Bjarne Strøm

Recent publications:

·         (Iversen, J. M. V. and B. Strøm): Skills, employment and labor market institutions: Evidence from PIAAC. Forthcoming Labour. 2020.

·         (Strøm, B. and T. Falch): The role of teacher quality in education production. In Bradley, S. and C. Green (eds.), Economics of Education, 2nd Edition, London: Academic Press, 2020, pp 307-319.

·         (Bensnes, S. S. and B. Strøm): Earning or learning: How extending closing time in the retail sector affects youth employment and education. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics Vol 81, 2019, 299-327.

·         (Falch, T., A. M. J. Sandsør and B. Strøm): Do smaller classes always improve students’ long-run outcomes? Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics Vol 79, 2017, 654-688.

·         (Hopland, A. O., E. Matsen and B. Strøm) Income and choice under risk, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance Vol 12, 2016, 55–64.

·         (Reiling, R. and B. Strøm) Upper secondary school completion and the business cycle. Scandinavian Journal of Economics Vol 117, 2015, 195–219

·         (Falch, T., O. H. Nyhus and B. Strøm): Causal effects of training in mathematics. Labour Economics vol 31, 2014, 174–187

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·         (Falch, T. and B. Strøm) Schools, ability, and the socioeconomic gradient in education choices. Journal of Socio-Economics 43, 2013, 49-59

·         (Falch, T., Lujala, P. and B. Strøm) Geographical constraints and educational attainment. Regional Science and Urban Economics 43, 2013, 164–176

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·         (Bonesrønning, H., Falch, T. and Strøm, B.) Teacher Sorting, Teacher Quality, and Student Composition. European Economic Review 49, (2005), 457-483. 

·         (Johansen, K. and Strøm, B.) Efficiency Wages, Wage Comparison, and Public Sector Budgeting. Economics of Governance  4, 2003, 215-228.

·         (Johansen, K. and Strøm, B.) Efficiency Wages, Interfirm Comparison and Unemployment. Southern Economic Journal 68, 2001, 387-402 

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·         (Strøm, B.) Argumenter for og imot fri lokal beskatningsrett. Norsk Økonomisk Tidsskrift 110, 1996, 95-114.

·         (Strøm, B.) Envy, Fairness and Political Influence in Local Government Wage Determination: Evidence from Norway. Economica 62, 1995, 389-409.

Work in progress:

·         (Falch, T., Iversen, J. M. V., Nyhus, O. H., and B. Strøm): Quality Measures in higher education: Norwegian evidence.

·         (Nyhus, O. H. and B. Strøm): School spending and extension of the youth voting franchise: Evidence from an experiment in Norway.

·         (Falch, T., Sandsør, A. J. and B. Strøm): Local government mergers and school quality.

·          (Haraldsvik, M, and B. Strøm): Adult skills and labor market conditions during teenage years: Cross-country evidence from ALL and PIAAC.

·          (Falch, T., P. Tovmo and B. Strøm): The effects of voting franchise extension on education policy.



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