Race Attributes

Race Strength Learning Willpower Dexterity Toughness Charisma Appearance Mana Perception

Class Attributes

Class Strength Learning Willpower Dexterity Toughness Charisma Appearance Mana Perception Total
Fighter+3-2+1 +1  -3  
Paladin+2+1+2-1 +4+2+1 +11
Ranger+2-1 +1+2-1  +3+6
Thief   +3 +1+2 +3+9
Assassin+1+1 +2+1-2  +2+5
Wizard-2+3+3+1-1+2 +3+1+10
Priest +2+4-1 +1 +3 +9
Bard +2+1+2+1+3+3+1+1+14
Healer-1+1+3+1+4+1 +1+1+11
Weaponsmith+2-1+1+1+3  +1+1+8
Archer+1  +4  +1 +3+9
Merchant +1+2+1 +3+1 +1+9
Farmer+2-2  +1-1-1 +1 
Mindcrafter-3+2+4+1-1  +1+1+5
Druid +1  +2  +2+1+6
Necromancer-1+2+2 +1-4-3+3  
Elementalist-1+2+1+1 -2-1+2 +2

Race Ages

Race Starting age Max age Grown-up Middle-aged Old Very old
You die when very old and age is above max age.


# Name Priestly Book
0000Magic MissileMinor Punishmentrune-covered
0001Lightning BoltDivine Wrathheavy
0003Light leather-bound
0004Darkness ancient
0005Cure Light Wounds old
0006KnockDivine Keydusty
0007Disarm Trap used
0008FireballMajor Punishmentsilk-covered
0009Bless thin
000ASlow Monster thick
000BCalm Monster tattered
000CCure Serious Wounds dirty
000DCure Critical Wounds black
000EHeal large
000FCure Disease small
0010Neutralize Poison tiny
0011InvisibilityVeil of the Godsworn
0012Destroy UndeadDispel Undeadslender
0013Slow Poison huge
0014TeleportationEthereal Bridgeiron-wrought
0015Remove Curse hide-covered
0016Greater IdentifyGreater Enlightenmentmangled
0017Earthquake enormous
0018Revelation papyrus
0019Know Alignment parchment
001ACreate ItemDivine Favourleather
001BSummon Monsters brittle
001CPetrification sooty
001DFrost BoltNether Boltbejewelled
001EAcid Bolt cracked
001FFire BoltHellish Flamesscrawl-covered
0020Strength of AtlasLordly Mightornate
0021Magic LockSeal of the Spheresgilted
0022Improved FireballInvoked Devastationshimmering
0023Farsight delicate
0024Web ragged
0025Stun RayLesser Divine Touchembossed
0026Death RayGreater Divine Touchdecorated
0027Magic MapKnowledge of the Ancientscompact
0028Mystic ShovelDivine Diggercharred
0029Burning HandsBaptism of Firelaced
002AWishDivine Interventionembroidered
002BScare MonsterHoly Aweshadowy
002CIce BallFreezing Furysatin-covered
002DLightning BallHeavenly Furyiron-bound
002EAcid BallRain of Sorrowbrass-bound

Random Encounters

# Name Creature 1 Creature 2 Creature 3 Creature 4
0000an orcish patrol3d4 orc1d2+1 orc scorcher1d2-1 orc chieftain 
0001a group of bandits4d3 bandit1d2 outlaw  
0002a wandering brown bear1 brown bear   
0003a huge grizzly bear1 grizzly bear   
0004a pack of wolves4d4 wolf1d4 dire wolf  
0005a hill orc patrol3d3 hill orc2d2 hill orc sergeant  
0006an outlaw band2d4 outlaw   
0007a wandering wizard1 black wizard   
0008a large jackal pack8d4 jackal1d6-4 jackalwere  
0009a hobgoblin patrol3d3 hobgoblin1d2 hobgoblin leader1d6-3 hobgoblin chief 
000Aa roving barbarian group4d3 barbarian1d3 barbarian leader  
000Ba pack of wild dogs4d3 large dog   
000Ca group of outlaws2d4 outlaw1d2 outlaw leader  
000Da pilgrimage of chaos monks6 chaos brother6 chaos sister  
000Ea skeleton patrol1d40+6 skeleton   
000Fa lone necromancer1 necromancer   
0010a lone stone giant1 stone giant   
0011a gnoll warband4d4 gnoll2d4 large gnoll1d2 gnoll chieftain 
0012a cave bear1 cave bear   
0013a pack of cave lions2d2 cave lion   
0014a horde of lizard men5d3 lizard man1d3 cave lizard  
0015a group of lost souls3d3 zombie2d4 ghul1d3 wight1d2-1 wraith
0016a horde of huge frogs3d3 giant frog   
0017a lone hydra1 swamp hydra   
0018a giant boar1 giant boar   
0019a wandering giant1 fomorian giant   
001Aa hunting party of hill giants2d3 hill giant1d3-2 hill giant chieftain  
001Ba party of assassins5d4 assassin   
001Ca horrible Dorn Beast1 Dorn Beast   
001Da wild air elemental1 air elemental   
001Ea party of assassins5d5 assassin   
001Fa gnoll war party10d6 gnoll10d3 large gnoll1d4 gnoll chieftain 
0020a warband of stone giants2d4 stone giant1d3-2 stone giant lord  
0021a lone red dragon1 red dragon   
0022a horde of plague bearers4d4 chaos plague bearer   
0023a lone black dragon1 black dragon   
0024a lone corruptor1 corruptor   
0025an entourage of chaos knights2d2 chaos knight4d4 chaos plague bearer1d6+2 chaos servant 
0026a group of horribly deformed beings2d4 chaos mutant   
0027a dark hooded figure1 chaos wizard   
0028a lone knight surrounded by an aura of hate and fear1 chaos warlord   
0029a black unicorn1 black unicorn   
002Aan ogre army1 ogre emperor3d3 ogre lord2d2 ogre magus10d6 ogre
002Ba herd of rust monsters1d2 giant rust monster2d2 large rust monster2d6 rust monster 
002Ca quickling raiding party1d3 quickling lord2d4 quickling  

Creation Questions

Question [A] [B] [C] [D]
0000. Your father wants you to help him building a new house for your family. This work will be very long and very hard and your father is a harsh task master. At the same time your uncle, a merchant, wants you to accompany him on a trip to a distant and exotic city. Will you... ...help your father with all your skill in order to further the welfare of your family, despite missing the opportunity to see new marvels and wonders?

St +1, Le -1, To +1
Pe -1
...help your father with all your skill until your uncle departs and then accompany him?

St +1, Wi -1, Ch -1
Pe +1
...feign to work hard although you actually only do what is necessary to appear hard working?

Le +1, Ch -1
...accompany your uncle, ignoring the pleads of your father?

St -1, Le +1, Wi +1
Ch -1
0001. In your childhood slaves were forced to work in your neighborhood. Many of the slaves were too young, too old or too weak to work effectively. The forcemasters mistreated them and abused them all the time. Will you... ...help them personally, trying to lessen the worst chores the slaves face and bring them food and water whenever you can do so without being noticed?

St +1, Le -1, Wi +1
To +1, Ch -1, Ap -1
...ignore their pains because bringing them food and water only would prolong their suffering?

Le +1, Ch -1
...ask the taskmasters if a couple of silver pieces would allow you to take some of the slaves home to you to do the hard work you are obliged to do for your family?

St -1, Le +1, Wi +1
To -1
...ask the taskmasters if a couple of silver pieces would allow you to take some of the slaves home to you to do the hard work you are obliged to do for your family... and then do those hard chores yourself so that the slaves can recover a bit?

St +1, To +1, Ma -2
0002. You and your friends pass a lot of time fighting among each other... not seriously but to test your strength, cunning and physical prowess. Will you... ...train hard in order to be the best of them all, even if this means that you will have less time for other activities?

St +1, Le -1, Dx +1
To +1, Ch -1, Ma -1
...try to win with dirty tricks so that you won't have to train to stand up against them and prove yourself?

Le +1, Wi -1, Dx +1
Ch -1
...let fate decide who is the best among you?

St -1, Dx -1, Ma +2
...avoid those physical challenges in case you start to lose too often?

St -1, To -1, Ch -1
Ma +1, Pe +2
0003. In cold winters lots of wood is needed to keep your home warm. In the vicinity of your home there is a sacred grove that never was touched by your family. Two hours away, up a steep hill, is a forest, where your family used to fetch wood for centuries. Will you... ...fetch the fire wood from the far hills in order to keep in line with the traditions of your family, even if this means more hard work for you?

St +1, Pe -1
...fetch the fire wood out of the sacred grove because it's less work and allows you to spend more time on other things?

Wi +1, Ma -1
...risk some cold nights because it's too much work to fetch the wood from the far hills and you don't want to anger the gods by taking it from the sacred grove?

St -1, Le +1
...fetch lots of wood from the far hills during summer, even at the risk of not having enough time for your other chores, because this will allow you to have a large enough storage for the cold winter nights?

St +1, Le -1, To +1
Ch -1
0004. Your grandfather always taught you to hone your mental skills and tried to further your development in this respect. Will you... ...honor his wishes and learn with the wise ones of your clan?

Le +2, To -1, Ch -1
...honor his wishes and learn with the priests of your clan?

Le +1, To -1, Ch -1
Ma +1
...honor his wishes and study nature with the rangers of your clan?

Le +1, Wi -1, Dx +1
Ch -1, Ap -1, Pe +1
...ignore his wishes and do something else?

0005. When exploring a long-forgotten shed in the woods on a very cold night, you discover a chest with many ancient books and parchment scrolls. Will you... ...take some time and study the texts despite the cold weather and the dark night?

Le +1, Wi +1, To -1
Ch -1
...burn the texts to heat the shed in order to get comfortable sleep?

Le -1, To +1
...take the scrolls and books back to your home in order to study them a bit and then sell them to the local merchants?

Le +1, Dx -1, Ch +1
Pe -1
...ignore your findings in order to get back home quickly and find a warm place?

Le -1, Dx +1
0006. You are offered two jobs on your first trip to the biggest city in your home country. The local library wants you help the old librarian to catalog dozens of new books and texts. The local stable owner wants you to help him train three spirited young colts. Will you... ...accept the job in the library because it allows you to learn while cataloguing the books?

Le +2, Dx -1, To -1
...accept the job in the library because it probably is better-paid than the job with the stable owner?

Ma +1, Pe -1
...accept the job with the stable owner because horses are so much more exciting than books?

Le -1, Dx +1
...accept the job with the stable owner because you cherish the thought of mastering the art of training horses a lot more than studying books?

Wi +1, Dx +1, To -1
Ma -1
0007. Your favorite teacher discovers you trying to cheat on a test of prowess. He is very angry at you and refuses to teach you anymore. Since this was the first time and you really want him to teach you, you are horrified by this. Will you... ...try to convince him that you are a worthy student and that you will repent in whatever way he wants, no matter how long it will take to appease him?

Le -1, Wi +2, Ch -1
...try to find another better teacher because you just would waste your time trying to appease him?

Wi -1, Pe +1
...stop your learning efforts since you probably know enough and could make better use of your time in different pursuits?

Le -1, Wi -1, Dx +1
Pe +1
...try to learn more from a friend of yours who still is taught by the master, avoiding any further confrontation with the master himself?

Le +1, Ch -1
0008. While crossing a ford on a well-known road you slip and break your leg. You muster all your strength to reach the shore. Your leg is badly hurt and you can't travel fast enough to reach a safe place before dawn. Will you... ...call for help hoping that a traveller will come to your aid?

Le -1, To +1
...try to crawl to a safe place, risking further harm to your leg?

Wi +2, Dx -1, To -1
...pray to the gods and wait?

Le -1, Wi -1, Ma +2
...try to stabilize your leg with some branches and wait for travellers?

Dx +1, To -1
0009. You have been training with weapons for some time. Your master believes that you are still too young to be succesful as a warrior and wants you to wait for a couple of years before you resume your combat training. Will you... ...agree with him and wait for a couple of years before resuming your training?

Le +1, Dx -1
...train harder and longer to prove your determination and worth to him?

Le -2, Wi +2, To +1
Ap -1
...learn a few dirty tricks from an older friend to make up for your lack of physical talent?

Le +1, Dx +1, Ch -2
...stop your combat training completely in order to try your talents in other areas?

Le +1, Wi -2, Pe +1
000A. At one point you fall deeply into love. Your beloved refuses your advances and does not seem to be interested. Will you... ...continue your advances because perseverance can overcome a lack of love?

Le -1, Wi +2, Ch -1
...stop your advances because there are so many other wonderful people out there?

Wi -1, Ch -1, Ma +1
Pe +1
...admit defeat and never again show your feelings to another person because they will hurt you again?

Wi -1, Dx +1, Ch -1
Ma +1
...discuss your feelings with that person to get a clear picture of the situation?

Le +1, Ma -1
000B. While at a market, you discover a merchant selling a wonderful item you have wanted to own for as long as you can remember. Sadly you don't have enough money to pay him. Will you... ...try to steal the item in a moment of confusion because you *must* have it?

Le -1, Dx +1, Ma -1
Pe +1
...try to earn some coins as a juggler at that market in order to be able to buy the item?

Le -1, Dx +2, Ch -1
...wait until night comes and then slay the merchant and take the item?

St +1, Dx -1, Ch -1
Pe +1
...ignore the item for now and work more until you have enough money to buy it?

Wi +1, Ma -1
000C. While playing in the fields during your childhood, your attention is attracted by something glinting in the sunlight. It turns out to be a ring, definitely pretty, maybe even valuable. Will you... ...put it on to see how it will look on you?

Ap +1, Ma -1
...show it to your parents just in case there is something wrong with it?

Le +1, To -1
...try to trade it with your friends?

Ch +1, Ma -1
...keep on searching in hope of finding more treasures?

Le -1, Ch -1, Ma +1
Pe +1
000D. Soon after starting your apprenticeship you come to realise that your master is a harsh and unjust man. Will you... ...endure all abuse in exchange for knowledge gained?

Le +1, Wi -1, To +1
Ch -1
...continue your apprenticeship hoping the situation will eventually get better?

Wi -2, Ma +2
...complain to your master about his behaviour?

Le -1, Wi +1, To -1
Ch +1
...run away during the night?

Le -2, Dx +1, Ma +1
000E. After serving your master for several months, you feel like you have learned hardly anything. One day, while sweeping your masters study during his absence, you can't help but feel curious about the contents of a large dusty tome resting on a pedestal in one corner of the room. Of course, your master forbade you to even look at it, let alone touch it. Will you... ...heed the command of your master and continue with your task?

Le -1, Wi +1
...give in to temptation and peruse the book?

Le +1, Wi -1, Ma -1
Pe +1
...accidently knock the pedestal over, hoping to get at least a lucky glance at something interesting?

Wi -1, Dx +1, Ch -1
Ma +1
...ask your master about the book once he returns?

Le +1, Wi +1, Ma -2
000F. Having finally mastered the basics of your profession, your master sends you to deliver a valuable package to the neighbour village. You get waylaid about halfway there. Standing on a bridge crossing a foaming river, bandits approaching from both sides. Will you... ...surrender your possessions, failing your task?

Le +1, Wi -1, Ch -1
Ma +1
...shout for help?

Le -1, Wi +1
...ready your weapons and fight for your life?

St +1, Le -1, Wi +1
To +1, Ma -1, Pe -1
...risk the river despite your meagre swimming skills?

Le -1, Wi +1, Ma +1
Pe -1
0010. The final day of your apprenticeship has come. All hardships have been mastered, all lessons learned, all gripes forgotten. Quite pleasantly your master surprises you with a farewell gift. One of four to be exact. Will you... ...pick a pair of sturdy boots to aid your travels?

Le -1, To +1
...select a slender dagger to ensure your safety?

Dx +1, To -1
...choose a small pouch of coins to get you past the worst?

Ch +1, Ma -1
...go for a few final bits of advice to help you on your way?

Le +1, Dx -1
0011. After ending your apprenticeship you travel the country for several years performing odd jobs in order to earn a living. While wandering the wilderness during an especially unrewarding winter month you come across another traveller, gravely injured by wolves and barely concious. Will you... ...strip the traveller of everything valuable and leave him to die?

Dx +1, To +1, Ch -1
Ma -1
...strike the killing blow of mercy, thus sparing him days of suffering with hardly a chance of survival?

St +1, Le -1, To +1
Ma -1
...camp for a few days and try to aid him as best as your skills permit?

St -1, Dx +1, To -1
Ma +1
...carry him to the next village?

St +1, Dx -1
0012. Evil has started to invade the world, subtle and unnoticed at first, directly assaulting in the end. Monsters and nightmares roam the land, all signs pointing towards Terinyo, a small wilderness hamlet. You know it's your destiny to go there because... ...there are bound to be untold riches just begging for a new owner!

Dx +1, Ch -1
...this is finally the chance to prove yourself as the greatest fighter on Ancardia!

Le -1, Ma +1
...knowledge and insights hitherto unknown to mankind are waiting to be discovered!

Le +1, Ma -1
...somebody has to save the world!

Le -1, Wi -1, Ma +2
0013. Now that you are old enough, your parents gave you a sword and a leather armor to practice with. While you are practicing with the goblins in the plains, you hear a dirty laughter nearby. You sneak up to the nearest hill and see a group of four raiders torturing a farmer. Will you... ...stealthily walk down and ambush the raiders, trusting your skills?

St -1, Dx +1, To -1
Pe +1
...run away, because what chance would you have against the brigands?

St -1, Le +1, Wi -2
Dx +1, To +1, Ch -1
Pe +1
...wait to see if the raiders would leave soon and then go help the farmer?

Le +1, Dx +1, Ch -2
Ma -1, Pe +1
...quickly scout the area for help?

