Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Department of physics

Norwegian Winter Workshop on QCD in Extreme Conditions

Trondheim, Norway, Wednesday 24th February - Friday 26th February 2010

The workshop starts Wednesday morning and ends Friday at noon

Workshop Dinner: Thursday 19:30

Preliminary Program
Time Wednesday Time Thurdsay Time Friday
08:50 Welcome
Chair: Fischer Chair: Rebhan Chair: Vuorinen
09:00 Michael Buballa
NJL-model studies of the QCD phase structure
09:00 Michael T. Strickland
Reorganizing the QCD pressure at intermediate coupling
09:00 Mikko Laine
Heavy Quarks at High Temperature
10:00 Hannes Basler
The phase diagram of neutral quark matter: Pseudoscalar diquark condensates revisited
10:00 York Schroder
QCD thermodynamics at weak coupling
10:00 Tony Rebhan
Hard loop effective theory and quark-gluon plasma instabilities
10:20 Lars Kyllingstad
The sign problem across the chiral phase transition
10:30 Antti Gynther
The N3fg6 term in the pressure of hot QCD
11:00 ---Coffee Break---
10:40 Jorn Boomsma
Influence of instantons and strong magnetic fields on quark matter
10:50 ---Coffee Break---
11:00 ---Coffee Break---

11:30 Eugenio Megias
Gauge / String Duality at Finite Temperature
11:30 Massimo Mannarelli
Dissipative processes in superfluid quark matter
11:20 Aleksi Vuorinen and Aleksi Kurkela
Perturbative QCD with Finite Masses and Densities
Cold Quark Matter or Neutron stars to 3 loops
12:00 Harmen Warringa
P- and CP-odd effects in QCD in extreme conditions
12:00 Bernd-Jochen Schafer
The QCD phase diagram from an effective point of view
Closing Remarks
12:30 ---Lunch Break---: 12:10 ---Lunch Break---
Chair: Splittorff Chair: Laine
14:00 Toru Kojo
Quarkyonic Chiral Spirals
14:00 Simon Hands
Lattice Study of Dense Baryonic Matter in QC2D
14:20 Lisa Haas
On the relation of quark confinement and chiral symmetry breaking
15:00 ---Coffee Break---
14:40 Viktor Begun
Crossover toCluster Plasma in the Gas of Quark-Gluon Bags
15:30 Jon-Ivar Skullerud
Calculating the QGP viscosity on the lattice
15:00 ---Coffee Break---
16:00 Christian Fischer
Phase transitions and spectral functions from Dyson-Schwinger equations
15:30 Andras Patkos
Large-N Approximation for the Quark-Meson Effective Theory
16:30 Dominik Smith
Effective potential for Polyakov loops from a center symmetric effective theory in three dimensions
16:30 Denis Parganlija
Nature of Light Scalar Mesons f0(600), a0(980), f0(1370) and a0(1450)
16:50 Kim Splittorff
The fluctuations of the quark number
16:50 Frank Michler
Non-equilibrium effects on hard and electromagnetic probes from a quark-gluon plasma
19:30 ---Workshop Dinner---
17:10 Takuya Kanazawa
Spectral Analysis of dense 2-color QCD


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