Paul Dommersnes

Adjunct Professor

Department of Physics

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Professor Dommersnes graduated with MSc in physics from NTNU in 1996, and PhD in theoretical physics from ESPCI, Paris in 1999, followed by postdoctoral appointments at NTNU, MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Institut Curie in Paris. In 2005 he became Maitre de Conferences (Assistant/Associate Professor) in the Physics Department of Universite Paris Diderot. In 2011-2012 he was invited CAS Fellow at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. He has served as scientific consultant for life science companies and start-ups. Dommersnes was appointed Adjunct Professor (Professor II) at the Department of Physics at NTNU in 2014.

Research Interests

Soft Matter, Active Matter, Mechanics, Hydrodynamics, Biological Physics

Systems: colloids, droplets, surfactants, bilayer membranes, polymers, micro-structured surfaces, living cells



Mechanics of Pickering Drops Probed by Electric Field Induced Stress

Alexander Mikkelsen, Paul Dommersnes, Zbigniew Rozynek, Azarmidokht Gholamipour-Shirazi, Marcio da Silveira Carvalho and Jon Otto Fossum

Materials 10, 436 (2017)

Exogenous lysophospholipids with large head groups perturb clathrin-mediated endocytosis

I. Ailte, A. B. D. Lingelem, A. S. Kvalvaag, S. Kavaliauskiene, A. Brech, G. Koster, P. Dommersnes, J. Bergan, T. Skotland and K. Sandvig

Traffic: The International Journal of Intracellular Transport , 18 (2017)


Electro-hydrodynamic propulsion of counter-rotating Pickering drops

P. Dommersnes, A. Mikkelsen & J. O. Fossum

European Physical Journal Special Topics, 225, 699 - 705 (2016)

Surface structuring of particle laden drops using electric fields

P. Dommersnes & J. O. Fossum

European Physical Journal Special Topics, 225, 715 - 728 (2016)

Transition from glass- to gel-like states in clay at a liquid interface

A. Gholamipour-Shirazi, M. S. Carvalho, M. Huila, K. Araki, P. Dommersnes & J. O. Fossum

Scientific Reports by Nature 6, 37239 (2016)

Electric stress induced slip lines in jammed particle monolayers

A. Mikkelsen, P. Dommersnes & J. O. Fossum

Revista Cubana De FIsica 33, 50-52 (2016)


Nanopatterning of Mobile Lipid Monolayers on Electron-Beam-Sculpted Teflon AF Surfaces

M. Shaali, S. Lara-Avilla, P. Dommersnes, A. Ainla, S. Kubatkin & A. Jesorka

ACS Nano, 9, 1271 (2015)


Electroformation of Janus and patchy capsules

Z. Rozynek, A. Mikkelsen, P. Dommersnes & J. O. Fossum

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Pore dynamics in lipid membranes

I. Gozen & P. Dommersnes

European Physical Journal ST, 223, 1813-1829 (2014)

Electrohydrodynamic controlled assembly and fracturing of thin colloidal particle films confined at drop interfaces

Z. Rozynek, P. Dommersnes, A. Mikkelsen, L. Michels & J. O. Fossum

European Physical Journal ST, 223, 1859-1867 (2014)


Active structuring of colloidal armour on liquid drops

P. Dommersnes, Z. Rozynek, A. Mikkelsen, R. Castberg, K. Kjerstad, K. Hersvik & J. O. Fossum

Nature Communications 4, 2066 (2013)

Thermal Migration of Lipid Films as Contactless Fabrication Strategy for Lipid Nanotube Networks

I. Gozen, M. Shaali, A. Ainla; B. Ortmen, I. Poldsalu, K. Kustanovich, G. Jeffries, Z. Konkoli, P. Dommersnes & A. Jesorka

Lab on a Chip, 13, 3822 (2013)

Repair of large area pores in supported membranes

I. Gozen, B. Ortmen, I. Poldsalu, P. Dommersnes, O. Orwar & A. Jesorka

Soft Matter 9, 2787 (2013)

Spontaneous shape transformation of free-floating membrane nanotubes

I. N. Stepanyants, H. Zhang, T. Lobovkina, P. Dommersnes, G. D. M. Jeffries, A. Jesorka & O. Orwar

Soft Matter, 9, 5155 (2013)


Evidence for membrane flow through pores in stacked phospholipid membranes

I. Gozen, P. Dommersnes, O. Orwar & A. Jesorka

Soft Matter, 8, 6220 (2012)

Clay alignment in electric fields

R. Castberg, Z. Rozynek, J. O. Fossum, K. J. Maloy, P. Dommersnes & E. G. Flekkoy

Cuban Journal of Physics, Revista Cubana de Fisica, 29-1E, 17-19 (2012)


Calcium-ion-controlled nanoparticle-induced tubulation in supported flat phospholipid vesicles

I.Gozen, C. Billerit, P. Dommersnes, A. Jesorka & O. Orwar

Soft Matter, 7, 9706 (2011)

Heat-induced formation of single giant unilamellar vesicles

C. Billerit, I. Wegrzyn, G. D. M. Jeffries, P. Dommersnes, O. Orwar & A. Jesorka

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Soft-Matter Nanotubes

Lobovkina, A. Jesorka, B. Onfelt, J. Lagerwall, P. Dommersnes & O. Orwar

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Fractal Avalanche Ruptures in Biological Membranes

I.Gozen, P. Dommersnes, I. Czolkos, A. Jesorka, T. Lobovkina & O. Orwar

Nature Materials, 9, 908 (2010)

Fluctuations of the Casimir-like force between two membrane inclusions

A.F. Bitbol, P. Dommersnes & J.B. Fournier

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Shape optimization in lipid nanotube networks

T. Lobovkina, P. Dommersnes, S. Tiourine, J.-F. Joanny & O. Orwar

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Controlled release of Chol-TEG-DNA from nano- and micropatterned SU-8 surfaces by a spreading lipid film

Y. Erkan, K. Halma, I. Czolkos, A. Jesorka, P. Dommersnes, R. Kumar,T. Brown & O. Orwar

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Formation and relase of circular lipid nanotubes

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Fluid imbibition in paper fibers: Precursor front

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Controlled formation and mixing of two-dimensional fluids

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Osmotically driven shape instabilities in axons

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Single-file electrophoretic transport and counting of individual DNA molecules in surfactant nanotubes

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