014_Economic Systems Research_Harmonising National Input—Output Tables for Consumption-Based Accounting — Experiences From.pdf2017-08-21 10:59 2.1M 
[   ]acs.est.8b00632.pdf2018-09-25 18:33 1.1M 
[   ]de Koning et al._2015_Ecological Economics_Effect of aggregation and disaggregation on embodied material use of products in input–output.pdf2017-08-21 12:22 1.4M 
[   ]s41561-018-0091-y.pdf2018-09-25 18:37 2.5M 
[   ]s41893-018-0079-z.pdf2018-09-25 18:36 1.3M 
[   ]van Haaster et al._2016_The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment_Development of a methodological framework for social life-cyc.pdf2017-08-21 12:26 530K 

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