St -1, Wi +1
0014. As you make your way toward the chain of mountains you have heard so much about, you stop for the evening at a village inn. Everyone gathers for the evening meal and you overhear a conversation between two seemingly well-to-do merchants. They are talking about a collection of precious jewelry which has been entrusted to them by an evil dark elven master assassin named Magrak. It seems they have been given little choice; sell the ill-gotten baubles on his behalf or live in the cold shadow of his sure, swift retribution. You saw the four locked chests carried inside by the merchants earlier and wondered at their contents, now you know what they must surely contain. Will you... ...attempt to aid them in their plight by plotting the demise of this evil thug?

Wi +1, Ch +1, Ma -2
...offer the merchants the name of a rich human enchantress you met in your travels who will buy much of their stock?

Ch -1, Ma +1
...wait until everyone goes to bed, then attempt to rob the merchants as they sleep?

Wi -1, Dx +1
...engage the merchants in conversation, hoping to learn more of Magrak? Surely one so skilled in his art must have something to impart to a young apprentice...

St -1, Le +1, Wi -1
Dx +1, Ch -1, Pe +1
0015. During your apprenticeship under an elderly wizard, you come across a powerful magical amulet of unknown power in a forgotten corner of his warehouse. Do you... ...tell your master of your finding?

Dx -1, Ch +2, Ma -1
...keep the amulet to your self, in hopes of gaining its powers?

Le +1, Wi -1, Ch -1
Ma +1
...sell it, to get money for better living?

Wi -1, To +1
...leave it be and forget about it since this is not a thing that concerns you?

Wi +1, Pe -1
0016. While doing research in a library, you come across a map to an ancient tomb containing many treasures. You decide to investigate the matter. Do you take with you... ...other adventurers to help fight the monsters in the way?

St -1, Le +1, Ch +1
Ma -1
...magical items and spellbooks to strenghten your own power?

St -1, To -1, Ma +2
...all that which you can carry in a small pouch, in order to travel fast and stealthily?

St -1, Le -1, Dx +1
Ma +1
...superb equipment and provisions, to make travelling easy?

Ma -1, Pe +1
0017. During a night out, one of your friends is mugged and hurt badly. Do you... ...do what you can to heal his wounds?

St -1, To -1, Ch +1
Ma +1
...chase after the attackers to reclaim lost wealth, while others tend to your friend?

St +1, Le -1, To +1
Ch -1
...wait with your friend until help arrives, then chase after the attackers?

To +1, Ch +1, Ma -1
Pe -1
...go and alert the city guards?

Wi +1, To -1
0018. While on a journey, your carriage is attacked by foreign spies. They siege you and your travelling companions and call out for a royal emissary travelling under disguise with you. Do you... ...try and negotiate with the attackers in order to stall them until help arrives?

Le +1, To -2, Ch +1
...sacrifice yourself by masking as the emissary so that the others may escape?

Le -1, Wi +1, Dx +1
To -1
...sneak your way past the attackers in order to call for help?

St -1, Wi -1, Dx +1
Pe +1
...turn the emissary over to the spies in order to save yourself and the other travellers?

Wi -1, To +1, Ma -1
Pe +1
0019. If you came across an animal that was writhing in agony from a poisoned injury and looked like it would die anyway, will you... ...slay it as an act of mercy?

St +1, To +1, Ch -1
Ma -1
...agitate it during its final moments?

Dx +1, Ch -1
...walk away?

Wi +1, Ch -1
...attempt to heal it, although odds are grim?

Wi +1, Ap -2, Ma +1
001A. Your brother has come asking that you hide him from the law. Do you... ...send him away?

St +1, Wi +1, Dx -1
Ch -1
...gladly let him in and then try to sway his behavior?

Le +1, Wi -1, Ch +1
Pe -1
...tell him he must repent in a prison for the crime?

Le -1, Wi +1
...invite him to join your band of thieves?

St -1, Dx +1, Ch +1
Pe -1
001B. You are carrying your liege's gold to his castle. You stumble upon a poor beggar. Do you... ...give him some of your liege's money?

Le -1, Ch +1, Ma +1
Pe -1
...give him some of your own money?

Ch +1, Pe -1
...take what little money the beggar has in his dish?

St +1, Dx +1, Ch -1
Ma -1
...ignore the beggar?

St +1, To +1, Ma -1
Pe -1
001C. You have stolen to feed your family and the guards are searching for you. You... ...rush to a hiding place and, when it clears up, return home.

Wi -1, Dx +1, To -1
Pe +1
...attack the guards head on!

St +1, Le -2, To +1
...turn in yourself in hopes of being able to explain the situation.

Le -1, Ch +1, Ma +1
Pe -1
...become a professional criminal and perpetuate the acts...

Le -1, Ma +1
001D. Your king lies dying, the battle is lost. He asks how the battle fares. Tell him... ..."All is well!"

Wi -1, Ch +1
..."Unfortunately, we are defeated!"

Wi +2, Ch -1, Ma -1
..."C'mon, die already, I want yer crown!!!"

St +1, Le -1, To +1
Ch -1
..."Unfortunately, I am not able to help here."

Le -1, Dx +1
001E. You are called home to run your late father's shop, but you are on a spiritual quest. Do you... ...return home without a moment's pause?

Wi -1, Ch +1, Ma -1
Pe +1
...stay to follow your quest indefinitely?

Wi +2, Ch -1, Pe -1
...send some poor farm kid in your place?

Le +1, Ch -1, Ma +1
Pe -1
...continue questing in hopes that the shop will still be there when you finish?

Wi +1, Pe -1
001F. You are a witness to a crime. You are called to the stand. The defendant is not guilty of that crime, you know, but he did steal from your brother. Will you... ...falsely attest his guilt to avenge your brother's honor?

Le +1, Ch -1
...claim that he was guilty just for fun?

Wi -1, Ch -1, Ma +2
...attest the truth and call him out for your own vendetta?

Wi +1, Ma -1
...tell the truth, but let the vendetta die here and now?

Wi +1, Ch -1
0020. As a child, whenever your friends had an idea of going to the nearby graveyard at darknight and asked you to join them, you... ...went along because you were forced to?

Wi -1, Ma +1
...went along curious to see how others behaved?

Le +1, Pe -1
...stayed home helping your mother?

To -1, Ch +1
...went fishing?

Dx +1, Ch -1
0021. While shopping, you spot someone stealing something from the shop. Will you... ...tell the shopkeeper?

Le +1, Pe -1
...stop the thief and pursue him if needed?

St +1, Le -1, Dx +1
Ma -1
...hope the shopkeeper sees him stealing?

Le -1, Dx -1, Ma +2
...ignore the thief?

Ch -1, Ma +1
0022. One night you wake up of a strange dog whining on your yard. You see the dog is bleeding and critically hurt. Will you... ...end the dog's sufferings?

St +1, Dx -1, To +1
Ch -1
...try to medicate the dog?

Le +1, Dx +1, Ma -1
Pe -1
...wake your father and mother up?

Le +1, Ma -1
...ignore the dog?

Wi +1, Ch -1
0023. When your father took you hunting for the first time, you saw a deer for the first time in your life. You were supposed to kill it for food. Do you... ...kill the deer, because you wanted your father to respect you?

St +1, Le -1, Wi -1
To +1
...feel sorry for the deer, but kill it anyway, because you knew your tribe really needed the food?

St +1, Le +1, To -1
Ma -1
...kill the deer with a smile on your face and a tingle inside you?

St +1, To +1, Ch -2
...decide not to kill such a magnificent animal?

Wi +2, Ch -2
0024. What would you order in a restaurant for lunch? ...raw meat.

St +1, Le -1
...fried bat.

Ch -1, Ma +1
...cooked lizard.

St -1, Dx +1
...the dish of the day.

Ch +1, Ma -1
0025. What about you gave your parents the most grief? ...you always had to be the center of attention.

Wi +1, Ch -1
...you holed up in your room instead of playing with other kids.

Ch -2, Ma +1, Pe +1
...your frequent brushes with the law.

Dx +1, Ch -1
...your amazing appetite.

Dx -1, To +1
0026. Will you fight evil... ...by battling evil creatures whenever you see them?

St +1, Le -1, Wi +1
Dx -1
...by trying to understand the cause and preventing it?

St -1, Le +1
...by repairing the damage everywhere you go?

Le -1, Ch +1
...by trying to become a leader and steering your followers to another course?

St -1, To -1, Ch +1
Ma +1
0027. You are in a nobleman's house as a dinner guest. While waiting in the library for your host, you notice a small, old book beautifully covered with gold lacing and ivory carvings. The temptation is strong. Do you... ...pocket the book in hopes of selling it?

Wi -1, Dx +1
...read the book?

Le +1, Ma -1
...advise your host that such a valuable should be better guarded?

St +1, Le -1
...admire the cover then look around for other old stuff like weapons and armor?

Le -1, Dx +1
0028. There have been whispers throughout the land of approaching chaos. The great sage, Khelavaster, warned all of the races a short time ago, but you had your suspicions beforehand. What was it that made you suspicious? ...the early snow and sudden frost?

Ma -1, Pe +1
...a strange, sickly bird?

Le +1, Wi -1
...the behaviour of the townsfolk?

Ch -1, Ma +1
...the barren trees about your home?

To +1, Pe -1
0029. Your mind made up, you pack your bags and prepare to leave for the Drakalor Chain. Your pack is almost full, and you still have several items you would like you take. Realizing that you can only fit one more thing in your backpack, you decide to pack... ...a worn old dagger?

St +1, Dx -1
...a book of cantrips?

St -1, Le +1
...extra rations?

Dx -1, To +1
...a length of rope?

Dx +1, To -1
002A. On your way to the Drakalor Chain, you find yourself faced with several different paths. Your map does not specify which is safest. Which do you take? ...a rocky path into the countryside?

Dx -1, To +1
...the path through a thick forest?

Ma -1, Pe +1
...a worn path over the hills?

Le +1, Ma -1
...the path past a desolate town?

St +1, Le -1
002B. You attempt to make an arrow and you do not succeed. Do you... ...pray to the Gods for guidance on making better arrows in the future?

Le -1, Ma +1
...bang your head against the wall for being such an idiot?

Le -1, Wi +1
...hit someone to let out your aggression?

St +1, Le -1
...calmly recover yourself and begin making another arrow?

Wi +1, Dx -1, Ma -1
Pe +1
002C. You are walking on the street, when you see a gang of men beating a beggar. What would you do? ...run to help the beggar regardless that there's five of them?

St +1, Le -1
...quickly walk away so the men won't notice you?

Wi -1, Dx +1
...go help the men beat the beggar?

St +1, To +1, Ch -1
Ma -1
...shout to the nearby people to come help the beggar?

St -1, Le +1
002D. You are chopping wood at your cottage in the woods when you suddenly see a faery next to you. The faery asks you : "Could you spare me some food and a resting place for this day?" You answer... ..."Of course I can! Just come on in."

Ch +1, Ma -1
..."Why not..." (glancing at the faery's expensive looking necklace).

Dx +1, Ma -1
..."No way! Run away you little pest!"

Wi +1, Ma -1
..."For a price... anything!"

Ch -1, Ma +1
002E. You return back from your hunting trip and you notice that your cottage is on fire! Already half of it has burned. Do you... ...try to save what you can by any means?

Le -1, Wi +1
...let it burn and build a new cottage somewhere else?

Wi -1, Ma +1
...rush over to town and demand money for your lost cottage?

St +1, Le -1
...suspect that someone tried to assassinate you and stay on guard?

Ma -1, Pe +1
002F. Your father has apprenticed you to the local smith. Do you... ...happily accept the position, believing that it is your chosen calling?

Le -1, Wi +1
...grudgingly accept, not wanting to shame your father?

Wi +1, To +1, Ch -1
Ma -1
...adamantly refuse, setting out on your own path and alienating your family?

Wi +1, Ch -1
...pretend to accept, but plan to run away as soon as the opportunity presents itself?

Wi -1, Dx +1, Ch -1
Ma +1
0030. You find yourself working as an apprentice to a wise but cruel master. Do you... ...publicly humiliate him, hoping it will teach him to respect you?

Le -1, Ch +1, Ma +1
Pe -1
...calmly accept his cruelty, knowing that the punishment is worth the reward?

Le +1, Dx -1
...kill him and steal all the tools of his trade?

Le -1, Dx +1, Ch -1
Ma +1
...leave his service for a less experienced but kinder teacher?

Wi -1, Ma +1
0031. While learning tricks of the trade from your wise teacher, you think you see a way to do something that he has taught you in a more efficient way. Do you... ...loudly point out the new method, proving yourself smarter than your teacher?

Le -1, Wi +1
...keep it to yourself, sure that your master knows more than you?

Ma +1, Pe -1
...keep it to yourself, hoping that you can use the method to earn great wealth?

Le +1, Wi -1, Ch -1
Ma +1
...write the method down and leave it as an anonymous note to your teacher?

Le +1, Ma -1
0032. After many years of toil, you have completed your apprenticeship. Do you... ...thank your master politely and set out into the world, confident that you have learned everything you need to know?

Wi +1, Pe -1
...seek to learn more from your master, believing that he still has more knowledge to share?

Wi +1, Ma -1
...slay your master so that nobody else will learn his knowledge and be able to compete with you?

St +1, To +1, Ma -2
...seek out a new master to increase your knowledge in your chosen profession?

