Master Thesis

In my master thesis(only available in Norwegian) I investigated the heat losses from a school building with hybrid ventilation in Grong, Norway. By using thermography (infrared camera), I discovered thermal brigdes, air leakages and cold interior surfaces. In addition I studied former research on the same building. Based on this information, I suggested energy efficiency Thermography, photo Geir Mogen/NTNUmeasures. The goal was to improve the thermal comfort for the users of the building, reduce the energy consumption and improve the design of buildings with hybrid ventilation in the future.

The background for the study was that the actual heat load were much larger than the design heat load. Former studies had shown that this mainly was caused by thermal bridges in the facade.  The consequence was that the occupants complained about their thermal comfort, because the heating system was undersized. Post insulation, better control of technical equipment and better airtightness were among the energy saving measures that I discussed.