Particle Physics: FY3403 Fall semester 2015


Below you will find information about the lecture and exercise hour times and rooms in addition to the exam and question hour date.


Mondays 08:15-09:00 in R5 & Tuesdays 08:15-10:00 in R8.


Mondays 09:15-10:00 in R5.


09:00-13:00 on December 5th in Trondheim Spectrum.

Question hour

09:15-10:00 on December 1st in R10.

Reference group

Jana Andrajewski and Martin Jakobsen. A summary from the first reference group meeting can be found here. A summary from the second reference group meeting can be found here.

Lecture plan

Rough plan for the semester - small deviations may occur.

34Introduction: Entire chapter
35Elementary particle dynamics: Entire chapter + brief note about neutrino oscillations
36Relativistic kinematics: Entire chapter
37Symmetries part I: Intro to symmetries and group theory, properties of angular momentum, special focus on SU(2) and SO(3) groups
38Symmetries part II: Flavor symmetries, parity, charge conjugation, CP violation, TCP theorem
39Feynman calculus: Entire chapter
40QED part I: Dirac equation and its solution, bilinear covariants, treatment of the photon
41QED part II: Feynman rules for QED, several example calculations (cross section and lifetime), Casimir's trick
42QED part III/QCD Part I: Renormalization, hadron production, e-p scattering
43QCD Part II: Feynman rules for QCD, color factors, asymptotic freedom
44Weak interactions part I: Charged leptonic weak interactions, decay of muon/neutron/pion, charged weak interactions for quarks
45Weak interactions part II: Neutral weak interactions, electroweak unification, chiral fermion states, weak isospin, electroweak mixing
46Gauge theories part I: Lagrangian formulation in field theory, local gauge invariance, interpreting the mass term
47Gauge theories part II: Spontaneous symmetry breaking, Higgs mechanism, Yang-Mills theory


The lectures will largely follow the textbook "D. Griffiths, Introduction to Elementary Particles" and also give a brief introduction to group theory based on "Group Theory and Its Application in Physics", T. Inui, Y. Tanabae, Y. Onodera.

The following chapters in the 2nd edition of the Griffiths book are curriculum.

  • Chapters 1-4 + neutrino oscillations
  • Chapter 5 (except 5.6)
  • Chapter 6-9
  • Chapter 10 (except 10.5 & 10.6)


Notes: intro to group theory Old exams in Fy3403
2014 exam and solution, 2015 exam and solution.


Exercises will be handed back in the lectures and marked "OK" or "Failed". Compare your exercise with the detailed solutions in pdf-format below after you have received them back.

Exercise SheetDue DateSolution
Exercise #1September 1st, 10:00 Solution #1
Exercise #2September 8th, 10:00 Solution #2
Exercise #3September 15th, 10:00 Solution #3
Exercise #4September 29th, 10:00 Solution #4
Exercise #5October 13th, 10:00 Solution #5
Exercise #6October 27th, 10:00 Solution #6
Exercise #7November 3rd, 10:00 Solution #7
Exercise #8November 10th, 10:00 Solution #8
Exercise #9 (voluntary)- Solution #9

Keys to success

The lectures will cover important aspects in the course

Work hard: understand, don't memorize

Don't skip the written exercises


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