Le +1, Ma -1


# Symbol Name Alignment DV/PV Damage Speed HP estimate Danger level Chance to leave corpse Monster type Monster abilities Unknown30 Unknown68
0000ggoblinC10/01x 1d6+0100 spd3 hpLevel 115%humanoid 80
0001oorcC10/01x 1d8+0100 spd5 hpLevel 120%humanoid, unknown_40000sees in the dark810
0002Blarge batN14/11x 1d4+0100 spd8 hpLevel 115%animalignores water, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark40
0003rgiant ratN13/11x 1d4+0100 spd3 hpLevel 115%animalignores water530
0004ghobgoblinC11/01x 1d8+0100 spd6 hpLevel 115%humanoid 100
0005kkoboldC12/11x 1d6-1100 spd2 hpLevel 112%humanoid, unknown_10000 66
0006drabid dogN13/01x 2d2+0100 spd4 hpLevel 115%animal 120
0007fwild catN13/02x 1d3+0100 spd1 hpLevel 110%animal, cat 60
0008zskeletonN13/21x 1d6+0100 spd6 hpLevel 1 undead, humanoidsees in the dark10000
0009Fgiant frogN12/01x 1d4+1100 spd8 hpLevel 15%animalvulnerable to fire30
000Aagiant ant workerN8/81x 2d3+1100 spd15 hpLevel 25%animal, insectsees in the dark1010
000Bagiant ant warriorN12/101x 2d6+1100 spd25 hpLevel 43%animal, insectsees in the dark50020
000Cagiant ant queenN4/101x 2d8+6100 spd80 hpLevel 610%animal, insectsees in the dark40
000DggnollC13/31x 1d8+2100 spd8 hpLevel 215%humanoid, unknown_20000 2020
000Ekkobold shamanC13/11x 1d6+0100 spd8 hpLevel 212%humanoid 120
000Fghobgoblin leaderC12/31x 1d8+1100 spd10 hpLevel 210%humanoid 150
0010zzombieN8/01x 1d10100 spd16 hpLevel 23%undead, humanoidsees in the dark10000
0011oorc scorcherC12/11x 1d6+1100 spd9 hpLevel 215%humanoid, unknown_10000sees in the dark1410
0012Bgiant batN13/11x 1d4+1100 spd13 hpLevel 28%animalignores water, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark60
0013Bhuge batN15/21x 1d6+2100 spd18 hpLevel 310%animalignores water, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark100
0014bgiant bee queenN6/61x 2d6+2100 spd80 hpLevel 510%animal, insectignores water, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more412
0015bgiant bee warriorN12/41x 2d4+2100 spd20 hpLevel 515%animal, insectignores water, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more1008
0016bgiant bee workerN14/11x 1d3+2100 spd10 hpLevel 520%animal, insectignores water, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more3020
0017OogreC9/51x 2d6+2100 spd23 hpLevel 315%humanoid, unknown_10000 2520
0018gbugbearC15/21x 1d10+1100 spd13 hpLevel 210%humanoid 200
0019Panimated treeN10/152x 2d8+5100 spd68 hpLevel 8 plantvulnerable to fire100
001Aifire beetleN10/61x 2d4100 spd14 hpLevel 25%animal, insectfire resist160
001Bcgiant centipedeN12/21x 1d2100 spd3 hpLevel 23%animal, insect 1410
001Chlizard manC11/21x 2d4100 spd9 hpLevel 210%humanoidvulnerable to fire200
001DSlarge spiderN14/01x 1d6100 spd10 hpLevel 28%animal, spiderignores webs?304
001EzghulC13/13x 1d4100 spd11 hpLevel 35%undead, humanoidsees in the dark5025
001FHhill giantC13/51x 2d8+4100 spd56 hpLevel 108%humanoid, giant, unknown_40000 3010
0020GshadowC18/01x 3d3100 spd20 hpLevel 5 undead, humanoidignores water, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark100025
0021FhydraN12/105x 5d4100 spd85 hpLevel 154%  300
0022TtrollC12/91x 1d10+9100 spd35 hpLevel 88%humanoid, unknown_20000sees in the dark305
0023fcave tigerN16/13x 1d8+2100 spd26 hpLevel 55%animal, cat 150
0024Hstone giantN10/181x 2d12+4100 spd70 hpLevel 158%humanoid, giant, unknown_200000unknown_4000 unlife and more306
0025Hfire giantC28/221x 4d10+8100 spd176 hpLevel 2510%humanoid, giant, unknown_40000fire resist, vulnerable to cold608
0026Hfrost giantC25/191x 4d10+6100 spd152 hpLevel 2410%humanoid, giant, unknown_40000cold resist, vulnerable to fire208
0027iankhegN12/61x 2d8100 spd20 hpLevel 510%insect, unknown_8000, unknown_800000acid resist, sees in the dark2010
0028Ncave bearN17/53x 2d6+2100 spd40 hpLevel 912%animal 150
0029FbuletteN8/153x 3d6+3100 spd74 hpLevel 1215%  1012
002Accarrion crawlerN15/38x 1d3100 spd21 hpLevel 512% sees in the dark1020
002BScave fisherN12/32x 2d4100 spd18 hpLevel 410%animal, spiderignores webs?1020
002CFdisplacer beastC38/12x 2d4100 spd20 hpLevel 515%  200
002D@dopplegangerC14/01x 1d12100 spd20 hpLevel 412%humanoid 1530
002EhdwarfL10/51x 1d8+3100 spd10 hpLevel 215%humanoid 10030
002FOettinC8/42x 2d8+1100 spd52 hpLevel 95%humanoid, giant 300
0030IgargoyleC15/64x 1d6+2100 spd17 hpLevel 65%construct, humanoidunknown_4000 unlife and more100
0031ImargoyleC15/84x 3d4+1100 spd38 hpLevel 83%construct, humanoidunknown_4000 unlife and more150
0032GghostC20/01x 2d10100 spd24 hpLevel 7 undeadignores walls, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark5010
0033HcyclopsC10/81x 4d10+7100 spd108 hpLevel 155%humanoid, giant, unknown_80000 57
0034Hfomorian giantC10/81x 3d9+5100 spd86 hpLevel 127%humanoid, giant 200
0035Yflesh golemC14/02x 2d8+3100 spd50 hpLevel 7 construct, humanoidunknown_4000 unlife and more500
0036Yclay golemN8/101x 2d10+4100 spd60 hpLevel 9 construct, humanoidacid resist, unknown_4000 unlife and more5020
0037Ystone golemN10/151x 2d12+5100 spd70 hpLevel 11 construct, humanoidsees invisible?, cold resist, acid resist, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark500
0038Yiron golemN10/181x 4d10+6100 spd80 hpLevel 15 construct, humanoid, unknown_10000, unknown_1000000fire resist, unknown_4000 unlife and more, vulnerable to lightning505
0039@royal guardianL15/72x 2d10100 spd29 hpLevel 510%humanoid 50000
003AGbansheeC40/22x 2d8+6100 spd200 hpLevel 40 undead, humanoidsees invisible?, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark50008
003B&djinniC40/122x 2d8+8100 spd82 hpLevel 18 humanoid 50000
003CFgorgonN15/121x 2d12+9100 spd84 hpLevel 1210%unknown_4000, unknown_800000unknown_4000 unlife and more10030
003DFgriffonN14/33x 1d8+1100 spd28 hpLevel 68%  200
003E&least daemonC16/53x 1d8100 spd23 hpLevel 55%humanoid, demonfire resist, sees in the dark300
003F&lesser daemonC18/93x 2d8+4100 spd55 hpLevel 105%humanoid, demon, unknown_4000, unknown_800000fire resist, sees in the dark6010
0040&greater daemonC24/93x 2d10+9100 spd132 hpLevel 203%humanoid, demon, unknown_10000, unknown_1000000sees invisible?, fire resist, sees in the dark12010
0041hannis hagC20/62x 1d8+8100 spd67 hpLevel 123%humanoid 1000
0042hgreen hagC18/32x 1d6+6100 spd51 hpLevel 83%humanoid 500
0043hblack hurthlingC16/11x 1d6100 spd9 hpLevel 25%humanoid, unknown_10000 208
0044FharpyC20/02x 1d6100 spd16 hpLevel 58%humanoid 2010
0045dhell houndC12/21x 3d3100 spd27 hpLevel 64%unknown_2000, unknown_800000fire resist508
0046FhippogriffN13/23x 1d6+1100 spd18 hpLevel 46%  200
0047IhomunculusC15/01x 1d4100 spd9 hpLevel 22%humanoid 1020
0048IimpC18/11x 1d4100 spd10 hpLevel 44%humanoid, demonfire resist304
0049IquasitC18/03x 1d3100 spd12 hpLevel 46%humanoid, demonfire resist3015
004A@invisible stalkerN20/21x 4d4+7100 spd60 hpLevel 82%humanoidsees invisible?10000
004BdjackalN13/01x 1d3100 spd4 hpLevel 110%animal 200
004CppixieN20/01x 1d4100 spd5 hpLevel 25%humanoid 55
004Dlcave lizardN10/51x 2d8100 spd42 hpLevel 57%animalsees in the dark100
004Elgiant lizardN12/61x 2d4100 spd17 hpLevel 37%animal 100
004Flfire lizardN14/33x 1d8100 spd24 hpLevel 57%animal, unknown_4000, unknown_800000unknown_20 fire and constructs, fire resist, vulnerable to cold108
0050rratN15/01x 1d2+0100 spd1 hpLevel 18%animalignores water540
0051rwereratC14/21x 1d8100 spd13 hpLevel 35%humanoidignores water1020
0052djackalwereC13/31x 2d4100 spd21 hpLevel 47%humanoid 208
0053MminotaurC16/51x 2d6+2100 spd26 hpLevel 54%humanoid 300
0054@shopkeeperN16/203x 3d6+18140 spd220 hpLevel 15 humanoid, unknown_200000unknown_1 death ray resistance???10005
0055@thugN16/72x 2d8+2100 spd56 hpLevel 118%humanoid 2008
0056dsilver wolfN15/21x 2d4+2100 spd23 hpLevel 54%animal 1000
0057dcooshooN16/21x 3d3100 spd20 hpLevel 44%  500
0058Dfairy dragonC22/02x 1d3+2120 spd10 hpLevel 32%dragon, unknown_10000, unknown_1000000 108
0059rgiant raccoonN13/43x 1d6+1100 spd19 hpLevel 44%animal 309
005Adbig dogN13/01x 2d3+1100 spd14 hpLevel 315%animal 120
005Bddire wolfC14/31x 2d3+2100 spd21 hpLevel 54%animal 1000
005CSgiant spiderN14/11x 3d3100 spd20 hpLevel 58%animal, spiderignores webs?306
005DFDorn BeastC13/131x 5d4+10100 spd65 hpLevel 18 unknownunknown_1 death ray resistance???5050
005EEwater elementalN5/251x 4d8+6100 spd190 hpLevel 24 construct, elemental, unknown_10000, unknown_800000unknown_1 death ray resistance???, ignores water100010
005Fhmuscular dwarfN12/31x 2d8+2100 spd34 hpLevel 92%humanoid 20040
0060hdwarven guardianL11/71x 1d8+6100 spd22 hpLevel 62%humanoid, unknown_10000 20050
0061hfemale dwarfL10/11x 1d8+2100 spd9 hpLevel 12%humanoidunknown_100000 extra alignment drop??20200
0062hdwarven childL7/01x 1d3100 spd4 hpLevel 12%humanoidunknown_100000 extra alignment drop??50
0063@priestN15/52x 2d4+12100 spd120 hpLevel 122%humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for50020
0064hancient dwarfL10/1001x 6d4+6100 spd4 hpLevel 102%humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for50050
0065hdwarven weaponmasterL25/124x 2d8+12100 spd129 hpLevel 20 humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???50040
0066hdwarven mysticL10/01x 1d2100 spd4 hpLevel 10 humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???50
0067rbattle bunnyC16/01x 3d2100 spd7 hpLevel 203%  1000
0068rmutated battle bunnyC16/01x 3d4150 spd14 hpLevel 253%  10016
0069Pshambling moundN11/202x 3d6+7100 spd108 hpLevel 14 humanoid, plant 1000
006AIgremlinC18/02x 1d3+1100 spd8 hpLevel 1 humanoidsees in the dark1000
006Bfcat lordN60/53x 4d8+8120 spd800 hpLevel 353%humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark10000
006C@casino guardN12/62x 4d6+6100 spd90 hpLevel 16 humanoidsees invisible?20030
006D@big casino guardN19/242x 6d12+12100 spd300 hpLevel 25 humanoidsees invisible?200025
006EFki-rinL40/253x 3d8+7100 spd170 hpLevel 30 unknownfire resist, shock resist, cold resist, acid resist10006
006FFleucrottaC19/41x 3d6+5100 spd25 hpLevel 73%  5000
0070dwerewolfC18/21x 2d5+5100 spd35 hpLevel 54%humanoid 100
0071dwolfN13/11x 1d5+1100 spd10 hpLevel 35%animal 150
0072LlichC30/121x 2d9+6100 spd138 hpLevel 20 undead, humanoidsees invisible?, cold resist, vulnerable to fire, sees in the dark1020
0073FowlbearC13/43x 1d8100 spd26 hpLevel 53%  300
0074Xholy slayerN18/42x 2d8+14100 spd80 hpLevel 18 humanoid 50005
0075XsolarL40/402x 2d12+19100 spd250 hpLevel 25 humanoidfire resist, shock resist, cold resist, unknown_4000 unlife and more500020
0076klarge koboldC14/31x 1d8+1100 spd8 hpLevel 212%humanoid 120
0077kkobold chieftainC16/51x 2d4+2100 spd16 hpLevel 312%humanoid 240
0078ghobgoblin chiefC14/41x 2d5+3100 spd18 hpLevel 312%humanoid 300
0079olarge orcC15/31x 1d12+1100 spd15 hpLevel 315%humanoidsees in the dark160
007Aoorc chieftainC15/52x 1d12+1100 spd25 hpLevel 510%humanoidsees in the dark240
007Bglarge gnollC14/52x 1d10+3100 spd20 hpLevel 410%humanoid, unknown_10000 2510
007Cggnoll chieftainC15/62x 1d10+4100 spd24 hpLevel 65%humanoid 400
007DOogre magusC13/72x 2d8+5100 spd44 hpLevel 65%humanoid 403
007E@dark sageC19/01x 1d10100 spd18 hpLevel 37%humanoid 150
007F@arena masterL22/122x 1d8+12100 spd108 hpLevel 10 humanoidsees invisible?, cannot be wished for300
0080rratling traderN16/01x 1d6+1100 spd10 hpLevel 2 humanoid 80
0081rratling rebelN19/41x 1d6+1100 spd18 hpLevel 23%humanoid 160
0082hdwarven inn keeperL36/203x 1d4+13100 spd74 hpLevel 15 humanoid 300
0083dhyenaC12/31x 2d4100 spd14 hpLevel 410%animal 200
0084StarantulaN14/71x 2d6+2100 spd30 hpLevel 98%animal, spiderignores webs?305
0085fcave lionN15/13x 1d6+1100 spd22 hpLevel 45%animal, cat 150
0086ZwightC19/01x 1d6+4100 spd26 hpLevel 72%undead, humanoidsees in the dark500
0087GwraithC20/01x 2d6+1100 spd35 hpLevel 92%undeadunknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark500
0088GspectreC29/01x 3d6+2100 spd60 hpLevel 152%undeadunknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark5025
0089ZvampireC32/92x 4d5+6100 spd140 hpLevel 202%undead, humanoidsees in the dark5030
008ADred baby dragonC16/83x 1d8+3100 spd76 hpLevel 123%dragon, unknown_4000, unknown_1000000fire resist, vulnerable to cold, sees in the dark205
008BDblue baby dragonC14/53x 1d8+3100 spd51 hpLevel 113%dragon, unknown_4000, unknown_1000000shock resist208
008CDblack baby dragonC15/53x 1d6+3100 spd49 hpLevel 113%dragon, unknown_4000, unknown_1000000acid resist208
008DDwhite baby dragonC13/33x 2d4100 spd44 hpLevel 103%dragon, unknown_4000, unknown_1000000cold resist, vulnerable to fire208
008EDred dragonC35/183x 3d10+7110 spd188 hpLevel 243%dragon, unknown_10000, unknown_1000000fire resist, vulnerable to cold, sees in the dark404
008FDblue dragonC28/153x 2d16+6108 spd136 hpLevel 243%dragon, unknown_10000, unknown_1000000shock resist406
0090Dblack dragonC30/153x 2d12+6106 spd140 hpLevel 243%dragon, unknown_10000, unknown_1000000acid resist406
0091Dwhite dragonC28/203x 4d8+12104 spd168 hpLevel 243%dragon, unknown_10000, unknown_1000000cold resist, vulnerable to fire406
0092Dancient red dragonC40/253x 3d16+8120 spd320 hpLevel 303%dragon, unknown_40000, unknown_2000000sees invisible?, fire resist, vulnerable to cold, sees in the dark604
0093Dancient blue dragonC35/203x 2d16+9116 spd240 hpLevel 303%dragon, unknown_40000, unknown_2000000sees invisible?, shock resist604
0094Dancient black dragonC36/203x 3d12+7112 spd220 hpLevel 303%dragon, unknown_40000, unknown_2000000sees invisible?, acid resist605
0095Dancient white dragonC32/223x 4d8+7112 spd204 hpLevel 303%dragon, unknown_40000, unknown_2000000sees invisible?, cold resist, vulnerable to fire604
0096Wgreat red wyrmC50/303x 6d16+8130 spd550 hpLevel 403%dragon, unknown_80000, unknown_2000000, unknownunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, fire resist, vulnerable to cold804
0097Wgreat blue wyrmC48/283x 4d16+9125 spd302 hpLevel 403%dragon, unknown_80000, unknown_2000000, unknownunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, shock resist, sees in the dark804
0098Wgreat black wyrmC40/283x 4d12+12120 spd372 hpLevel 403%dragon, unknown_80000, unknown_2000000, unknownunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, acid resist805
0099Wgreat white wyrmC36/283x 8d8+9115 spd284 hpLevel 403%dragon, unknown_80000, unknown_2000000, unknownunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cold resist804
009AOogre lordC14/152x 2d10+14100 spd95 hpLevel 1515%humanoid 400
009BUwhite unicornL50/151x 9d6+12100 spd250 hpLevel 302% unknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, unknown_100000 extra alignment drop??, sees in the dark2506
009Cswater snakeC17/21x 2d4100 spd12 hpLevel 72%animalignores water, vulnerable to fire306
009DCchaos servantC13/42x 2d6+5100 spd52 hpLevel 14 humanoidsees invisible?2005
009E&water demonC24/151x 3d10+5100 spd166 hpLevel 20 humanoid, demonignores water, vulnerable to fire20020
009Fxwater grueC29/162x 2d8+8100 spd154 hpLevel 25 construct, demon, unknown_4000, unknown_800000ignores water, vulnerable to fire20020
00A0sSnake from BeyondC45/221x 4d12+8100 spd570 hpLevel 25100%demonunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, ignores water200040
00A1rvapor ratC18/01x 1d3+0100 spd1 hpLevel 11   505
00A2&air demonC46/21x 2d12+10100 spd118 hpLevel 28 humanoid, demonignores water, shock resist, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more20030
