functional nanomaterials and Hydrometallurgy

Chemical Engineering from the Lab to Applications.

My group is located as part of the Environmental Engineering and Reactor Technology Research Group at Department of Chemical Engineering, NTNU, Norway. We exploit fundamentals of Chemical Engineering in two broad areas – functional nanomaterials (FunNano) and hydrometallurgy (Hy-Met).

FunNano research area focuses on synthesis, characterization and functionalization of nanomaterials for fundamental understanding of growth mechanisms through experiments and molecular modelling. These nanomaterials are designed for applications in hydrological tracing, water management, drug delivery, biosensing, magnetic hyperthermia, MRI, biomedicine, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), drilling fluids, photocatalysis, etc.

Hy-Met research area focuses on hydrometallurgical methods such as leaching, precipitation, solvent extraction for recycling of lithium ion batteries (LIBs).

dr. sulalit bandyopadhyay