PhD Students and Postdoc

Supervised or evaluated by Gerard Doorman


PhD students supervised by Gerard Doorman:


Camilla Thorrud Larsen

Hydro power scheduling in systems with high share of intermittent generation


Karen Byskov Lindberg

The influence of Zero Emission Buildings on the overall energy system


Martin Håberg

Standard Products for Balancing



Stefan Jaehnert: Integration of Regulating Power Markets in Northern Europe (2012)


Hossein Farahmand: Integrated Power System Balancing in Northern Europe - Models and Case Studies (2012)


Yonas Gebrekiros: Analysis of Integrated Balancing Markets in Northern Europe under Different Market Design Options (2015)


Christian Skar: Modelling low emision scenarios fort he European power sector (2016)


Note that most NTNU PhD theses can be downloaded from DIVA under Search: PhD dissertation



Participated in exam committee:

Florian Kienzle, ETH Zürich, Switzerland (2010): Evaluation of Investments in Multi-Carrier Energy Systems under Uncertainty

Reinier van der Veen, TU Delft, Netherlands (2012): Designing Multinational Electricity

Balancing Markets

Alireza Abbasy, TU Delft, Netherlands (2012): National Design and Multinational Integration of Balancing Services Markets

Richard Scharff, KTH Stockholm, Sweden (2012, licentiate degree): On Distributed Balancing of Wind Power Forecast Deviations in Competitive Power Systems

Ralph Hermans, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands (2012): Distributed Control of Deregulated Electrical

Power Networks

Juha Kiviluoma, Aalto University, Finland (2013): Managing wind power variability and uncertainty through increased power system flexibility

Jerom de Haan, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands (2015): Cross border balancing in Europe



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