00A3xair grueC48/22x 2d10+5100 spd151 hpLevel 34 construct, demon, unknown_4000, unknown_800000ignores water, shock resist, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more20040
00A4Eair elementalN50/04x 5d6+6100 spd165 hpLevel 32 construct, elemental, unknown_10000, unknown_1000000unknown_1 death ray resistance???, ignores water, shock resist, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more100010
00A5@Master SummonerC24/81x 1d50100 spd600 hpLevel 32100%humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, shock resist, sees in the dark10005
00A6Dfire drakeC15/33x 1d8+3100 spd42 hpLevel 103%unknown_4000, unknown_2000000fire resist, vulnerable to cold2005
00A7&fire demonC42/151x 3d15+12100 spd228 hpLevel 40 humanoid, demon, unknown_8000, unknown_800000unknown_20 fire and constructs, fire resist, vulnerable to cold, sees in the dark20040
00A8xfire grueC44/172x 3d12+9100 spd232 hpLevel 42 construct, demon, unknown_4000, unknown_800000unknown_20 fire and constructs, fire resist, vulnerable to cold20050
00A9Efire elementalN44/172x 1d40+8100 spd210 hpLevel 40 construct, elemental, unknown_8000, unknown_800000unknown_1 death ray resistance???, unknown_20 fire and constructs, fire resist, vulnerable to cold100010
00AAWAncient Chaos WyrmC50/203x 6d12+9130 spd410 hpLevel 40100%dragon, demon, unknown_80000, unknown_1000000unknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, fire resist, sees in the dark80100
00ABsstone snakeC12/81x 1d8100 spd12 hpLevel 82% sees invisible?, ignores walls, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark3030
00ACxstone grueC15/402x 3d12+10100 spd235 hpLevel 45 construct, demonsees invisible?, ignores walls, unknown_4000 unlife and more20075
00ADEearth elementalN18/402x 3d16+10100 spd210 hpLevel 45 construct, elemental, unknown_80000unknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, ignores walls, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark10003
00AEFAncient Stone BeastC10/601x 5d10+10100 spd1100 hpLevel 50100%demonunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, ignores walls, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark100010
00AF@dying sageL10/21x 1d4+240 spd4 hpLevel 1 humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for10
00B0Cgreater chaos servantC24/122x 3d6+6100 spd80 hpLevel 25 humanoidsees invisible?2005
00B1Cchaos mutantC24/02x 15d2+8100 spd60 hpLevel 30 humanoidsees invisible?200100
00B2jwrithing mass of primal chaosC35/36x 2d6+4100 spd40 hpLevel 45 jellyunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, sees in the dark500100
00B3Cchaos warriorC30/351x 4d10+4100 spd262 hpLevel 35 humanoid 30010
00B4Cchaos wizardC50/31x 2d10+3100 spd82 hpLevel 35 humanoidsees invisible?30020
00B5&greater balorC80/402x 8d12+20100 spd1000 hpLevel 50 humanoid, demonunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, unknown_20 fire and constructs, fire resist, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark2000300
00B6&balorC50/402x 8d8+10100 spd610 hpLevel 45 humanoid, demonunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, unknown_20 fire and constructs, fire resist, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark2000150
00B7hdwarven chaos knightC12/101x 5d3+8100 spd100 hpLevel 15 humanoid, demonsees invisible?3000
00B8&molochC5/401x 6d1260 spd310 hpLevel 253%humanoid, demonunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, unknown_20 fire and constructs, fire resist, cold resist, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark10003
00B9@swordsmanN13/51x 2d4+2100 spd20 hpLevel 32%humanoid 10015
00BA@master swordsmanN15/92x 2d6+3100 spd56 hpLevel 92%humanoid 20030
00BBjgray oozeN10/01x 3d8100 spd16 hpLevel 4 jellycorrodes weapons, acid resist303
00BCmmimicC14/62x 2d6100 spd43 hpLevel 7  is a mimic50025
00BDmgreater mimicC14/102x 2d9+2110 spd102 hpLevel 12  is a mimic50030
00BEmmaster mimicC16/122x 4d9+4120 spd146 hpLevel 16  is a mimic50040
00BF@necromancerC14/01x 2d4100 spd16 hpLevel 5 humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???300
00C0@black wizardC22/21x 2d5100 spd28 hpLevel 8 humanoid 400
00C1ZrevenantC16/82x 2d8+4100 spd96 hpLevel 11 undead, humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, vulnerable to fire, sees in the dark10008
00C2Zskeletal warriorC13/82x 1d10+8100 spd96 hpLevel 12 undead, humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees in the dark2000
00C3jgelatinous cubeN12/01x 2d4100 spd16 hpLevel 31%jellycovered in paralytic fluids1030
00C4jyellow oozeN10/01x 3d8100 spd16 hpLevel 6 jelly 4015
00C5rchaos ratC15/01x 1d2100 spd1 hpLevel 58%animalignores water255
00C6Xgray slayerC22/52x 2d7+7100 spd84 hpLevel 12 humanoid 403
00C7Xblack slayerC34/124x 4d6+9100 spd148 hpLevel 24 humanoid 403
00C8jgreen slimeN10/01x 2d4100 spd12 hpLevel 5 plant, jellyvulnerable to fire203
00C9dblink dogL15/22x 2d3+1100 spd18 hpLevel 35%animal 1210
00CA@doppleganger lordC16/32x 2d10+5100 spd72 hpLevel 107%humanoid 2550
00CBjochre jellyN12/11x 3d8+1100 spd56 hpLevel 8 jellycorrodes weapons, acid resist406
00CCBghost batC20/01x 2d2100 spd4 hpLevel 2 undeadignores walls, ignores water, unknown_4000 unlife and more, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark504
00CDGghost lordC24/02x 2d10+1100 spd66 hpLevel 15 undeadignores walls, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark5040
00CEFgiant slugN5/51x 2d360 spd140 hpLevel 151%animal, unknown_10000, unknown_8000000acid resist, vulnerable to fire503
00CFudark elven warriorC15/72x 1d6+5100 spd31 hpLevel 52%humanoidignores webs?, sees in the dark3010
00D0udark elven archerC16/52x 1d6+2100 spd21 hpLevel 52%humanoid, unknown_10000ignores webs?, sees in the dark303
00D1udark elven wizardC15/32x 1d8100 spd23 hpLevel 52%humanoidignores webs?, sees in the dark300
00D2udark elven priestessC20/72x 3d3+5110 spd44 hpLevel 92%humanoidignores webs?, sees in the dark3025
00D3&greater molochC3/1001x 18d12+1270 spd930 hpLevel 403%humanoid, demon, moloch_or_titan?, unknownunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, unknown_20 fire and constructs, fire resist, cold resist, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark10008
00D4odark orcC15/82x 2d8+4100 spd45 hpLevel 93%humanoidsees in the dark240
00D5rratling warriorN19/21x 1d6+1100 spd12 hpLevel 33%humanoid 200
00D6rratling thiefC19/11x 1d4+2100 spd10 hpLevel 23%humanoid 160
00D7rratling archerN19/01x 1d5+1100 spd8 hpLevel 23%humanoid, unknown_10000 166
00D8Wshadow wyrmC45/03x 3d10+6120 spd170 hpLevel 222%dragon, unknown_80000, unknown_1000000unknown_1 death ray resistance???, ignores water, sees in the dark1008
00D9Tshadow trollC25/11x 1d10+12100 spd88 hpLevel 138%undead, humanoidignores water, sees in the dark5025
00DArratling fencerN20/22x 1d6+1100 spd12 hpLevel 43%humanoid 2030
00DBLmaster lichC40/121x 4d6+6100 spd220 hpLevel 28 undead, humanoidsees invisible?, cold resist, sees in the dark1025
00DCLlich kingC45/202x 5d6+6100 spd263 hpLevel 40 undead, humanoid, unknownsees invisible?, cold resist, sees in the dark1030
00DDLemperor lichC50/253x 5d6+6100 spd330 hpLevel 45 undead, humanoid, unknownsees invisible?, cold resist, sees in the dark1035
00DEudark elven lordC19/102x 4d3+5110 spd49 hpLevel 102%humanoidignores webs?, sees in the dark4010
00DFudark elven princessC24/123x 4d4+7110 spd90 hpLevel 152%humanoidignores webs?, sees in the dark6010
00E0oorc butcherC10/101x 6d1070 spd60 hpLevel 105%humanoidsees in the dark1000
00E1ggoblin rockthrowerC10/01x 1d4100 spd3 hpLevel 115%humanoid, unknown_10000 82
00E2sviperN15/01x 1d3+2100 spd8 hpLevel 31%animal 105
00E3srattlesnakeN17/01x 2d3100 spd12 hpLevel 52%animal 158
00E4slarge snakeN12/21x 3d3100 spd26 hpLevel 52%animal 1215
00E5*will o'wispC50/01x 4d8+4100 spd32 hpLevel 14  ignores water, fire resist, shock resist, will o'wisp special ability300
00E6Oogre kingC18/182x 3d10+10100 spd228 hpLevel 205%humanoid 400
00E7scobraN14/11x 1d3+2100 spd9 hpLevel 41%animal 2012
00E8sking cobraN17/21x 1d8+1100 spd19 hpLevel 81%animal 2012
00E9wwhite wormN12/11x 3d3100 spd12 hpLevel 2 animal 150
00EAwred wormN16/01x 3d3100 spd12 hpLevel 5 animal, unknown_2000, unknown_400000fire resist, vulnerable to cold156
00EBwgreen wormN15/41x 1d5+1100 spd15 hpLevel 4 animal 155
00ECwpurple wormN5/01x 1d5+1100 spd9 hpLevel 9 animal 1515
00EDwbrown wormN13/11x 1d5+1100 spd10 hpLevel 7 animal 1520
00EEHtitanC26/301x 7d12+20100 spd550 hpLevel 3510%humanoid, giant, unknown_100000, moloch_or_titan?, unknownunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, unknown_20 fire and constructs, fire resist, shock resist808
00EFHgreater titanC35/401x 12d12+30100 spd880 hpLevel 445%humanoid, giant, unknown_200000, moloch_or_titan?, unknownunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, unknown_20 fire and constructs, fire resist, shock resist, cold resist, acid resist2006
00F0Gslow shadowC12/51x 5d380 spd30 hpLevel 9 undead, humanoidignores water, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark100025
00F1Dkarmic baby dragonC20/123x 2d6+3100 spd111 hpLevel 183%dragon, unknown_4000, unknown_1000000fire resist, shock resist, cold resist, acid resist, karmic205
00F2Dkarmic dragonC25/163x 3d16+3105 spd188 hpLevel 253%dragon, unknown_8000, unknown_1000000fire resist, shock resist, cold resist, acid resist, karmic205
00F3Dancient karmic dragonC30/203x 4d20+6110 spd282 hpLevel 323%dragon, unknown_10000, unknown_1000000fire resist, shock resist, cold resist, acid resist, karmic205
00F4Wgreat karmic wyrmC35/243x 5d14+8115 spd408 hpLevel 403%dragon, unknown_40000, unknown_1000000unknown_1 death ray resistance???, fire resist, shock resist, cold resist, acid resist, karmic205
00F5lkarmic lizardN19/41x 3d4100 spd35 hpLevel 52%animalkarmic100
00F6lchaos lizardC12/61x 1d18100 spd17 hpLevel 77%animal, unknown_8000, unknown_1000000 108
00F7Hfrost giant jarlC40/242x 4d12+7100 spd264 hpLevel 285%humanoid, giant, unknown_80000cold resist, vulnerable to fire408
00F8Hfrost giant berserkerC15/224x 4d10+7100 spd160 hpLevel 245%humanoid, giant, unknown_20000cold resist, vulnerable to fire20008
00F9Hfire giant kingC26/302x 4d12+16100 spd340 hpLevel 325%humanoid, giant, unknown_100000fire resist, vulnerable to cold1208
00FAHhill giant chieftainC18/122x 2d10+6100 spd116 hpLevel 154%humanoid, giant, unknown_40000 6010
00FBHstone giant lordN15/302x 3d12+8100 spd130 hpLevel 213%humanoid, giant, unknown_200000unknown_4000 unlife and more606
00FCrratling master thiefC26/31x 1d4+4100 spd30 hpLevel 103%humanoid 160
00FDllightning lizardN19/83x 3d5+3110 spd68 hpLevel 127%animal, unknown_200000, unknown_800000shock resist208
00FErratling warlordN24/72x 1d6+4100 spd35 hpLevel 113%humanoid 2035
00FFGshadow lordC30/01x 3d4+4100 spd44 hpLevel 13 undead, humanoidignores water, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark100025
0100@cavemanN12/51x 1d10+5100 spd35 hpLevel 66%humanoid, unknown_20000cold resist307
0101KberserkerC10/02x 2d4+3100 spd30 hpLevel 4 humanoid 10000
0102Kberserker lordC14/02x 2d6+4100 spd72 hpLevel 10 humanoid 10000
0103Kberserker princeC20/03x 2d8+5100 spd112 hpLevel 12 humanoid 10000
0104Kberserker kingC28/04x 2d10+7100 spd176 hpLevel 16 humanoid 10000
0105Kberserker emperorC35/05x 3d13+16100 spd276 hpLevel 21 humanoid 10000
0106ppixie archerN22/01x 1d4+3100 spd9 hpLevel 45%humanoid, unknown_80000 55
0107Cchaos warlordC30/252x 4d9+6100 spd240 hpLevel 35 humanoid 30010
0108Egreater fire elementalN50/202x 1d60+8100 spd320 hpLevel 45 construct, elemental, unknown_8000, unknown_800000unknown_1 death ray resistance???, unknown_20 fire and constructs, fire resist, vulnerable to cold100010
0109Egreater air elementalN60/04x 5d8+5100 spd260 hpLevel 40 construct, elemental, unknown_10000, unknown_1000000unknown_1 death ray resistance???, ignores water, shock resist, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more100010
010AEgreater earth elementalN20/502x 2d20+24100 spd290 hpLevel 48 construct, elemental, unknown_200000unknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, ignores walls, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark10003
010BEgreater water elementalN10/201x 5d10+6100 spd300 hpLevel 30 construct, elemental, unknown_10000, unknown_800000unknown_1 death ray resistance???, ignores water100010
010CUblack unicornC50/151x 8d6+12100 spd350 hpLevel 302% unknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, sees in the dark2506
010DCchaos spawnC20/21x 1d2100 spd20 hpLevel 14   1550
010ECchaos plague bearerC13/31x 2d7+2100 spd41 hpLevel 8 humanoid 1003
010Frratling duelistN28/22x 1d6+1120 spd41 hpLevel 103%humanoid 10050
0110Rrust monsterN15/72x 1d4100 spd48 hpLevel 7   500
0111Rlarge rust monsterN17/102x 1d6+1100 spd90 hpLevel 13   700
0112CcorruptorC20/122x 2d4+1100 spd90 hpLevel 16 humanoid 200100
0113CannihilatorC24/151x 1d50100 spd82 hpLevel 20 humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???2000
0114ZmummyC12/82x 2d6100 spd52 hpLevel 10 undead, humanoidsees invisible?, vulnerable to fire, sees in the dark1003
0115Zgreater mummyC15/152x 2d10100 spd105 hpLevel 17 undead, humanoidsees invisible?, vulnerable to fire, sees in the dark1002
0116jgibbering moutherC19/26x 2d3100 spd24 hpLevel 5 jelly 20022
0117zcorpse fiendC12/21x 1d10+2100 spd26 hpLevel 4 undead, humanoidsees in the dark10004
0118Ycrystal statueN17/82x 1d10+3100 spd45 hpLevel 9 construct, humanoidcold resist1001
0119Ystone statueN13/102x 2d8+4100 spd60 hpLevel 11 construct, humanoid, unknown_20000, unknown_800000fire resist1004
011AtfarmerL11/01x 1d6+1100 spd6 hpLevel 1 humanoidunknown_100000 extra alignment drop??100
011BtchildL7/01x 1d1100 spd1 hpLevel 1 humanoidunknown_100000 extra alignment drop??100
011CtgoodwifeL9/01x 1d4100 spd4 hpLevel 1 humanoidunknown_100000 extra alignment drop??100
011D@druidN20/122x 4d6100 spd72 hpLevel 13 humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, cannot be wished for, ignores water, fire resist, shock resist, cold resist, unknown_100000 extra alignment drop??1000
011EDgreat water dragonL70/403x 6d15+12120 spd1140 hpLevel 303%dragon, unknown_80000, unknown_4000000unknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, ignores water, cold resist, unknown_100000 extra alignment drop??2004
011FDbaby water dragonL15/23x 6d2+3100 spd26 hpLevel 63%dragon, unknown_10000, unknown_1000000sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, ignores water, cold resist, unknown_100000 extra alignment drop??204
0120Agiant eelN22/21x 5d5120 spd35 hpLevel 52%animal, underwaterignores water, vulnerable to fire300
0121Agiant turtleN12/301x 5d1090 spd90 hpLevel 20 animal, underwaterignores water300
0122Adragon turtleN15/351x 3d2090 spd90 hpLevel 25 animal, unknown_20000, unknown_4000000, underwaterignores water306
0123Agiant dragon turtleN15/501x 5d20100 spd200 hpLevel 35 animal, unknown_20000, unknown_4000000ignores water306
0124AsharkN22/11x 2d10100 spd52 hpLevel 12 animal, underwaterignores water300
0125Agiant sharkN24/31x 2d16+6100 spd92 hpLevel 19 animal, underwaterignores water300
0126tfoolN16/02x 3d3+1100 spd18 hpLevel 1 humanoidcannot be wished for, unknown_100000 extra alignment drop??100
