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I work in the information resources section at NTNU University Library, where I work with programming and data modelling.

As I largely work alone, I invest a lot of time in working with people outside my institution, the kind of skills I have are not widespread at a university library in Norway and it is therefore important to keep in touch with what clever people are doing abroad.

My professional interests cover Web technologies generally and semantic Web technologies particularly. I write and speak about my professional interests; I list some of these activities below.

I spend a lot of time working with software related to knowledge management, most of the work I do is peripheral to the library domain — scientific units, geolocation and administrative/organizational data.

Outside work, I'm interested in languages both artificial and natural; I don't speak many though, just English (my mother tongue) and Norwegian, with a bit of French and German if really pressed; I like food and drink, brewing beer, hiking and fly fishing. And computers.



Stuff written in Java, Javascript and PHP. If properly motivated, I also use other languages. Some examples of the type of software I work with:


Some of the data packages I worked on

Presentations & publications

I give many talks every year; I only list those presented outside my place of work. (If you're wondering why there is always some inconsistency in the ordering of these listings, so do I — this data is retrieved from the Norwegian national research repository, Cristin.)



Work experience