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Louis-Philippe Thibault

Postdoctoral Fellow

Since November 2016, I am a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Algebra group in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), within the Representation theory via subcategories project led by Prof. Steffen Oppermann.

Address:  Department of Mathematical Sciences
NO-7491 Trondheim
Office: 802, Sentralbygg 2
Representation theory of algebras
Auslander-Reiten theory
Homological algebra
Links with categorical geometry


L.-P. Thibault, Preprojective algebra structure on skew-group algebras, Adv. Math., 365:107033, 2020. (Preprint)


L.-P. Thibault, Tilting objects in singularity categories and levelled mutations. (arXiv:2004.02655)
(2019) Graded singularity category of Gorenstein algebras with levelled Beilinson algebras, Tilting theory, Singularity categories and Noncommutative resolutions, Oaxaca, MX. (Video)

(2019) Stable categories of graded Cohen-Macaulay modules over Gorenstein algebras of different parameters, RRAGE: Ragnar's Ramifications in Algebra and Geometry Emerging Workshop, Toronto, CA.

(2019) Stable categories of graded Cohen-Macaulay modules over Gorenstein algebras of different parameters, Interactions between commutative algebra, representation theory, and algebraic geometry, Münster, DE. (Slides)

(2018) Stable categories of Cohen-Macaulay modules with different gradings, International conference on representations of algebras, Prague, CZ.

(2018) Graded bimodule Calabi-Yau algebras, Maurice Auslander distinguished lectures and international conference, Woods Hole, USA.

(2017) Graded Calabi-Yau algebras, Workshop on matrix factorisations and related topics, ICMS, Edinburgh, UK. (Poster Presentation)

(2016) Tensor product of higher preprojective algebras, International conference on representations of algebras, Syracuse University, Syracuse, USA. (Abstract)

(2015) Preprojective structure on skew-group algebras associated to finite subgroups of SL(n,k), Conference on preprojective algebras, Casa Mathematica, Oaxaca, MX. (Video)

(2014) Higher preprojective algebras and Gorenstein quotient singularities, Géométrie Algébrique en Liberté, Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati, Trieste, IT. (Abstract)


Sept. 2012 - Oct. 2016   PhD Mathematics
University of Toronto, Canada.
Thesis: Tensor product of preprojective algebras and preprojective structure on skew-group algebras (Link)
Supervisor:  Prof. Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz


Vanier Canada graduate scholarship, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (2013-2016).


Certificate, Teaching Fundamentals, University of Toronto (2016).

Certificate, Graduate Professional Skills Program, University of Toronto (2016).
Focuses on skills beyond those conventionally learned during graduate studies.


Math Mentorship Program, University of Toronto (2012-2015).
I supervised projects by talented high school students who want to learn more advanced mathematics.

Other Activities

The world remembers project
I participated in the conception of a names-display software which shows the names of the soldiers who died in the First World War. These are shown in a network of schools and other organisations as well as in some public displays around the world. (Website)