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Marilena Greco

PhD Marine Hydrodynamics, MSc Aeronautical Engineering




MTS, C2.084


Department of Marine Technology

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Otto Nielsens vei 10
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Fields of interest


Marine Hydrodynamics. Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics. Nonlinear Free Surface and Multiphase Flows. Free-surface Wave propagation. Water on deck. Slamming. Fluid-Structure Interactions. Hydroelasticity. Vessel Dynamic Instabilities. Offshore Aquaculture. Offshore Renewable Energy.


Other information


Curriculum Vitae, Publications, Biography




       TMR4215 Sea Loads (responsible and lecturer)

       TMR4217 Hydrodynamics of High-speed Marine Vehicles ( responsible since 2017 and co-lecturer)

       MR8300 Hydrodynamic Aspects of Marine Structures I (responsible and co-lecturer)


Present PhD candidates


       Daniele Borri. Topic: Hydrodynamics of oil spills from oil tankers. (supervisor)

       Mohd Atif Siddiqui. Topic: Behaviour of a damaged ship in waves. (supervisor)

       Shaojun Ma. Topic: Fish hydrodynamics. (supervisor)

         Hui-Li Xu. Topic: Fish-hydrodynamic study finalized to the bio-cyber-hydrodynamics. (supervisor)

       Alireza Ahani. Topic: Local structural response due to wave slamming. (supervisor)



Graduated PhD candidates


       Finn-Christian Hanssen. 2019. Topic: Nonlinear wave loads on marine structures in extreme sea states. (supervisor)

       Isar Ghamari. 2019. Topic: Hydrodynamics of parametric roll resonance and capsizing of fishing vessels. (co-supervisor)

       Yugao Shen. 2018. Topic: Operational Limits for Floating-Collar Fish Farms in Waves and Current, without and with Well-Boat Presence. (supervisor)

       Zhaolong Yu. 2017. Topic: Hydrodynamic and structural aspects in ship collisions. (co-supervisor)




       Yugao Shen. Topic: Limits for fish farm operations - Numerical study towards a moored closed rigid fish farm in waves.


Project and MSc theses


       List of completed MSc theses

       Topics proposed for 2019-2020



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