0127@master necromancerC35/01x 9d3+9100 spd260 hpLevel 16 humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, vulnerable to fire602
0128Zundead chaos dwarven berserkerC14/183x 4d7+4100 spd260 hpLevel 15 undead, humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for50000
0129tvillage elderL9/02x 1d6+1100 spd14 hpLevel 1 humanoidcannot be wished for, unknown_100000 extra alignment drop??, sees in the dark100
012Atmad carpenterC20/02x 1d8+3100 spd80 hpLevel 9 humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, cannot be wished for250
012Bdlarge dogN12/01x 2d3+1100 spd17 hpLevel 415%animal 120
012C@eternal guardianL30/603x 5d8+5100 spd2400 hpLevel 40 humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, sees in the dark10000
012D@bunny masterC50/02x 1d8+16100 spd220 hpLevel 30 humanoidcannot be wished for100040
012EYsteel golemC8/351x 5d10+5100 spd180 hpLevel 25 construct, humanoid, unknown_10000, unknown_400000sees invisible?, fire resist, unknown_4000 unlife and more, vulnerable to lightning, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark406
012FYsteel horrorC16/186x 5d5+6100 spd120 hpLevel 25 constructunknown_20 fire and constructs, fire resist, unknown_4000 unlife and more, vulnerable to lightning, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark200
0130[animated armorC10/252x 3d7+3100 spd90 hpLevel 16 constructfire resist, unknown_4000 unlife and more, vulnerable to lightning, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more600
0131Ysteel zombieC5/182x 6d2+4100 spd40 hpLevel 14 undeadunknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more1003
0132hdwarven artificerC25/353x 4d7+19100 spd350 hpLevel 25 humanoid, unknown_200000unknown_1 death ray resistance???, cannot be wished for, fire resist, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark304
0133@healerL10/01x 1d8+3100 spd12 hpLevel 3 humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, cannot be wished for, unknown_100000 extra alignment drop??, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more1030
0134Ugreater white unicornL75/201x 8d12+16100 spd400 hpLevel 302% unknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, unknown_100000 extra alignment drop??, sees in the dark50010
0135Ugreater black unicornC60/181x 8d6+12100 spd666 hpLevel 352% unknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, sees in the dark2506
0136@banditC13/21x 1d8+1100 spd14 hpLevel 310%humanoid 300
0137@outlawC15/42x 1d8+2100 spd18 hpLevel 510%humanoid 400
0138@beggarN7/01x 1d3100 spd2 hpLevel 13%humanoidunknown_100000 extra alignment drop??50
0139@cutpurseC17/01x 1d4+3100 spd6 hpLevel 23%humanoid 100
013A@muggerC10/31x 1d10+4100 spd20 hpLevel 47%humanoid 700
013B@assassinC16/42x 1d6+2100 spd16 hpLevel 83%humanoid 7012
013C@crime lordC19/94x 2d8+4100 spd80 hpLevel 10 humanoidsees invisible?, cannot be wished for, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more1008
013D@half-orc bouncerC12/122x 2d8+8100 spd64 hpLevel 8 humanoidsees in the dark2000
013E@master thiefC32/72x 1d6+9100 spd88 hpLevel 20 humanoid 2000
013FtsheriffL25/32x 1d8+8100 spd88 hpLevel 10 humanoidcannot be wished for, unknown_100000 extra alignment drop??1000
0140@Mad MinstrelN70/05x 1d6+16140 spd120 hpLevel 30 humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, ignores webs?, unknown_100000 extra alignment drop??, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more1000100
0141tcarpenterL20/02x 1d8+3100 spd70 hpLevel 9 humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, cannot be wished for, unknown_100000 extra alignment drop??250
0142ggoblin slavemasterC13/21x 2d4100 spd8 hpLevel 215%humanoid 80
0143ggoblin chieftainC15/41x 2d6100 spd14 hpLevel 310%humanoid 80
0144ggoblin berserkerC10/02x 2d6100 spd16 hpLevel 410%humanoid 80
0145@mad doctorC24/35x 1d3+8100 spd58 hpLevel 9 humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, cannot be wished for102
0146rcloaked ratlingN25/23x 1d6+5100 spd32 hpLevel 2 humanoid 80
0147&jackal demonC18/43x 2d6+4100 spd70 hpLevel 14 humanoid, demonunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, sees in the dark10030
0148Zmummy lordC18/182x 2d6+8100 spd180 hpLevel 25 undead, humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, cold resist, vulnerable to fire, sees in the dark3002
0149dlarge jackalN15/21x 3d3100 spd15 hpLevel 48%animal 300
014A@grizzled gladiatorN13/73x 2d6+8100 spd130 hpLevel 20 humanoidunknown_100000 extra alignment drop??400
014Bhdwarven smithL14/123x 2d10+6100 spd115 hpLevel 12 humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, fire resist, unknown_100000 extra alignment drop??700
014Ccshadow centipedeC16/21x 2d2100 spd3 hpLevel 5 undeadignores water, sees in the dark1810
014Defloating eyeN10/21x 2d490 spd12 hpLevel 2  ignores water, covered in paralytic fluids, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more340
014Eemagebane eyeN10/31x 3d390 spd28 hpLevel 7  ignores water, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, drains pp730
014Festaring eyeN10/31x 3d290 spd20 hpLevel 7  ignores water, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more7100
0150echaos eyeC12/31x 3d3+690 spd72 hpLevel 15  ignores water, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more1560
0151emagedoom eyeN30/31x 3d3+590 spd80 hpLevel 30  ignores water, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, drains pp5060
0152Gghost librarianC55/02x 3d10+1100 spd125 hpLevel 32 undead, humanoidcannot be wished for, ignores walls, unknown_4000 unlife and more, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark50050
0153Ttroll berserkerC10/92x 1d10+12100 spd62 hpLevel 138%humanoid, unknown_80000sees in the dark1009
0154Ttroll chiefC18/122x 1d10+12100 spd88 hpLevel 178%humanoid, unknown_80000sees in the dark1005
0155Ttroll kingC19/172x 1d10+15100 spd132 hpLevel 178%humanoid, unknown_100000sees in the dark1005
0156eeye of destructionN10/21x 2d3100 spd16 hpLevel 5  unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more1820
0157iclaw bugN14/16x 1d2100 spd6 hpLevel 25%animal, insect 400
0158pquicklingC25/01x 1d4400 spd10 hpLevel 95%humanoid 601
0159pquickling lordC35/01x 1d4700 spd10 hpLevel 165%humanoid, unknown_40000 603
015Arratling dealerN30/03x 1d6+1150 spd60 hpLevel 2 humanoid 200
015BNbrown bearN13/43x 1d8+2105 spd25 hpLevel 912%animal 150
015CNgrizzly bearN15/53x 1d10+2100 spd30 hpLevel 912%animal 150
015Dohill orcC17/41x 1d12+2100 spd18 hpLevel 510%humanoid, unknown_40000sees in the dark254
015Eohill orc sergeantC17/61x 2d6+6110 spd28 hpLevel 710%humanoid, unknown_40000sees in the dark253
015FKbarbarianN14/11x 1d8+2100 spd16 hpLevel 43%humanoid, unknown_40000 255
0160Kbarbarian leaderN16/31x 1d10+4110 spd35 hpLevel 63%humanoid, unknown_80000 253
0161@outlaw leaderC17/52x 1d8+4100 spd40 hpLevel 75%humanoid 400
0162@chaos brotherC20/02x 1d8+3150 spd15 hpLevel 5 humanoidsees in the dark10020
0163@chaos sisterC24/02x 1d8+3160 spd11 hpLevel 5 humanoidsees in the dark10020
0164hdwarven elite guardianL15/152x 2d8+6120 spd57 hpLevel 62%humanoid, unknown_10000 20050
0165Fgiant boarN15/201x 6d6+9200 spd150 hpLevel 203%animal 10000
0166hchaos knightC20/151x 5d5+6110 spd135 hpLevel 20 humanoid, demonsees invisible?30010
0167rdemented ratlingC10/02x 3d3+3120 spd120 hpLevel 30 humanoid 200
0168pquickling kingC50/01x 1d4+21000 spd10 hpLevel 255%humanoid, unknown_80000sees invisible?, sees in the dark1003
0169pquickling queenC60/01x 1d41200 spd6 hpLevel 305%humanoid, unknown_80000sees invisible?, sees in the dark2002
016AWmulti-headed chaos dragonC50/505x 6d12+12120 spd610 hpLevel 50100%dragon, unknown_200000, unknown_2000000, unknownunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, unknown_20 fire and constructs, fire resist, cold resist, sees in the dark8004
016B@old barbarianN12/122x 1d10+10130 spd500 hpLevel 10 humanoid, unknown 8000
016C@raider lordC15/31x 1d8+3105 spd38 hpLevel 410%humanoid, unknown_80000 3002
016D@raiderC13/21x 1d8+1100 spd14 hpLevel 310%humanoid, unknown_40000 303
016E@black druidC15/41x 3d3+1125 spd72 hpLevel 10100%humanoid, unknown_40000unknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, ignores water, ignores webs?, fire resist, shock resist, cold resist, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark3008
016Frratling guardianL18/71x 2d6+2110 spd35 hpLevel 103%humanoid 2035
0170@oracleN10/11x 1d8+3120 spd30 hpLevel 12100%humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, fire resist, shock resist, cold resist, karmic, sees in the dark1000
0171@old croneC45/282x 2d24+16200 spd380 hpLevel 30 humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, sees in the dark1003
0172Oogre guardianC13/131x 4d8+699 spd90 hpLevel 1515%humanoid, unknown_40000cannot be wished for458
0173@burly adventurerL24/151x 4d10+10120 spd350 hpLevel 20 humanoid, unknown_40000unknown_1 death ray resistance???, cannot be wished for20015
0174@malicious doctorC10/21x 1d3+1120 spd27 hpLevel 18 humanoidcannot be wished for40010
0175@ElDeR cHaOs GoDC80/503x 5d10+24200 spd10200 hpLevel 50 humanoid, demonunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, ignores walls, ignores water, ignores webs?, unknown_4000 unlife and more, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, drains pp, sees in the dark2000100
0176hsmall dwarfL12/61x 1d8+2120 spd10 hpLevel 2 humanoid 10030
0177ttiny girlL7/01x 1d1100 spd1 hpLevel 1 humanoidcannot be wished for, unknown_100000 extra alignment drop??100
0178dcute dogN32/01x 1d3130 spd6 hpLevel 3100%animalignores water, unknown_100000 extra alignment drop??120
0179Wancient blue wyrmC60/403x 8d8+12120 spd924 hpLevel 483%dragon, unknown_200000, unknown_8000000, unknownunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, shock resist, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark20006
017AWancient karmic wyrmN60/603x 9d12+12120 spd1080 hpLevel 483%dragon, unknown_200000, unknown_4000000unknown_1 death ray resistance???, fire resist, shock resist, cold resist, acid resist, karmic, sees in the dark2005
017B@Chaos ArchmageC60/302x 3d10+6120 spd906 hpLevel 48100%humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, fire resist, shock resist, cold resist, unknown_4000 unlife and more, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark300200
017C@master assassinC22/62x 3d5+4110 spd40 hpLevel 143%humanoidsees in the dark905
017D@assassin princeC90/404x 3d7+18130 spd420 hpLevel 40 humanoidsees invisible?, cannot be wished for, sees in the dark1304
017Epquickling bardC500/31x 1d4+91500 spd58 hpLevel 255%humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, karmic, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark1002
017FYbone golemN10/181x 3d9+690 spd80 hpLevel 11 construct, humanoidsees invisible?, fire resist, cold resist, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark500
0180Fswamp hydraN12/205x 5d8100 spd210 hpLevel 304%  3020
0181jdeath oozeN10/01x 6d8+2120 spd200 hpLevel 28 jellyunknown_1 death ray resistance???4015
0182jstone oozeN10/01x 9d8100 spd56 hpLevel 20 jellycovered in paralytic fluids30100
0183jgreen blobN10/01x 3d4100 spd64 hpLevel 15 plant, jellyvulnerable to fire202
0184mmimic hivemindC19/162x 4d10+4130 spd208 hpLevel 22  is a mimic50060
0185schaos viperN35/01x 1d3+2130 spd45 hpLevel 221%animal 10200
0186Yeternium golemC8/651x 10d10+5100 spd280 hpLevel 35 construct, humanoid, unknown_80000, unknown_400000sees invisible?, fire resist, shock resist, unknown_4000 unlife and more, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark406
0187Oogre emperorC30/253x 4d10+14100 spd368 hpLevel 305%humanoid 600
0188Rgiant rust monsterN25/184x 2d6100 spd160 hpLevel 24   700
0189Gghost kingC70/02x 3d10+3100 spd146 hpLevel 42 undeadignores walls, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark5080
018ASchaos spiderN22/121x 2d12+4100 spd70 hpLevel 188%animal, spiderignores webs?3050
018Bdwerewolf lordC30/73x 4d6+6130 spd126 hpLevel 124%humanoid 100
018C&emperor molochC3/2001x 36d12+1285 spd1395 hpLevel 483%humanoid, demon, moloch_or_titan?, unknownunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, unknown_20 fire and constructs, fire resist, cold resist, unknown_4000 unlife and more, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark500020
018D@doppleganger kingC10/51x 3d12+5100 spd85 hpLevel 191%humanoid 6050
018EVfire vortexN18/31x 1d30100 spd10 hpLevel 6 construct, elementalunknown_1 death ray resistance???, unknown_20 fire and constructs, fire resist, vulnerable to cold10000
018FVice vortexN21/51x 1d3090 spd15 hpLevel 8 construct, elementalunknown_1 death ray resistance???, ignores water, cold resist, vulnerable to fire10000
0190Vlightning vortexN24/71x 1d30120 spd20 hpLevel 10 construct, elementalunknown_1 death ray resistance???, ignores water, shock resist10000
0191Vacid vortexN27/91x 1d30100 spd25 hpLevel 12 construct, elementalunknown_1 death ray resistance???, ignores water, acid resist10000
0192@ancient sageL200/31x 1d4+6120 spd28 hpLevel 10 humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, cannot be wished for, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark10
0193#living wallN5/404x 1d16+6100 spd200 hpLevel 16  sees invisible?, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark10020
0194Ydiamond golemN5/501x 6d8+6100 spd260 hpLevel 28 construct, humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, unknown_20 fire and constructs, fire resist, shock resist, cold resist, acid resist, unknown_4000 unlife and more, sees in the dark10003
0195Zskeletal kingC50/303x 3d10+8120 spd248 hpLevel 35 undead, humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, ignores water, sees in the dark2000
0196dwerewolf kingC50/204x 8d8+6150 spd220 hpLevel 304%humanoid 103
0197Mancient minotaurC18/182x 2d10+18100 spd108 hpLevel 2015%humanoidsees invisible?, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark400
0198Mminotaur lordC22/212x 2d12+18100 spd150 hpLevel 248%humanoidsees invisible?, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark400
0199Mminotaur mazemasterC25/243x 2d12+20110 spd200 hpLevel 264%humanoidsees invisible?, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark400
019AMminotaur mazelordC30/273x 2d14+20120 spd250 hpLevel 284%humanoidsees invisible?, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark400
019BMminotaur mageC40/242x 2d8+12120 spd200 hpLevel 284%humanoidsees invisible?, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark400
019CMminotaur kingC40/303x 2d16+25130 spd300 hpLevel 322%humanoidsees invisible?, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark400
019DMminotaur emperorC50/354x 3d20+30140 spd420 hpLevel 32100%humanoidunknown_1 death ray resistance???, sees invisible?, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark400
019E#wall beastN5/402x 1d50100 spd110 hpLevel 12 unknown_80000sees invisible?, unknown_200000 flyers minotaurs more, sees in the dark1001
019Fspit viperN20/01x 1d3+2110 spd8 hpLevel 31%animal 104
01A0igreater claw bugN30/128x 1d4+6120 spd36 hpLevel 205%animal, insectsees invisible?, sees in the dark400
01A1ikiller bugN50/248x 1d4+12150 spd78 hpLevel 405%animal, insectsees invisible?, sees in the dark400


