Martinius Knudsen

PhD student · Department of Engineering Cybernetics · NTNU · D245
NTNU profile

I am a researcher at NTNU and project manager/supervisor for NTNU Cyborgs robotics development. In 2018 and 2019 I was the course instructor for NTNU Cyborgs Experts in Team village.

IE promotional video

I recently had the pleasure of contributing to the IE faculty's new promotional video:

Student projects

ROS Embedded ZED GUI Linux Robotics Python C++

If you are interested in working with the robot as part of a project or master thesis, have a look at some of our project proposals. Here are some of the projects I have supervised:


  • Cyborg navigation
  • Cyborg behavior
  • Cyborg web-based GUI
  • Robot vision


  • Cyborg v4.0
  • Robot interface and controller
  • The Cyborg v3.0 (Python, Linux, ROS)
  • Robot bodypaint and rack
  • Webpage and MEA database (JS, Java, MySQL)
  • SINRi; MEA interface (Python)
  • CREPE: MEA interface (Python)


  • Online and offline MEA interfaces (Go and Rust)
  • Robot vision (Python, YOLO3)
  • LED head
  • LED box and body design
  • Control System and Object Detection System for the NTNU Cyborg


  • The NTNU Cyborg v2.0: The Presentable Cyborg (Python, Linux, ROS)
  • Controller Module for the NTNU Cyborg
  • Preprocessing MEA2
  • PCA on a time series of MEA recordings of Dopaminergic neurons
  • Network Dynamics, Exploratory PCA and Transfer Entropy on MEA data


  • Robot hardware infrastructure
  • Coordinator design and hardware gate keepers
  • Selfie arm
  • Facial recognition

Github repositories for these projects can be found in the NTNU Cyborg robot and the NTNU Cyborg - MEA organizations. We also have a robot wiki.