RESEARCH THEMES To discover new quantum phenomena governing the transport of spin, charge, light, and heat in hybrid structures
    Superconductor spintronics
    Research theme #1
    The inclusion of superconducting elements into spintronic archi-tectures has recently emerged as a way to strongly reduce to heat dissipation associated with spin transport. In addition to strongly enhancing central features such as spin relaxation lengths and magnetoresistance, it also leads to completely new coherent quantum phenomena with no counterpart in conventional spintronics.
    Magnetization dynamics
    Research theme #2
    In the rapidly developing field of spintronics, information is encoded and processed in the form of quantum spin. This has tremendous potential with respect to computational processing, both in terms of time and energy efficiency. To achieve this aim, a central object is to understand the magnetization dynamics associated with how for instance domain walls and skyrmions can be manipulated.
  • Research theme #3
    In Dirac materials, electrons can behave as if they were relativistic and had no mass, which in turn strongly influences the way in which they transport spin, charge, and heat. Metamaterials are tailored hybrid structures with unique responses to electromagnetic fields, which opens the prospect of gaining unprecedented control over properties such as light absorption and filtering.
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