# Name Unidded Group DV/PV Melee Missile Weight Danger level
0000dagger Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d4)10sLevel 1
0001club Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d6)(+0, 1d4)30sLevel 1
0002short sword Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d6)(-4, 1d3)30sLevel 1
0003hand axe Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d6)(+0, 1d6)50sLevel 1
0004long sword Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d8)(-6, 1d3)40sLevel 1
0005battle axe Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d6+2)(-4, 1d4)70sLevel 1
0006quarterstaff Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d10)(+0, 1d4)40sLevel 1
0007mace Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d6+1)(+0, 1d4)100sLevel 1
0008robe Armor[+0, +1](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)60sLevel 1
0009clothes Armor[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)40sLevel 1
000Aleather armor Armor[+0, +2](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)150sLevel 1
000Bscale mail Armor[-2, +4](-1, 1d5)(-2, 1d5)400sLevel 1
000Cchain mail Armor[-3, +5](-1, 1d5)(-3, 1d5)400sLevel 2
000Dplate mail Armor[-4, +7](-2, 3d2)(-4, 1d6+2)500sLevel 3
000Ebracers of defensesilver bracersBracers[+2, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)10sLevel 2
000Fbracers of protectioncopper bracersBracers[+0, +2](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)10sLevel 2
0010small shield Shield[+2, +0](+0, 1d6)(+0, 1d4)50sLevel 1
0011medium shield Shield[+3, +1](+0, 1d6)(+0, 1d6)100sLevel 1
0012large shield Shield[+5, +1](-1, 1d8)(+0, 1d8)120sLevel 1
0013tower shield Shield[+7, +0](-2, 1d5+2)(+0, 1d8+1)150sLevel 1
0014broadsword Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d7+1)(-7, 1d4+1)80sLevel 1
0015iron ration Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d3)100sLevel 1
0016piece of raw meat Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)20sLevel 1
0017thieves picks Tool[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)5sLevel 1
0018heavy club Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[-1, +0](+1, 1d10+2)(-4, 1d10+1)120sLevel 2
0019thick furs Armor[+0, +2](-1, 1d2)(-1, 1d2)300sLevel 1
001Ahorned helmet Helm[+1, +1](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d3)100sLevel 1
001Bheavy boots Boots[-1, +1](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d2)30sLevel 1
001Cleather cap Helm[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)5sLevel 1
001Dlight furs Armor[+0, +1](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)180sLevel 1
001Elight boots Boots[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)20sLevel 1
001Fgauntlets Gloves[+0, +1](-1, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)10sLevel 1
0020gloves Gloves[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)6sLevel 1
0021hand crossbow Ranged_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)30sLevel 3
0022dark elven quarreltiny quarrelRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](-2, 1d3)(+3, 1d4+3)2sLevel 3
0023elven chain mail Armor[+0, +5](+0, 1d6)(+0, 1d6)10sLevel 3
0024scimitar Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d8)(+0, 1d4)40sLevel 1
0025  Gold_Coin[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d2)0sLevel 1
0026leather cloak Cloak[+1, +0](-1, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)40sLevel 1
0027light cloak Cloak[+1, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)20sLevel 1
0028leather boots Boots[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)25sLevel 1
0029gnomish boots Boots[+2, +0](+1, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)10sLevel 1
002Awarhammer Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 2d3)(+0, 1d4)60sLevel 1
002Bstudded leather armor Armor[-1, +3](-1, 1d4)(+0, 1d4)250sLevel 1
002Cring of protectionsilver ringRing[+0, +1](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 1
002Dring of defensegolden ringRing[+1, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 1
002Ering of fire resistancewooden ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 1
002Fring of luckcopper ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 3
0030ring of searchingbronze ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 2
0031potion of extra healingblue potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 2
0032short bow Ranged_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+1, 1d3)20sLevel 1
0033arrow Ranged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d6)2sLevel 1
0034sling Ranged_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d1+1)3sLevel 1
0035rock Ranged_Ammo[+0, +0](-2, 1d4)(+0, 1d4)5sLevel 1
0036metal cap Helm[+0, +1](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)50sLevel 1
0037apple Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0038loaf of elven bread Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)3sLevel 1
0039spider bread Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 1
003Airon boots Boots[-1, +1](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d4)120sLevel 1
003Beverburning torchtorchTool[+1, +0](+1, 2d4+2)(+0, 1d6+1)10sLevel 1
003Cspear Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+1, 1d8)(+0, 1d4)50sLevel 1
003Dpotion of healingswirly potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 1
003Escalpel Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+2, 1d3+1)(+0, 1d3)2sLevel 1
003Fpotion of poisonoily potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 1
0040potion of boozeblack potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 1
0041stethoscope Tool[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)5sLevel 1
0042thick gauntlets Gloves[+0, +1](-1, 1d4)(-2, 1d3)15sLevel 1
0043light crossbow Ranged_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(+2, 1d4)70sLevel 1
0044quarrel Ranged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(+1, 2d6)2sLevel 1
0045drakish scurgar Ranged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+2, 1d8+2)10sLevel 1
0046large hammer Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](-1, 1d10+2)(-6, 1d6)120sLevel 1
0047leather apron Armor[+0, +2](-1, 1d2)(-1, 1d2)75sLevel 1
0048anvil Tool[-3, +0](-8, 2d10)(-4, 2d10)1000sLevel 1
0049iron ingotmetal ingotTool[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(-4, 1d4)20sLevel 1
004Amithril ingotmetal ingotTool[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(-4, 1d4)14sLevel 5
004Bhooded cloak Cloak[+1, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)40sLevel 1
004Clong bow Ranged_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+2, 1d2+2)30sLevel 1
004Dheavy crossbow Ranged_Weapon[+0, +0](-3, 1d6)(+3, 1d3+3)140sLevel 1
004Ethrowing club Ranged_Ammo[+0, +0](-1, 1d5)(+0, 1d8)30sLevel 1
004Fhood Helm[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)3sLevel 1
0050sandals Boots[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)6sLevel 1
0051lute Instrument[+0, +0](-1, 1d3)(+0, 1d2)20sLevel 1
0052harp Instrument[+0, +0](-1, 1d4)(+0, 1d3)30sLevel 1
0053tamborine Instrument[+0, +0](-1, 1d3)(+0, 1d2)5sLevel 1
0054mandoline Instrument[+0, +0](-1, 1d3)(+0, 1d2)23sLevel 1
0055fiddle Instrument[+0, +0](-1, 1d2)(+0, 1d1)15sLevel 1
0056flute Instrument[+0, +0](-3, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)3sLevel 1
0057glockenspiel Instrument[+0, +0](-2, 1d5)(+0, 1d3)120sLevel 1
0058spellbooktomeBook[+0, +0](-4, 1d2)(-4, 1d2)100sLevel 1
0059scroll of identifyscroll labeled "KLATHA DATHA NY'ARYATHA"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
005Awand of diggingoak wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 1
005Bholy symbol Tool[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)5sLevel 1
005Cflail Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 2d4+2)(+0, 1d4)150sLevel 1
005Dscroll of amnesiascroll labeled "ECNETOPINMO"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
005Escroll of magic mappingscroll labeled "IDNUM AIROLG TISNART CIS"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
005Fscroll of powerscroll labeled "Carpe Diem"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0060potion of waterwatery potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 2
0061hat Helm[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)4sLevel 1
0062potion of carrot juiceorange potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 1
0063wand of knockingpine wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 1
0064wand of magic missilestin wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 1
0065wand of lightningbrass wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)4sLevel 3
0066potion of invisibilityclear potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 1
0067corpse Food[+0, +0](-6, 1d4)(-6, 1d2)60sLevel 1
0068potion of balancegray potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 1
0069potion of exchangegolden potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 1
006Apotion of gain attributesglowing potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 1
006Bboomerangstrange stickRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](-2, 1d3)(+3, 2d4+1)20sLevel 1
006Cgirdle of carryingthick girdleGirdle[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)15sLevel 1
006Dmetal girdle Girdle[+0, +1](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d4)25sLevel 1
006Egirdle of giant strengthbulky girdleGirdle[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d4)30sLevel 12
006Fgirdle of weightstrange metal girdleGirdle[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d4)40sLevel 2
0070leather girdle Girdle[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)5sLevel 1
0071mithril daggerdaggerOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d4+3)(+0, 1d4+3)8sLevel 3
0072mithril long swordlong swordOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d8+3)(-6, 1d3+3)32sLevel 3
0073mithril battle axebattle axeOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d6+5)(-4, 1d4+3)56sLevel 3
0074mithril macemaceOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d6+4)(+0, 1d4+3)80sLevel 3
0075mithril scale mailscale mailArmor[-1, +6](-1, 1d5)(-2, 1d5)320sLevel 8
0076mithril chain mailchain mailArmor[-2, +7](-1, 1d5)(-3, 1d5)320sLevel 8
0077mithril plate mailplate mailArmor[-3, +9](-2, 1d6+2)(-4, 1d6+2)400sLevel 9
0078small mithril shieldsmall shieldShield[+3, +1](+0, 1d6)(+0, 1d4)40sLevel 3
0079medium mithril shieldmedium shieldShield[+5, +1](+0, 1d6)(+0, 1d6)80sLevel 3
007Alarge mithril shieldlarge shieldShield[+7, +2](-1, 1d8)(+0, 1d8)96sLevel 3
007Btower mithril shieldtower shieldShield[+9, +2](-2, 1d5+2)(+0, 1d8+1)120sLevel 3
007Cmithril broadswordbroadswordOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d7+4)(-7, 1d4+4)64sLevel 3
007Dmithril scimitarscimitarOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d8+3)(+0, 1d4+3)32sLevel 3
007Emithril warhammerwarhammerOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 2d3+3)(+0, 1d4+3)48sLevel 3
007Fmithril capmetal capHelm[+0, +2](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)40sLevel 6
0080mithril bootsmetal bootsBoots[-1, +2](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d4)96sLevel 6
0081mithril spearspearOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+1, 1d8+3)(+0, 1d4+3)40sLevel 3
0082mithril quarrelquarrelRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d4+3)(+1, 2d6+3)2sLevel 3
0083large mithril hammerlarge hammerOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](-1, 1d10+5)(-6, 1d6+3)96sLevel 3
0084mithril flailflailOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 2d4+5)(+0, 1d4+3)120sLevel 3
0085mithril girdlemetal girdleGirdle[+0, +2](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d4)20sLevel 3
0086adamantium daggerdaggerOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d4+5)(+0, 1d4+5)7sLevel 6
0087adamantium long swordlong swordOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d8+5)(-6, 1d3+5)28sLevel 6
0088adamantium battle axebattle axeOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d6+7)(-4, 1d4+5)50sLevel 6
0089adamantium macemaceOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d6+6)(+0, 1d4+5)72sLevel 6
008Aadamantium scale mailscale mailArmor[+0, +8](-1, 1d5)(-2, 1d5)288sLevel 16
008Badamantium chain mailchain mailArmor[-1, +9](-1, 1d5)(-3, 1d5)288sLevel 17
008Cadamantium plate mailplate mailArmor[-2, +11](-2, 1d6+2)(-4, 1d6+2)320sLevel 18
008Dsmall adamantium shieldsmall shieldShield[+5, +0](+0, 1d6)(+0, 1d4)36sLevel 6
008Emedium adamantium shieldmedium shieldShield[+7, +2](+0, 1d6)(+0, 1d6)72sLevel 6
008Flarge adamantium shieldlarge shieldShield[+9, +3](-1, 1d8)(+0, 1d8)86sLevel 6
0090tower adamantium shieldtower shieldShield[+11, +2](-2, 1d5+2)(+0, 1d8+1)108sLevel 6
0091adamantium broadswordbroadswordOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d7+7)(-7, 1d4+7)57sLevel 6
0092adamantium scimitarscimitarOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d8+6)(+0, 1d4+6)28sLevel 6
0093adamantium warhammerwarhammerOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 2d3+6)(+0, 1d4+6)43sLevel 6
0094adamantium capmetal capHelm[+0, +2](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)36sLevel 12
0095adamantium bootsmetal bootsBoots[+0, +3](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d4)89sLevel 11
0096adamantium spearspearOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+1, 1d8+6)(+0, 1d4+6)36sLevel 6
0097adamantium quarrelquarrelRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d4+6)(+1, 2d6+6)1sLevel 6
0098large adamantium hammerlarge hammerOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](-1, 1d10+8)(-6, 1d6+6)89sLevel 6
0099adamantium flailflailOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 2d4+8)(+0, 1d4+6)108sLevel 6
009Aadamantium girdlemetal girdleGirdle[+0, +3](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d4)18sLevel 6
009Bsword of sharpnesslong swordOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 4d8+6)(-6, 1d3+5)35sLevel 9
009Cadamantium ingotmetal ingotTool[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(-4, 1d4)12sLevel 9
009Dwand of trap creationivory wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 1
009Ewand of monster creationironwood wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 1
009Fsistrange itemArtifact_Tool[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(-4, 1d4)10sLevel 3
00A0lump of bee wax Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)5sLevel 1
00A1lump of gelee royal Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)3sLevel 1
00A2ring of djinni summoningordinary ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 8
00A3wedding ringnograin ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 1
00A4brass ring Ring[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 1
00A5scroll of familiar summoningscroll labeled "mead ni najap"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00A6amulet of greedplatinum amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 1
00A7amulet of protectionsilver amuletAmulet[+0, +2](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 1
00A8amulet of defenseiron amuletAmulet[+2, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 1
00A9wand of wonderteak wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 3
00AAamulet of life savingsteel amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 2
00ABwand of teleportationiron wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)4sLevel 2
00ACwand of lightsteel wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 1
00ADnecklace of rapid healingcoral necklaceAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d2)(-4, 1d2)2sLevel 2
00AEamulet of protection from undeadbone amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 2
00AFamulet of protection from constructsonyx amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 2
00B0girdle of greedcopper-hewn girdleGirdle[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)7sLevel 1
00B1stomafillia herbstrange herbFood[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00B2burb rootstrange herbFood[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00B3curaria mancox herbstrange herbFood[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00B4stomacemptia herbstrange herbFood[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00B5devil's rosestrange herbFood[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00B6pepper petalstrange herbFood[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00B7alraunia antidotestrange herbFood[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00B8demon daisystrange herbFood[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00B9scroll of monster detectionscroll labeled "KTTdLwrgt"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00BAscroll of gold detectionscroll labeled "MKMNFST"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00BBscroll of item detectionscroll labeled "ABABILA"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00BCscroll of monster aggravationscroll labeled "RambaZamba"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00BDgreat axe Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[-2, +0](+2, 2d7+3)(-6, 1d10+3)105sLevel 5
00BEtwo-handed sword Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[-1, +0](+3, 3d5+3)(-8, 2d4+2)100sLevel 6
00BFfortune cookie Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)3sLevel 1
00C0spenseweedstrange herbFood[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00C1moss of mareilonstrange herbFood[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00C2morgia rootstrange herbFood[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00C3pick axe Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d6+1)(+0, 1d6-1)75sLevel 3
00C4dwarven rune axe Artifact_Melee_Weapon[+4, +4](+3, 3d6+6)(+4, 3d8+4)50sLevel 20
00C5necklace of rabies resistancepearl necklaceAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d2)(-4, 1d2)2sLevel 2
00C6scroll of balancescroll labeled "SutsI"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00C7scythe of corruptionancient scytheArtifact_Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[+2, +2](+6, 10d4+6)(+0, 1d4)70sLevel 5
00C8IBM guild manualscroll labeled "irk gleknow mizk"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00C9fluff ball Tool[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(-4, 1d1)2sLevel 5
00CAamulet of chaosobsidian amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 13
00CBamulet of ordermarble amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 13
00CCring of the master catcats eye ringArtifact_Ring[+0, +5](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 1
00CDscroll of uncursingscroll labeled "ACME"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
00CEamulet of teleport controlcopper amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 13
00CFring of damageonyx ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d8)(+3, 1d1+3)1sLevel 1
00D0eternium daggerdaggerOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 2d4+7)(+0, 2d4+7)5sLevel 12
00D1eternium long swordlong swordOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 2d8+7)(-4, 2d3+7)20sLevel 15
00D2eternium battle axebattle axeOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 2d6+9)(-3, 2d4+7)35sLevel 15
00D3eternium macemaceOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 2d6+8)(+0, 2d4+7)55sLevel 15
00D4eternium scale mailscale mailArmor[+0, +10](-1, 2d4)(-1, 2d4)220sLevel 30
00D5eternium chain mailchain mailArmor[-1, +11](-1, 2d4)(-2, 1d6+1)220sLevel 34
00D6eternium plate mailplate mailArmor[-1, +13](-1, 1d8+4)(-2, 1d8+4)240sLevel 36
00D7small eternium shieldsmall shieldShield[+7, +1](+0, 2d4+1)(+0, 1d4)24sLevel 13
00D8medium eternium shieldmedium shieldShield[+9, +3](+0, 1d12+3)(+0, 1d6)46sLevel 15
00D9large eternium shieldlarge shieldShield[+11, +5](-1, 2d8)(+0, 1d8)54sLevel 17
00DAtower eternium shieldtower shieldShield[+13, +4](-1, 2d10)(+0, 1d8+1)70sLevel 19
00DBeternium broadswordbroadswordOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 2d7+9)(-5, 1d4+10)38sLevel 12
00DCeternium scimitarscimitarOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 2d8+8)(+0, 1d4+8)19sLevel 12
00DDeternium warhammerwarhammerOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 4d3+8)(+0, 1d4+8)29sLevel 12
00DEeternium capmetal capHelm[+0, +4](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)28sLevel 18
00DFeternium bootsmetal bootsBoots[+0, +5](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d4)55sLevel 16
00E0eternium spearspearOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+2, 2d8+8)(+0, 1d4+8)25sLevel 12
00E1eternium quarrelquarrelRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 2d4+8)(+1, 4d6+8)1sLevel 10
00E2large eternium hammerlarge hammerOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](-1, 2d10+10)(-4, 1d6+8)55sLevel 18
00E3eternium flailflailOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 4d4+10)(+0, 1d4+8)66sLevel 15
00E4eternium girdlemetal girdleGirdle[+0, +4](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d4)12sLevel 16
00E5wand of stunningwillow wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 1
00E6wand of paralyzationbone wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 3
00E7wand of deathcopper wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 10
00E8wand of poisonobsidian wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 5
00E9ring of fireadamantium ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 4
00EAring of icemithril ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 4
00EBnecklace of the eyesplendid necklaceAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 1
00ECwand of webbingsoftwood wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)3sLevel 2
00EDpotion of literacysulphuric potionArtifact_Potion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 2
00EEdwarven sausage Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d3)20sLevel 1
