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Welcome to my homepage.

I am a researcher at the Department of Physics, NTNU. My current research activities are on modeling the properties of disordered media using stochastic networks, with the aim of analyzing the mechanical properties of rocks, fibre-webs, etc. For instance, in the physics of oil recovery, stochastic modeling is required in order to understand the complex cracking behaviour that occurs on the meso-scopic level when water is injected into porous rock. Other areas of research where I've applied the stochastic modeling approach is in the study of fracture in thin disordered fibre webs, i.e., paper - specifically with respect to the interaction of fracture with buckling. Previous research I've done has centered on the quantum physics of many-body systems and related applications of this in nuclear- and astro-physics.

My research falls within the category theoretical physics, although much of it has practical engineering applications. It is part of the COMPLEX Systems and Materials Program in Norway, which focuses on the properties of soft condensed matter, i.e., matter which displays a highly complex physical structure at the microscopic or meso-scopic level. Examples are granular, porous and fibrous materials, both man-made and naturally occurring (such as the aforementioned paper sheets and rocks).

Currently my research is part of a collaboration between the Department of Formation Physics at SINTEF and the Complex Group at the Department of Physics at NTNU, and is funded by the CLIMIT program.


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