2005-2010 Master in Energy and Environmental studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The reason why I choose to study energy measures in buildings is that I wanted to improve thermal comfort in buildings and at the same time reduce the carbon footprint from buildings. The fact that it was possible to achieve both and at the same time make profit, made this study especially interesting.

Energy budget

During my time at NTNU I have gained knowledge about the design stage of new buildings. This includes drawing up requirements that form the basis for the design, setting up an energy budget for the building and calculating the net energy need. In order to calculate the net energy need and to dimension the heating and cooling load I have learned to use simulation software like IDA ICE. IDA ICE can also be used to evaluate the thermal comfort for the occupants.

The design stage also includes evaluation of energy supply and energy carriers. Here I have learned to separate between base load and peak load, to utilize local energy sources and to consider CO2 emissions and primary energy consumption.

I have learned to calculate pressure drop in district heating pipes and ventilation ducts, to dimension pipes and ducts, pumps and fans.

2011-2012 Teacher training at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Lecture in auditoriumBecause I wanted to continue my volunteer work for youth in Trondheim, I choose to stay in Trondheim although I had possibilities to get a job in an leading engineering consulting company in Oslo. As I like to teach, I decided to study pedagogy. I also studied Geometry and Numbers Theory in order to improve my skills to teach mathematics.


2004-2005 Medic in the Norwegian coastguard

Norwegian coastguard vessel Andenes

After high school I joined the Norwegian army, where I served as a medic on the coast guard vessel “Andenes”. The three weeks with entrance tests to the officer candidate school gave me valuable experience in teamwork and tested me psychologically and physically to the  utmost. Most of all my ability to cooperate with many different people were improved through the military service. It was also commented in my certificate that both my independent work and my cooperation with others were very well. The officers noticed that I were taking good initiatives to improve the routines aboard.