00EFhurthling cake Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d3)30sLevel 1
00F0loaf of hurthling bread Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d3)30sLevel 1
00F1loaf of bread Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d3)40sLevel 1
00F2potion of strengthbubbly potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 3
00F3potion of learningmisty potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 1
00F4potion of willpowerpink potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 2
00F5potion of dexteritymuddy potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 3
00F6potion of toughnesssandy potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 3
00F7potion of charismamurky potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 1
00F8potion of beautysilvery potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 1
00F9potion of manablazing potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 2
00FAamulet of healthleather amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 5
00FBwand of fireballsmarble wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 7
00FCgolden gladius Artifact_Melee_Weapon[+3, +3](+2, 2d5+2)(-4, 1d3)30sLevel 1
00FDdwarven shieldancient dwarven shieldArtifact_Shield[+9, +6](+2, 1d6)(+0, 1d6)120sLevel 3
00FEfried bat Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)3sLevel 1
00FFcooked lizard Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)3sLevel 1
0100fat worm Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)3sLevel 1
0101rat tail Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)3sLevel 1
0102cooked roach Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)3sLevel 1
0103potion of youthmilky potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 3
0104potion of longevitypurple potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 3
0105elven long bow Artifact_Ranged_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 2d6)(+15, 2d6+15)30sLevel 30
0106ancient claymore Artifact_Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[+4, +0](+6, 6d8+6)(-8, 2d4+2)400sLevel 40
0107Aylas Holy Scarfsilk scarfArtifact_Amulet[+10, +10](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)5sLevel 30
0108arrow of undead slayingarrowRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+3, 2d4+3)2sLevel 3
0109arrow of construct slayingarrowRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+3, 1d6+3)2sLevel 6
010Aarrow of giant slayingarrowRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+3, 1d10+3)2sLevel 9
010Barrow of dragon slayingarrowRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+3, 1d6+3)2sLevel 12
010Carrow of humanoid slayingarrowRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+3, 1d6+3)2sLevel 15
010Dquarrel of undead slayingquarrelRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+3, 2d6+3)4sLevel 3
010Equarrel of construct slayingquarrelRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+3, 2d6+3)4sLevel 6
010Fquarrel of giant slayingquarrelRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+3, 2d8+3)4sLevel 9
0110quarrel of dragon slayingquarrelRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+3, 2d6+3)4sLevel 12
0111quarrel of humanoid slayingquarrelRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+3, 2d6+3)4sLevel 15
0112lead sling bulletsling bulletRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](-2, 1d4)(+3, 1d5)3sLevel 1
0113mithril sling bulletsling bulletRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](-2, 1d4)(+4, 2d5)3sLevel 4
0114adamantium sling bulletsling bulletRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](-2, 1d4)(+4, 3d4)3sLevel 9
0115eternium sling bulletsling bulletRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](-2, 1d4)(+5, 3d5)3sLevel 15
0116sling bullet of crashingsling bulletRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](-2, 1d4)(+5, 5d5)3sLevel 20
0117mace of disruption Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+2, 2d4+2)(+0, 1d4)100sLevel 7
0118heavy mace Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[-2, +0](+3, 2d5+3)(+0, 1d4)200sLevel 3
0119black long sword Artifact_Melee_Weapon[+4, +4](+3, 4d5+3)(-6, 1d3)80sLevel 6
011Asilvery two-handed sword Artifact_Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[-3, +0](+3, 6d5+3)(-8, 2d4+2)300sLevel 35
011Btorch Tool[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(-4, 1d3)10sLevel 1
011Cbox with flint and steel Tool[+0, +0](-4, 1d2)(-4, 1d2)5sLevel 1
011Dtinderbox Tool[+0, +0](-4, 1d2)(-4, 1d2)3sLevel 1
011Earrow of demon slayingarrowRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+3, 1d6+3)2sLevel 15
011Fquarrel of demon slayingquarrelRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+3, 2d6+3)4sLevel 15
0120sling bullet of demon slayingsling bulletRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](-2, 1d4)(+3, 2d3)3sLevel 15
0121holy avengerlong swordArtifact_Melee_Weapon[+6, +2](+4, 3d5+10)(-6, 3d5)60sLevel 15
0122Iron Crown of Havloriron crownArtifact_Helm[+12, +12](-6, 1d3)(-6, 1d3)65sLevel 25
0123iron crown Helm[+0, +1](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)65sLevel 20
0124wand of earthquakesstone wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 10
0125pendant of beautyruby amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 1
0126bracers of resistanceiron bracersBracers[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)10sLevel 2
0127ring of gain attributeruby ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 7
0128knife Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)8sLevel 1
0129rabbit knifeknifeOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d3+4)(+0, 1d3+4)8sLevel 3
012Athin dagger Artifact_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+4, 3d3)(+0, 3d3)10sLevel 6
012Bboots of sneakinessleather bootsBoots[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)20sLevel 1
012Cgirdle of strengthhard girdleGirdle[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)15sLevel 1
012Dpendant of manaamber amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 3
012EChaos Orb of Elemental Water Artifact_Tool[+0, +0](+3, 2d9+3)(+3, 1d10+3)100sLevel 1
012FChaos Orb of Elemental Air Artifact_Tool[+0, +0](+3, 2d9+3)(+3, 1d10+3)100sLevel 1
0130Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire Artifact_Tool[+0, +0](+3, 2d9+3)(+3, 1d10+3)100sLevel 1
0131Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth Artifact_Tool[+0, +0](+3, 3d9+3)(+3, 1d10+3)100sLevel 1
0132potion of ultra healingrainbow-hued potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 15
0133potion of blindnessamber potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 1
0134potion of deafnessred potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 1
0135potion of confusiongreen potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 1
0136heavy crossbow Artifact_Ranged_Weapon[+0, +0](-3, 1d6)(+18, 1d3+18)350sLevel 20
0137ring of slayingopal ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d8+6)(+0, 1d8+6)1sLevel 15
0138silvery arrow Artifact_Ranged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+10, 15d5)2sLevel 20
0139obsidian quarrel Artifact_Ranged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(+8, 20d4+8)2sLevel 25
013Acloak of adornmentmulti-colored cloakCloak[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)40sLevel 3
013Bamulet of free actiongolden amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 5
013Cstaff of the WandererquarterstaffArtifact_Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[+6, +3](+2, 3d8+2)(+0, 1d2)40sLevel 25
013Deternium ingotmetal ingotTool[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(-4, 1d4)8sLevel 12
013Ewand of wishingglowing wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 15
013Fring of invisibilityjade ringRing[+0, +1](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 10
0140blue dragon scale mail Armor[-1, +10](-1, 1d6+1)(-4, 1d6+2)200sLevel 20
0141black dragon scale mail Armor[-2, +11](-2, 1d6+2)(-4, 1d6+2)200sLevel 15
0142white dragon scale mail Armor[-2, +11](-2, 1d6+2)(-4, 1d6+2)200sLevel 15
0143red dragon scale mail Armor[-1, +13](-1, 1d6+1)(-4, 1d6+2)220sLevel 25
0144cudgel Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[-1, +0](+0, 2d4+1)(+0, 1d4)40sLevel 3
0145heavy cudgel Artifact_Melee_Weapon[-2, +0](+1, 5d3+4)(+0, 5d3)50sLevel 12
0146ebony spear Artifact_Melee_Weapon[+1, +1](+3, 4d7+3)(+0, 4d7)100sLevel 18
0147ring of see invisibleamber ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 8
0148ring of regenerationcoral ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 12
0149bracers of regenerationsteel bracersBracers[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)18sLevel 12
014Acrown of regenerationbrass crownHelm[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)55sLevel 20
014Bcloak of protectioncheap cloakCloak[+0, +3](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)20sLevel 3
014Ccloak of defensewarm cloakCloak[+3, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)20sLevel 3
014Dgloves of dexteritylight glovesGloves[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)6sLevel 5
014Ediadem of beautysilver diademHelm[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)35sLevel 6
014Fgauntlets of strengthiron-shod gauntletsGloves[-1, +1](-1, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)40sLevel 10
0150necklace of the silver tongueshining necklaceAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d2)(-4, 1d2)2sLevel 4
0151cloak of invisibilityfine cloakCloak[+1, +0](-1, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)30sLevel 5
0152scroll of dark predictionsscroll labeled "Odiv"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 3
0153scroll of chaos resistancescroll labeled "Yik Mech'Shegoth"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 10
0154ring of cold resistancemarble ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 1
0155ring of stun resistanceelectrum ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 1
0156ring of acid resistanceiron ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 1
0157potion of uselessnessviolet potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 5
0158rune-covered long sword Artifact_Melee_Weapon[+7, +7](+1, 5d3)(-6, 1d3)60sLevel 20
0159halberd Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[-2, +0](+4, 2d7+1)(-8, 2d4+2)100sLevel 3
015Aamulet of perseveranceelectrum amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 1
015Bbracers of toughnessbone bracersBracers[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)10sLevel 2
015Clead-filled mace Artifact_Melee_Weapon[-6, +0](+1, 8d5+3)(+0, 1d4)800sLevel 3
015Damulet of lightglass amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 1
015Ehexagonal key Tool[+0, +0](-8, 1d1)(-8, 1d1)1sLevel 1
015Fsmall key Tool[+0, +0](-8, 1d1)(-8, 1d1)1sLevel 1
0160tiny key Tool[+0, +0](-8, 1d1)(-8, 1d1)1sLevel 1
0161square key Tool[+0, +0](-8, 1d1)(-8, 1d1)1sLevel 1
0162round key Tool[+0, +0](-8, 1d1)(-8, 1d1)1sLevel 1
0163triangular key Tool[+0, +0](-8, 1d1)(-8, 1d1)1sLevel 1
0164silver key Artifact_Tool[+0, +0](-8, 1d1)(-8, 1d1)1sLevel 1
0165piece of iron orerock with metal veinsTool[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(-4, 1d4)120sLevel 1
0166piece of mithril orerock with metal veinsTool[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(-4, 1d4)110sLevel 1
0167piece of adamantium orerock with metal veinsTool[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(-4, 1d4)100sLevel 1
0168piece of eternium orerock with metal veinsTool[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(-4, 1d4)90sLevel 1
0169wand of door creationglass wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 2
016Aoil of rust removalwhite potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 2
016Bstatue Tool[+0, +0](-8, 4d4)(-8, 3d4+1)500sLevel 1
016Cwand of acidwooden wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)4sLevel 3
016Dwand of coldsilver wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)4sLevel 3
016Ewand of firegolden wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)4sLevel 3
016Forcish knifecrude knifeOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d3+2)(+0, 1d3+2)10sLevel 1
0170orcish spearcrude spearOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+1, 1d8+2)(+0, 1d6+2)75sLevel 1
0171potion of cure poisoncyan potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 2
0172scroll of great identifyscroll labeled "DOGO FUTSF"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 8
0173gauntlets of peacegauntletsGloves[+3, +3](-15, 1d2)(-15, 1d2)10sLevel 1
0174red dragon-hide gauntletsred gauntletsGloves[+0, +2](-2, 1d4)(+0, 1d3)10sLevel 5
0175black dragon-hide gauntletsblack gauntletsGloves[+0, +2](-2, 1d4)(+0, 1d3)10sLevel 5
0176blue dragon-hide gauntletsblue gauntletsGloves[+0, +2](-2, 1d4)(+0, 1d3)10sLevel 5
0177white dragon-hide gauntletswhite gauntletsGloves[+0, +2](-2, 1d4)(+0, 1d3)10sLevel 5
0178red leather gauntletsred gauntletsGloves[+0, +1](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)10sLevel 1
0179black leather gauntletsblack gauntletsGloves[+0, +1](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)10sLevel 1
017Ablue leather gauntletsblue gauntletsGloves[+0, +1](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)10sLevel 1
017Bwhite leather gauntletswhite gauntletsGloves[+0, +1](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)10sLevel 1
017Chelm of teleportationmetal helmetHelm[+0, +1](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)50sLevel 8
017Damulet of death ray resistancestone amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)7sLevel 1
017Eamulet of petrification resistanceopal amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 1
017Fbone Food[+0, +0](-2, 1d4)(-3, 1d3)4sLevel 1
0180potion of insightmagenta potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 2
0181scroll of lightscroll labeled "FROTZ"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0182scroll of darknessscroll labeled "ZTORF"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0183potion of wondershimmering potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 3
0184berzio potionbrown potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 3
0185scroll of teleportationscroll labeled "YTTOCS PU EM MAEB"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 6
0186scorched spear Artifact_Melee_Weapon[+2, +0](+2, 3d8+1)(+0, 2d4)50sLevel 1
0187scroll of satiationscroll labeled "FPMAM"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0188rubyred gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
0189sapphireblue gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
018Aemeraldgreen gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
018Bturquoiseblue gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
018Cturquoisegreen gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
018Daquamarineblue gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
018Eaquamarinegreen gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
018Famberbrown gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
0190topazbrown gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
0191opalwhite gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
0192worthless piece of white glasswhite gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
0193worthless piece of red glassred gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
0194worthless piece of blue glassblue gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
0195worthless piece of green glassgreen gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
0196worthless piece of brown glassbrown gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
0197Brannalbin's Cloak of Defensegray cloakArtifact_Cloak[+3, +3](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)30sLevel 8
0198ring of minor elemental masterytopaz ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 15
0199ring of elemental masteryemerald ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 15
019Aring of doomblack ringRing[-6, -6](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
019Bcrystal of knowledgegreen gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
019Ccrystal of lightwhite gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
019Dcrystal of darknessbrown gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
019Ecrystal of powerred gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
019Fdagger of returningthin daggerRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(+2, 1d4)10sLevel 3
01A0spear of returningshort spearRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+1, 1d6)(+2, 1d8)40sLevel 8
01A1short spear Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+1, 1d6)(+0, 1d4)40sLevel 1
01A2wand of trap detectionpurple wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 3
01A3bit of gnomish candybit of candyFood[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 4
01A4bit of plain candybit of candyFood[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 2
01A5melon Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)20sLevel 1
01A6crystal of firered gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
01A7crystal of healthblue gemGem[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 9
01A8gauntlets of eternal peacegauntletsArtifact_Gloves[+15, +3](-15, 1d2)(-15, 1d2)10sLevel 7
01A9heavy flail Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[-3, +0](+2, 4d4+2)(+0, 2d4)200sLevel 3
01AAmorning star Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[-2, +0](+1, 2d5+1)(+0, 2d3)175sLevel 5
01ABmighty morning starmorning starArtifact_Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[-8, +0](+16, 5d10+5)(+0, 2d6)220sLevel 15
01ACgirdle of the emperorsgolden girdleArtifact_Girdle[+13, +13](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d4)25sLevel 9
01ADamulet of balancegray amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 3
01AEamulet of the cold heartbleak amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 5
01AForcish helmetblack helmetHelm[+1, +2](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d3)100sLevel 2
01B0helm of leadershipsilver helmetHelm[+1, +2](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d3)100sLevel 7
01B1helm of beautysilver helmetHelm[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d3)50sLevel 7
01B2silver helmet Helm[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d3)50sLevel 7
01B3wand of destructioncedar wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 12
01B4staff of powerquarterstaffTwohanded_Melee_Weapon[+1, +1](+0, 1d10+2)(+0, 1d2)40sLevel 10
01B5staff of the magiquarterstaffTwohanded_Melee_Weapon[+3, +3](+2, 1d10+2)(+0, 1d2)40sLevel 15
01B6brass bracers Bracers[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)10sLevel 2
01B7brass amulet Amulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 1
01B8mace of destructionmaceOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+4, 5d6+6)(-4, 3d4+7)120sLevel 11
01B9staff of smitingquarterstaffTwohanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+4, 1d37+2)(-4, 1d20-4)30sLevel 10
01BAdagger of deathdaggerOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+1, 5d5+2)(+0, 1d4)10sLevel 8
01BBcloak of Omandirty cloakArtifact_Cloak[+4, +4](+2, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)20sLevel 12
01BClarge ration Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d3)200sLevel 1
01BDamulet of water breathingblue amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 15
01BEtrident Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+2, 3d5+1)(-2, 3d3+2)70sLevel 8
01BFrune-covered tridenttridentArtifact_Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[+4, +4](+6, 3d12+6)(+2, 3d8+4)80sLevel 1
01C0sword of NonnakbroadswordArtifact_Melee_Weapon[+2, +2](+2, 4d3+2)(-2, 3d3+1)80sLevel 1
01C1elemental gauntletsgauntletsArtifact_Gloves[+0, +3](-1, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)10sLevel 1
01C2manual of bridge buildinghuge manualBook[+0, +0](-4, 1d2)(-4, 1d2)100sLevel 1
01C3hatchet Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d6+1)(-1, 1d6+1)50sLevel 5
01C4log Tool[-3, +0](-12, 2d10+4)(-8, 2d10)800sLevel 1
01C5ring of the High Kingsplatinum ringArtifact_Ring[+2, +3](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 1
01C6potion of sicknesslight magenta potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 7
01C7sickle Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d4+2)(+0, 1d4)55sLevel 1
01C8scythe Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[-1, +0](+1, 2d6+1)(+0, 1d3)80sLevel 1
01C9loaf of dwarvish bread Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d3)60sLevel 1
01CApiece of dry meat Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)15sLevel 1
01CBamulet of lucklead amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)8sLevel 5
01CCbone helmet Helm[+0, +1](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)40sLevel 1
01CDthrowing knife Ranged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+1, 1d3+2)8sLevel 1
01CEheavy spear Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](-1, 1d8+2)(-3, 1d6+1)100sLevel 1
01CFcooking set Tool[+0, +0](-3, 1d8)(-6, 1d6)100sLevel 1
01D0piece of fresh meat Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)20sLevel 1
01D1spider shell armorshell armorArmor[-1, +5](+0, 1d5)(-2, 1d5)300sLevel 1
01D2shell armor Armor[-1, +2](+0, 1d5)(-2, 1d5)300sLevel 1
01D3wooden stick Tool[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d2)30sLevel 1
01D4fletchery set Tool[+0, +0](-3, 1d8)(-6, 1d6)70sLevel 1
01D5black robe Armor[+0, +1](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)50sLevel 1
01D6skull dagger Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d4+1)(+0, 1d4)10sLevel 1
01D7skull staff Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d10+1)(+0, 1d2)40sLevel 1
01D8skull club Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d6+1)(+0, 1d4)30sLevel 1
