BK-0010.01 - BK-0011M

[A photo of the BK-0011M with B/W monitor MS6105]

My first computer is a "BK-0010.01". It was the first USSR's home computer with 16+16KB RAM, 512x256x2 or 256x256x4 video, particulary compatible with PDP-11/03. It has a beautiful assembler language. The last model of BK's family is called BK-0011M: 128KB RAM including 2 video pages, each of 512x256x2 or 256x256x4 resolution, with Operating System RT-11SJ booting from a HD or a FDD. Now the software of this machine includes the text processor(!), application programs, a lot of games, programming languages (FORTRAN, FOCAL, BASIC, C, PASCAL, Assemblers, ...), Debuggers... Ohhh :)

You can try to feel this computer. Run one of the emulators (needed from 386 till 486DX100 CPU models for different emulators), or use another link.


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