Master projects

supervised by Gerard Doorman


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Most master theses are written in Norwegian, in which case the English title is given in parentheses.



Tore Dyrendahl

            Impact of Large Implementation of ZEBs in the Norwegian Power System


Ragnhild Aker Nordeng

            Flow based market clearing: estimation of net positions


Vegard Bremerthun Svarstad

            Flow based market clearing: GSK strategies



Arild Lote Henden

            Kraftutveksling med usikkerhet i brenselpriser


Erika Stadler Kjetså

            Kraftutveksling med usikkerhet i brenselpriser


Per Arne Vada

            Modellering av kraftvarme i Samkjøringsmodellen


Turi Haugland

            Ubalanser i det nordiske kraftsystemet

(Imbalances in the Nordic power system)



Kristin Kolås Henriksen

            Large scale integration of renewable energy in the EU


Raghav Gogia

            Long term scenarios for Europe's energy supply


Gjert Rosenlund

            Optimal production balance with wind power


Odd Kristian Hagen

            Fremtidig kraftutveksling mellom Norge og det europeiske kontinentet

(Future power exchange between Norway and the European continent)



My sabbatical – no master students.



Ingrid Bjørshol Holm

            Modellering av usikkerhet i tilgjengelighet i produksjonskapasitet og utvekslingskapasitet

            (Modelling of uncertainty in availability of generation and exchange capacity)


Ingrid E. Haukeli

            Smartgrids – the effect of increased demand elasticity at the system level


Dag Martin Frøystad

            Norwegian hydropower and large scale wind generation in the North Sea


Mads V. Lindjørn

            Integration of reserve markets in the Nordic power system


Eivind Løvdal Knutsen

            Power system expansion planning in Mozambique – energy system simulations



Marie Busuttil

            Seasonal hydro scheduling for multi-owner river systems


Kristian Engen

            The process from metering of a kWh at the customer site to an invoice is sent from the Distribution System Operator


Steinar Beurling

            Investment analysis with the EMPS model


Mats Elvethon Bakken

            Investment analysis with the EMPS model



Idunn Finnanger Gangaune

            Opprustning av Svorkmo Kraftverk

            (Refurbishment of Svorkmo Power Station)


Kristian Wiik Ravnaas

            Optimale bud for vindkraftverk

            (Optimal bidding for wind power)


Mari R. Westeng

            Integrerte el- og gassmarkeder i eTransport

            (Integrated electricity and gas markets in eTransport)


Heidi T. Ose

            Optimal use of the hydro resources in Albania


Stig Skaflestad

            Regulerkraftkostnader for vindkraft

            (Balance costs for wind power)




Christina Kvamme

            Investering i vannkraftverk

            (Investment in a hydro power plant)


Andreas Stokke

            Effekttariffer i en skandinavisk kontekst

            (Capacity based tariffs in a Scandinavian context)


Anders Foosnes

            Nettregulering i en nordisk kontekst

            (Grid regulation in a Nordic context)


Anders Myhr

            Integrasjon av vindkraft i Troms

            Konfidensielt (confidential)

            (Integration of wind power in Troms)


Birger Bjørland

            Sluttbrukets betydning i energiplanlegging

            (The impact of demand on energy planning)




Kaia Solland

            Simulering av kraftsituasjonen i Midt-Norge med Samkjøringsmodellen

            (Simulation of the power situation in Mid-Norway with the EMPS model)


Vegard Willumsen

            Bidding Wind Power on the Day-Ahead Market by Minimizing the Imbalance Costs


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