01D9heavy skull club Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[-1, +0](+1, 1d10+3)(-4, 1d10+1)120sLevel 2
01DAwooden shield Shield[+3, +1](+0, 1d6)(+0, 1d6)80sLevel 1
01DBheavy cudgel Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[-2, +0](-1, 2d5+2)(+0, 1d5+1)70sLevel 3
01DCfrog legs Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
01DDgolden ball Tool[+0, +0](-2, 1d4)(+0, 1d4)10sLevel 1
01DEspiked boots Boots[-1, +1](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d2)30sLevel 3
01DFbrass knuckles Gloves[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)10sLevel 1
01E0gloves of smitingglovesGloves[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)6sLevel 5
01E1phase daggergray daggerOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d4)5sLevel 10
01E2potion of boost strengthlight green potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 8
01E3potion of boost learningmercury potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 8
01E4potion of boost willpowerlight cyan potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 8
01E5potion of boost dexteritylight red potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 8
01E6potion of boost toughnessturquoise potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 8
01E7potion of boost charismalight blue potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 8
01E8potion of boost appearanceblubbery potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 8
01E9potion of boost perceptionbright potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 8
01EApotion of boost manarusty potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 8
01EBscroll of luckscroll labeled "YIKES"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 12
01ECscroll of ill fatescroll labeled "IAZNAB"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 12
01EDscroll of treasure creationscroll labeled "NADSIL SEETRURA"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 12
01EEscroll of item creationscroll labeled "GNOZAB"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 18
01EFstone spear Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d8)(+0, 1d4)120sLevel 1
01F0stone axe Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d7+1)(-4, 1d4)170sLevel 1
01F1stone club Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d6)(+0, 1d4)70sLevel 1
01F2crystal scale mailscale mailArmor[+0, +8](-1, 1d5)(-2, 1d5)620sLevel 12
01F3crystal chain mailchain mailArmor[-1, +9](-1, 1d5)(-3, 1d5)620sLevel 11
01F4crystal plate mailplate mailArmor[-2, +11](-2, 1d6+2)(-4, 1d6+2)720sLevel 12
01F5small crystal shieldsmall shieldShield[+5, +0](+0, 1d6)(+0, 1d4)72sLevel 6
01F6medium crystal shieldmedium shieldShield[+9, +4](+0, 1d6)(+0, 1d6)160sLevel 6
01F7large crystal shieldlarge shieldShield[+10, +2](-1, 1d8)(+0, 1d8)210sLevel 6
01F8tower crystal shieldtower shieldShield[+13, +4](-2, 1d5+2)(+0, 1d8+1)260sLevel 6
01F9scroll of dangerscroll labeled "REGNAD"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
01FAscroll of peacescroll labeled "GNAY-GNIY"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
01FBpotion of troll bloodblood red potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 2
01FCpotion of raw manasparkling potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 2
01FDpotion of oilslimy potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 10
01FEpotion of educationdull potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 10
01FFpotion of traininglight yellow potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 3
0200money beltleather girdleGirdle[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)5sLevel 8
0201crystal dagger Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 2d3+4)(+0, 1d4+2)25sLevel 1
0202book titled "The Collected Works of Confucious"brittle bookBook[+0, +0](-4, 1d2)(-4, 1d2)400sLevel 1
0203scroll of item destructionscroll labeled "MUNCH MUNCH"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0204phial of Caladrielcrystal phialArtifact_Potion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 2
0205scroll of chargingscroll labeled "KAPOW"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 3
0206crown of sciencesteel crownArtifact_Helm[+4, +8](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)65sLevel 20
0207shield of raw steelsteel shieldArtifact_Shield[+18, +12](+2, 1d6)(+0, 1d6)180sLevel 3
0208spear of raw steelsteel spearArtifact_Melee_Weapon[+4, +0](+4, 4d10+8)(+0, 4d5+8)120sLevel 1
0209amulet of raw steelsteel amuletArtifact_Amulet[+3, +3](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)10sLevel 1
020Aclimbing set Tool[+0, +0](-3, 1d8)(-6, 1d6)180sLevel 1
020Bmithril arrowarrowRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3+3)(+0, 1d6+3)2sLevel 3
020Cadamantium arrowarrowRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3+6)(+1, 1d6+6)1sLevel 6
020Deternium arrowarrowRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 2d3+8)(+1, 2d6+8)1sLevel 12
020Ehelm of water breathingblue metal capHelm[+0, +1](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)30sLevel 10
020Fwaterproof blanketblanketTool[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)10sLevel 1
0210plain blanketblanketTool[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)10sLevel 1
0211scroll of informationscroll labeled "ENO OWT EERHT"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0212mummy wrappingstrange wrappingArmor[-2, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)50sLevel 1
0213ancient mummy wrappingstrange wrappingArtifact_Armor[+1, +5](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)60sLevel 1
0214ankh Artifact_Amulet[+2, +2](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 1
0215papyrus scroll Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0216herb seedseedFood[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0217plant seedseedFood[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0218wand of far slayingbrittle wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 2
0219fireproof blanketblanketTool[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)10sLevel 1
021Apotion of cure corruptionmottled potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 2
021Bwand of ball lightningcurved wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)4sLevel 3
021Cboots of the divine messengerfine leather bootsArtifact_Boots[+3, +3](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)25sLevel 4
021Dhuge iron hammer Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[-3, +0](-1, 2d9+2)(-10, 1d10)200sLevel 3
021Ehammer of the godshuge iron hammerArtifact_Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[-6, +0](+1, 7d6+8)(-6, 3d10)400sLevel 15
021FPerion's mithril plate mailplate mailArtifact_Armor[-1, +13](-1, 3d2)(-4, 1d6+2)450sLevel 5
0220orcish dagger Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+1, 1d4+2)(+0, 1d4)10sLevel 1
0221orcish daggerbloody daggerOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+3, 2d3+5)(+0, 1d4)10sLevel 1
0222whip Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(+0, 1d2)15sLevel 1
0223scourge Onehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](-4, 1d3+3)(+0, 1d2+1)25sLevel 1
0224intricate wooden shieldwooden shieldArtifact_Shield[+6, +3](+0, 1d6)(+0, 1d6)80sLevel 7
0225small black shieldsmall shieldArtifact_Shield[+5, +5](+1, 1d6)(+0, 1d4)50sLevel 12
0226scroll of increase melee accuracyscroll labeled "WoPaK"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0227scroll of increase melee damagescroll labeled "HcUo"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0228scroll of defensescroll labeled "HITME"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0229scroll of protectionscroll labeled "CUTME"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
022Awhistle Instrument[+0, +0](-3, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 1
022Bring of speedaquamarine ringRing[+0, +1](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
022Cboots of speedsoft bootsBoots[+2, +0](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d2)20sLevel 5
022Damulet of speedbronze amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 5
022Eseven league bootsworn bootsBoots[+1, +0](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d2)30sLevel 3
022Fbracers of speedbronze bracersBracers[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)10sLevel 5
0230ring of teleport controlglowing ringRing[+0, +1](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
0231bandage Tool[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0232orcish battle axecrude battle axeOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](-1, 1d7+3)(-2, 1d6+2)120sLevel 1
0233scroll of repairscroll labeled "FOO BAR"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0234giant boar skull Tool[+0, +0](-4, 1d12)(-10, 1d12)300sLevel 1
0235potion of potential strengthviscous potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 3
0236potion of potential learningthick potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 1
0237potion of potential willpowerspeckled potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 2
0238potion of potential dexterityshiny potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 3
0239potion of potential toughnessheavy potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 3
023Apotion of potential charismatranslucent potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 1
023Bpotion of potential beautyclotted potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 1
023Cpotion of potential manalight potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 2
023Dscroll of vermin controlscroll labeled "CHUTZPAH"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
023Eboots of great speedhide bootsArtifact_Boots[+5, +0](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d2)20sLevel 5
023Fpotion of boost speedthin potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 5
0240Crown of Chaosobsidian crownArtifact_Helm[+0, +15](-6, 1d3)(-6, 1d3)500sLevel 50
0241Sceptre of Chaosobsidian sceptreArtifact_Melee_Weapon[-8, +0](+8, 6d6+8)(+0, 1d40+20)800sLevel 50
0242alchemistic glovesglovesGloves[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)6sLevel 5
0243black torc Artifact_Amulet[+4, +2](+0, 1d10+2)(+2, 2d6+2)3sLevel 1
0244huge rock Ranged_Ammo[+0, +0](-10, 1d20)(-10, 10d6)1000sLevel 1
0245strange messagescroll labeled "Fox Nawagu"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0246Medal of Chaosobsidian amuletArtifact_Amulet[+12, +3](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)300sLevel 1
0247helm of mental stabilitycrystal helmetHelm[+0, +1](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d3)100sLevel 6
0248ring of mental stabilityagate ringRing[+0, +1](+0, 1d4)(+0, 1d3)1sLevel 3
0249ring of the clear mindfire opal ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 5
024Arune-covered club Artifact_Melee_Weapon[-3, +0](+12, 3d6+2)(+0, 1d4)120sLevel 2
024Bglaivejet-black glaiveArtifact_Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[+4, +0](+4, 7d3)(+66, 7d4)100sLevel 2
024CShirt of the SaintsclothesArtifact_Armor[+8, +4](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)20sLevel 1
024Dscroll of warningscribbled scrollScroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
024Eheavy throwing clubthrowing clubRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](-1, 1d5)(-2, 2d6+4)80sLevel 3
024Fcurved throwing clubthrowing clubRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](-1, 1d5)(+0, 2d5)30sLevel 7
0250throwing club of deaththrowing clubRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](-1, 1d5)(+0, 4d6+4)40sLevel 10
0251mithril drakish scurgardrakish scurgarRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+3, 1d3+3)(+5, 1d8+5)8sLevel 3
0252adamantium drakish scurgardrakish scurgarRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+5, 1d3+5)(+7, 1d8+7)7sLevel 8
0253eternium drakish scurgardrakish scurgarRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+7, 1d3+7)(+9, 2d8+9)5sLevel 12
0254drakish scurgar of returningdrakish scurgarRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+2, 2d6+2)10sLevel 9
0255drakish scurgar of deathdrakish scurgarRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+12, 6d8+6)10sLevel 19
0256mithril two-handed swordtwo-handed swordTwohanded_Melee_Weapon[-1, +0](+6, 3d5+6)(-5, 2d4+5)80sLevel 11
0257adamantium two-handed swordtwo-handed swordTwohanded_Melee_Weapon[-1, +0](+12, 3d5+12)(-3, 2d4+7)70sLevel 16
0258eternium two-handed swordtwo-handed swordTwohanded_Melee_Weapon[-1, +0](+18, 6d5+18)(-1, 4d4+9)50sLevel 21
0259whip of slaughteringwhipOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](-4, 1d30)(+0, 1d2)15sLevel 24
025Awhip of the snakewhipOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](-2, 5d2+7)(+0, 1d2)15sLevel 30
025Bmithril halberdhalberdTwohanded_Melee_Weapon[-2, +0](+7, 2d7+4)(-5, 2d4+5)80sLevel 6
025Cadamantium halberdhalberdTwohanded_Melee_Weapon[-2, +0](+9, 2d7+6)(-3, 2d4+7)70sLevel 9
025Deternium halberdhalberdTwohanded_Melee_Weapon[-2, +0](+11, 4d7+8)(-1, 4d4+9)50sLevel 16
025Ehalberd of defensehalberdTwohanded_Melee_Weapon[+18, +0](+7, 2d7+4)(-5, 2d4+5)80sLevel 16
025Ftwo-handed sword of parryingtwo-handed swordTwohanded_Melee_Weapon[+16, +0](+3, 3d5+3)(-8, 2d4+2)100sLevel 12
0260knife of enduranceknifeOnehanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+6, 1d3+6)(+0, 1d3)8sLevel 17
0261robe of invisibilityrobeArmor[+0, +1](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)60sLevel 18
0262potion of raw chaosflickering potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 8
0263bracers of warshining silver bracersArtifact_Bracers[+8, +4](+16, 1d1)(+16, 1d1)10sLevel 5
0264Chaos Orb of Elemental Mana Artifact_Tool[+0, +0](+3, 1d16+3)(+3, 1d10+3)100sLevel 1
0265black rune-covered daggerdaggerArtifact_Melee_Weapon[+4, +1](+8, 3d4)(+8, 3d4)10sLevel 20
0266black rune-covered daggerdaggerArtifact_Melee_Weapon[+4, +1](+8, 3d4)(+8, 3d4)10sLevel 20
0267wand of item detectiontwisted wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 4
0268wand of gold detectionbronze wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)6sLevel 4
0269wand of monster detectionebony wandWand[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)3sLevel 4
026Aratling pamphlettattered scrollScroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
026Bshort bow of accuracyshort bowRanged_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+6, 1d3)20sLevel 5
026Clong bow of accuracylong bowRanged_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+8, 1d2+2)30sLevel 5
026Dlight crossbow of accuracylight crossbowRanged_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d4)(+8, 1d4)70sLevel 5
026Eheavy crossbow of accuracyheavy crossbowRanged_Weapon[+0, +0](-3, 1d6)(+9, 1d3+3)140sLevel 5
026Fsling of accuracyslingRanged_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+5, 1d1+1)3sLevel 5
0270sling of the long shotslingRanged_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+2, 1d1+1)3sLevel 5
0271crumpled scroll Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
0272rune-covered sling Artifact_Ranged_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+12, 1d1+12)3sLevel 1
0273fine leather armorleather armorArtifact_Armor[+2, +8](+2, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)120sLevel 12
0274jet-black battle axe Artifact_Melee_Weapon[-4, +1](+2, 5d6+6)(-4, 5d3+2)90sLevel 9
0275robes of resistance Artifact_Armor[+3, +12](-4, 1d1)(-4, 1d1)60sLevel 10
0276staff of the archmagiquarterstaffArtifact_Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[+9, +0](+5, 5d2+2)(+0, 1d2)40sLevel 20
0277ring of immunitysapphire ringArtifact_Ring[+5, +5](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 15
0278rune-covered heavy maceheavy maceArtifact_Melee_Weapon[-4, +1](+5, 4d5+5)(+0, 1d4)200sLevel 13
0279medium obsidian shieldmedium shieldArtifact_Shield[+20, +4](+0, 1d12+3)(+0, 1d6)46sLevel 15
027Asapphire amulet Artifact_Amulet[+4, +4](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 5
027Bcrown of leadershipsilver crownArtifact_Helm[+2, +7](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)65sLevel 10
027Cdwarven pick axepick axeArtifact_Melee_Weapon[+2, +2](+2, 2d10+4)(+0, 1d10-2)90sLevel 7
027Dcrown of firered crownHelm[+1, +2](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)65sLevel 8
027Ecrown of iceblue crownHelm[+1, +2](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)65sLevel 20
027Fcrown of lightningyellow crownHelm[+0, +1](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d3)65sLevel 20
0280potion of quickling bloodopaque potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 20
0281potion of visibilitysmelly potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)4sLevel 1
0282iron gauntlets Artifact_Gloves[+1, +3](-1, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)10sLevel 1
0283gloves of carryingglovesGloves[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)6sLevel 8
0284javelin of deathblack javelinRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+1, 2d3)(+9, 6d6)40sLevel 15
0285javelin of doomobsidian javelinRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+1, 2d3)(+9, 6d6)40sLevel 30
0286black hurthling quarreltiny quarrelRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](-2, 1d3)(+1, 1d3+2)2sLevel 3
0287long bow of huntinglong bowRanged_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+6, 1d2+3)30sLevel 12
0288figurine of wondrous powerfigurineTool[+0, +0](-8, 4d4)(-8, 3d4+1)25sLevel 11
0289black tome of Alsophocusblack tomeArtifact_Book[+0, +0](-4, 1d2)(-4, 1d2)400sLevel 1
028Aarrow of jelly slayingarrowRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+3, 2d4+3)2sLevel 3
028Bquarrel of jelly slayingquarrelRanged_Ammo[+0, +0](+0, 1d3)(+3, 2d6+3)4sLevel 3
028Cshining long spearlong spearArtifact_Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[+3, +0](+9, 3d7)(+36, 10d4)10sLevel 10
028Demerald daggerdaggerArtifact_Melee_Weapon[+3, +1](+3, 3d4+3)(+9, 3d6)13sLevel 4
028Eplatinum girdle Artifact_Girdle[+18, +9](+3, 1d2+3)(+0, 1d2)20sLevel 1
028Firon-shod quarterstaffquarterstaffTwohanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+1, 1d10+5)(+0, 1d4+2)80sLevel 3
0290mithril-shod quarterstaffquarterstaffTwohanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d10+6)(+0, 1d4+6)64sLevel 6
0291adamantium-shod quarterstaffquarterstaffTwohanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 1d10+8)(+0, 1d4+8)57sLevel 10
0292eternium-shod quarterstaffquarterstaffTwohanded_Melee_Weapon[+0, +0](+0, 2d10+10)(+0, 2d4+10)40sLevel 16
0293quicksilver quarterstaffquarterstaffTwohanded_Melee_Weapon[+3, +0](+6, 5d3+5)(+0, 5d2+6)20sLevel 25
0294Trident of the Red Roosterred tridentArtifact_Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[+12, +12](+36, 6d12+18)(+8, 9d8+16)150sLevel 1
0295moloch armorhulking armorArmor[-30, +50](-8, 3d10)(-16, 3d10+2)15000sLevel 3
0296fancy clothes Armor[+1, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)30sLevel 1
0297ugly clothes Armor[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)50sLevel 1
0298blood-stained robe Armor[+0, +1](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)60sLevel 1
0299clean robe Armor[+0, +1](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)60sLevel 1
029Aarchery glovesglovesGloves[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+4, 1d1)6sLevel 2
029Bboxing glovesglovesGloves[+2, +1](+3, 1d1+1)(-5, 1d1)6sLevel 4
029Cstudded glovesglovesGloves[+1, +2](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)6sLevel 3
029Dblank scrollunlabeled scrollScroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
029Eweird tome Artifact_Book[+0, +0](-4, 1d2)(-4, 1d2)100sLevel 1
029Fring mail Armor[-1, +3](-1, 1d4)(-1, 1d4)300sLevel 1
02A0mithril ring mailring mailArmor[-1, +5](-1, 1d4)(-1, 1d4)240sLevel 6
02A1adamantium ring mailring mailArmor[+0, +7](-1, 1d4)(-2, 1d4)216sLevel 13
02A2eternium ring mailscale mailArmor[+0, +9](-1, 2d4)(-1, 2d4)196sLevel 24
02A3splint mail Armor[-2, +6](-2, 3d2)(-4, 1d6+2)450sLevel 2
02A4mithril splint mailsplint mailArmor[-2, +7](-2, 1d6+2)(-4, 1d6+2)360sLevel 6
02A5adamantium splint mailsplint mailArmor[-2, +9](-2, 1d6+2)(-4, 1d6+2)278sLevel 13
02A6eternium splint mailsplint mailArmor[-1, +11](-1, 1d8+4)(-2, 1d8+4)200sLevel 26
02A7magical writing setwriting setTool[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)5sLevel 5
02A8tract of chaostomeBook[+0, +0](-4, 1d2)(-4, 1d2)150sLevel 3
02A9tract of balancetomeBook[+0, +0](-4, 1d2)(-4, 1d2)200sLevel 7
02AAtract of ordertomeBook[+0, +0](-4, 1d2)(-4, 1d2)250sLevel 5
02ABrune-covered halberdhalberdArtifact_Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[-2, +0](+15, 4d8+10)(-1, 5d4+9)50sLevel 16
02ACaxe of the minotaur emperorgreat axeArtifact_Twohanded_Melee_Weapon[-6, +4](+12, 3d20+16)(-12, 3d16+6)1200sLevel 1
02ADboots of the slow shufflegreased bootsBoots[-6, +0](+0, 1d3)(+0, 1d2)20sLevel 9
02AEamulet of hungertarnished amuletAmulet[+0, +0](-4, 1d3)(-4, 1d3)3sLevel 7
02AFring of weaknessplain ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 10
02B0ring of the fishvibrating ringRing[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 3
02B1scroll of cure blindnessscroll labeled "YNORI ERUP"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 3
02B2potion of stun recoveryicky potionPotion[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)2sLevel 2
02B3scroll of educationscroll labeled "MANNANNANMACLIR"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
02B4piece of fish meat Food[+0, +0](+0, 1d2)(+0, 1d2)10sLevel 1
02B5scroll of literacy checkscroll labeled "EDEVESH HANAGASH"Scroll[+0, +0](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)2sLevel 1
02B6marble statue Tool[+0, +0](-16, 4d8)(-16, 6d6+1)2000sLevel 1
02B7unfinished statue of an unquestionably famous hero Tool[+0, +0](-16, 4d8)(-16, 6d6+1)2000sLevel 1
02B8ring of karmic absorptionscratched ringRing[+0, +1](+0, 1d1)(+0, 1d1)1sLevel 9