I have recently submitted a PhD thesis at the Fluid Mechanics group at the Norwegian University of Science of Technology. The PhD defense is scheduled for late October 2017. I am interested in both academic and industrial opportunities which would enable me to apply my knowledge and skills to new challenges.


Title of my PhD thesis is "Large Time Step Methods for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws".

Large Time Step methods are explicit, multi-point (2k+1), unconditionally stable finite volume methods. The focus of my research is development, analysis and application of LTS methods to gas dynamics and multiphase flow models, such as those used for modeling of pipelines in the oil & gas industry.

In particular, I am working on HLL-type schemes and their properties such as entropy stability and positivity preservation.

The PhD project is a part of a larger research project SIMCOFLOW - a framework for complex 3D multiphase and multi physics flows carried out by SINTEF Materials and Chemistry from July 2014 until June 2017 and funded by the Research Council of Norway.

PhD courses

As the part of my PhD programme I took following PhD courses: