The Drabløs Family


Here we are, from left Eva, Karin and Erik, and Finn behind them. This picture is from EPCOT on May 17, Norway's National Day. That is why we are wearing small red, white and blue ribbons.

Karin with snake Karin in Thailand

Karin has been to Thailand (2004) with Solborg (a "folkehøgskole"). She is to the left in the first picture, center in the second one. She is currently in Nicaragua (page in Norwegian).

Erik as scout

This is a picture of Erik at a scout meeting (2003). He is a very active web user (too active, according to his mother ...), and you can find him several places on the internet, including here. He is currently at Solborg (the same "folkehøgskole" that Karin attended).

Fishing In the woods

Finally some old pictures. The first picture is from Åsestranda, in Ålesund (my home town). Eva is busy washing some fish we caught in the fjord early in the morning, and Erik and Karin are helping her. The second picture shows Erik, Karin and me having a short rest during a beautiful walk in Bymarka here in Trondheim.