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On-going PostDoc projects

  • Dr Jacobus Bernardus de Vaal (2018-2021)

Former PostDocs

  • Dr Paul Thomassen
  • Dr Karl Merz

PhD students

On-going PhD projects

  • Lars Einar Stieng
    Robust optimization of offshore wind turbine support structures (DSF ABYSS)
  • Helene Seyr
    Stochastic wind park modelling and maintenance scheduling under uncertainty - a serious game (H2020 AWESOME ITN)

Former PhD students

  • Tu Ying (2018)
    Wave slamming forces on offshore wind turbine jacket structures
  • Lisa Ziegler (2018)
    Assessment of monopiles for lifetime extension of offshore wind turbines
  • Sebastian Schafhirt (2017)
    Dynamic analysis and structural optimization of support structures for bottom-fixed offshore wind turbines
  • Mayilvahanan Alagan Chella (2016)
    Breaking wave characteristics and breaking wave forces on slender cylinders
  • Daniel Zwick (2015)
    Simulation and optimization in offshore wind turbine structural analysis
  • Haiyan Long (2014)
    A bottom-fixed lattice tower for offshore wind turbines
  • Lars Fredrik Sandquist (2013)
    Individual pitch control for large scale wind turbines
  • Marit Reiso (2013)
    The tower shadow effect in downwind turbines
  • Eric van Buren

MSc students

On-going MSc projects

MSc students at NTNU start in January. For foreign students that want to take a master thesis with us at NTNU, the dates can be arranged flexibly.

Former MSc students

  • Esther Dornhelm (2018)
    Simplified wind farm design as a serious game
  • Alahyar Koochekali (2018)
    Improved lumping of offshore wind turbine fatigue load cases
  • Francois Nicolas Emmanuel Million (2018)
    Value of virtual sensing on offshore windturbines
  • Ruben Martinez Ochagavia (2018)
    The compliant tower concept for offshore wind turbines
  • Odd Eiken (2017)
    Fatigue damage in offshore wind turbines using probability density evolution
  • Cody Owen (2017)
    Ice-induced vibrations of vertically sided model structures
  • Jorge Mendoza Espinosa (2017)
    Evaluation of the fatigue resistance of offshore jacket joints by numerical approaches
  • Nikolaos Xyloudis (2017)
    Gradient-based optimization of jacket support structure for offshore wind turbines with the local approach
  • Mareike Leimeister (2016)
    Rational upscaling and modelling of a semi-submersible floating offshore wind turbine
  • Benedicte Hexeberg Hammerstad (2016)
    Sensitivities in fatigue analysis of offshore wind turbine support structures
  • Matthieu B Rhomberg (2016)
    Optimizing the structural lifetime of monopile-based offshore wind turbines with genetic algorithms
  • Lisa Sabine Ziegler (2015)
    Probabilistic estimation of fatigue loads on monopile-based offshore wind turbines
  • Marc Garcia Llado (2015)
    Structural reliability analysis and robust design of offshore wind turbine support structures
  • Qi Wang (2015)
    Ice-induced vibrations under continuous brittle crushing for an offshore wind turbine
  • Konrad Robert Hryniewicki (2015)
    Robustness of support structures for offshore wind turbines
  • Einar Sortland Sande (2015)
    Fatigue assessment of offshore wind turbine support structures with the frequency domain method
  • Ole Edvard Bakkom (2015)
    Computer-aided optimization of an offshore jacket for a wind turbine with a simplified load model
  • Ignacio Eugenio Rausa Heredia (2014)
    Characterization of wave slamming forces for a truss structure within the framework of the WaveSlam project
  • Niels Verkaik (2014)
    Comparison of impulse based substructuring and fully coupled analysis for an offshore wind turbine
  • Marek Goldschmidt (2014)
    Coupled mooring systems for floating wind farms
  • Johan Henrik Martens (2014)
    Topology optimization of a jacket for an offshore wind turbine
  • Junaid Anwar Syed (2014)
    Simplified dynamics of offshore structures
  • Annika Laks (2014)
    Mooring system design for floating wind turbines
  • Johan Magne Hembre (2014)
    Stochastic analysis of an offshore wind turbine using a simplified dynamic model
  • Eirik Christensen (2014)
    Multidisciplinary design analysis and optimization of support structures for offshore wind turbines
  • Kasper Sandal (2014)
    Improved design of the support structure for the NOWITECH 10 MW Reference Turbine
  • Fredrik Haug (2013)
    Optimization of an active heave compensated (AHC) offshore knuckle jib crane
  • Lucia Barcena Pasamontes & Fernando Gomez Torres (2014)
    Topology optimization of jacket support structure with genetic algorithm
  • Live Salvesen Fevåg (2012)
    Influence of marine growth on support structure design for offshore wind turbines
  • Håvard Molde (2012)
    Simulation-based optimization of lattice support structures for offshore wind energy
  • Wei Gong (2011)
    Lattice tower design of offshore wind turbine support structures
  • Torbjørn Ruud Hagen (2011)
  • Matti Scheu (2011)
  • Camilla Volnes (2011)
    Integrated analysis of scour effects for an offshore wind turbine truss structure

Visiting scientists

  • Wojciech Popko
  • Kok Hon Chew
  • Ludwig Krause